JetPunk Minigames

Blog Series by Stewart
Blogs all about the minigames on JetPunk!

Just 8 months after Even Split was released, I've created another new minigame for JetPunk. This time, it's all about Flags and Shapes of countries!

Ever wondered what the smallest word search containing every country, state or capital city is? Well look no further! Today, I show you a few such word searches!

Some updates have been made to Geography Snap.

JetPunk's newest minigame comes in the form of a daily word search! A brand new puzzle every single day.

Today we look at how JetPunk's newest minigame has performed over its first 3 weeks, and more importantly we're looking for feedback from the community on it.

After 1 year of daily word searches, JetPunk's most popular minigame came to an end. This is the stats blog overviewing all the stats I could think up for this!

JetPunk Word Search has returned! It will not be daily as before, but all previous puzzles have been made available!