Dead Series (not to be updated)

Blog Series by Kirboi
All blogs that are part of a "dead" series, meaning they will never be updated again, as decided by me, will be here. They might be deleted soon.

Yey! 3,172 takes! And GeoStumper 2?!?!? Plus an announcement. Yes! Let's see.

In our new series, we will be covering what happened during post-apocalyptic America. Also, in the next chapter, there won't be bold and italics. It hurts to keep on scrolling. Also, this is a collab between me (GeoSmartKirbyXD) and SirPhilippines! We're back for Round Two of our collabing! Yeah! So enjoy!

Sorry for late GeoStumper. Here is the GeoStumper. There is 6 questions. Questions 4 and 5 will be in Alt. Future of the World Ch. 6.

And, of course, I can't leave stuff out, so a random piece of entertainment, because why not?

Hello, and welcome to the GeoStumper of this week! Rules are in the first heading.

Revived GeoStumper! What? You want more? Okay, this will be brought back to life. Every other week expect this now! Yey! The thumbnail is the logo of Globe Telecommunications in the Philippines.