Dawn of the JetPunk Empires

Blog Series by ItzIngenious

The VC is hosting the next DOTJE cricket match… what could possibly go wrong?

A story blog taking place in my DOTJE empire (the location isn’t necessarily relevant to the story lol, though a couple parts will be)

Part 2 of my series, this time a civil war in the VC

The DOTJE war has begun, and the vc must prepare

So, it might be becoming a trend, these Empire Blogs. So I’ll make mine!

Sooo…. What exactly happened to all the world leaders after DOTJE took over? This is one of the many dark secrets that I will be uncovering and theorizing in this blog.

Ever wanted a handy list of links to various DOTJE quizzes and blogs over JetPunk? Where here it is!

I never really planned on updating this blog, but I have!

A dictator has usurped the Veggie Caliphate, and is making drastic changes in the way the country works. New characters are being introduced to change the fate of the Veggie Caliphate… forever. Father Nature MiecraftMan is in exile, and is not here to save his country. What will happen next?

MiecraftMan returns home after signing the Peace Treaty on the moon — and makes a mistake he’ll regret forever.

With more and more of the Veggie Caliphate falling to the Yemeni Cult, what will MiecraftMan do?

Changes are being made in the Veggie Caliphate.

More progress in the war leads to astounding revelations and more actions in the war.