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Blog Series by baptistegorce
For all unclassable informative blogs.

What better day to introduce you to this most amazing collection...?

It has been 100 blogs. It has been 2 million takes. Good moment to publish a milestone blog? I guess so.

Play Scrabble by Guessing Countries is a too difficult quiz for you? This blog should help you a lot to increase your score, thanks to tables of stats about the answers of the quiz.

Just a very short "informative" post.

Today ended the r/place event on Reddit. What about the JetPunk participation?

A very short blog to express my feelings about the Malkiboy's account deletion (and the yourth if you want to share them in comments).

The third edition of the famous Reddit Place surprisingly took place this year, and the JetPunk community once again got the chance to be represented on the canvas. You are wondering how? Then this blog has been written for you.

Today, some of the JetPunk bloggers are proud to announce the success of their project to develop "foreign" blog sections for 2023. Why not read a little blog about it for the occasion?

This is a list of the top blog (by number of likes) in each JetPunk featured language, as of December 31st, 2022.