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Brazilian National Parks - Pictures and Info! (BNP)
The series that proof that nature is beautiful! (Thanks for Kesuko for authorizing me doing this)
Minas Gerais: Marvelous Sunrises, Amazing Surprises
Minas Gerais is one of the 27 federative units of Brazil. By area, is the fourth largest, by population, is the second, by GDP, is the third, by number of municipalities is the first, has the seventh HDI... oof. There are too many things about this amazing state, that I can consider of home. In this series, you will see more about history, geography, biggest cities, economy, culture, famous people, and curiosities about Minas.
Diary of a Brazilian Patriot
NOTES FOR WHO IS READING: 1. Although of the political bias contained in some parts of these blogs, the stories retract mostly an illusory and uncertain narrative of the future of the country. 2. That’s just my opinion. Don’t take it too seriously because it’s literally a 13-year old kid writing random crap on a quiz site. 3. No matter if you support a side or the other, respect everyone and feel free to debate in a controlled space. Hope you enjoy the series, because I didn’t.