Interview of a JetPunker

Blog Series by baptistegorce
All you need to know about many excellent JetPunkers!

An interview of the famous blogger and quizmaker, Malkiboy!

An interview of GeoPhilia, the famous creator of the Save Humanity series!

A third interview! Today, it's Yev, the famous French quizmaker.

N.B.: Yev is now known as BolyaiAnna.

A new interview! Don't you want to know more about Pandora49?

A special interview for (a) special quizmaker(s): HinesBrothers!

Haven't you ever dream to know more about Penguinish...? You can now!

Don't you want to learn informations about less famous JetPunker? Who are they, what do they think about JetPunk,...? Now you can!

A very asked interview: the IAB one! I'm sure you want to know more about this awesome quizmaker!

The interview of a new awesome quizmaker I'm sure you know: Elboy! Read it to know more about this very creative JetPunker.

It's weird, we are not April 1st... So it means it's a real Stewart interview, not a joke! Here he explained many very interesting facts about him and JetPunk!

Finally the 11th interview! I'm sure you have already heard about Nio, but what about his feelings about his JetPunk adventure...?

I think Crem deserves more attention. You don't know who they are? So read this interview!

To cook a bread, you need flour, water, salt... Oh, you want to know more about Iluvbread? So here it is!

Who is MG17...? I'm sure reading this question, you think I'm stupid, that all JetPunkers know who is MG, but you can surely learn many things about him in this interview...

New interview, new interviewee! This time, please applaud for toowise!

This time, it's Jiao's turn to be my victim interviewee. I hope you will learn many things about them!

Three months later, interviews are coming back, with the awesome Phytox, winner of the fifth WITJ and talentuous French quizmaker!

I am pretty sure all of you have tried and enjoyed his beautiful quizzes, but will you enjoy his interview? I hope so, because it's time for the interview of the famous overtired!

What better way to start the year than with an interview, and with dear Swat at that!

No, you're not dreaming! It's not a joke, the 20th interviewee of this series is... the series maker baptiste himself! Ponder what questions and insights might lay ahead, or read them by clicking on this blog!

Quizmaster, if you read this, be awared: here are the confesions of an evil Belgian!

Our dear youtubeplayer reached an impressive amount of 2 million takes today. The occasion for me to interview one of the most famous JetPunkers of our favourite website!

More than two years after considering this situation, I finally took action... Dear JetPunkers, please enjoy the interview of the famous dug28!

No surprise for this one: cathlete, the winner of the previous WITJ, is my victim interviewee for the 24th blog in the series!

Is this interview the one of one of the most creative quizmakers of the whole website? Elementary, my dear reader.

In the first 25 interviews, we completely left out one part of our favourite website: the JetPunk mini-games. So who better than one of Geography Snap's two biggest champions to talk about them?

Simon says interview Simon1006.

Click if you dare, but be careful: a wolf is hidden there.

My dear readers, this time we have the chance to learn more about the amazing Roxy!

I have a challenge for you: the 29th interviewee is known for his amazing Quiz Creation Challenge and his creative video game quizzes. Can you guess who he is? Of course: our dear Insaniot!

Today will be remembered for a lon on our favourite site: Stewart overtook relessness to become the JetPunk quizmaker with the most takes. Wouldn't this be an excellent opportunity to publish a very special interview?

As promised in March 2022, here are the very last questions asked to the 20 first inetrviewees of this iconic blog series by the readers themselves.

Explanations for a small event to celebrate the first 20 interviews in the series.