Informational Blogs

A list of all blogs that fall under the category of Informational. Blogs that are here to provide information. That could be tutorials, help with JetPunk and more.

Everyone wants their own filed of privacy, both IRL and online, but most open source software out there that respects privacy lacks important features or aesthetics compares to products from large technology companies. This brings the question: are there open source programs that are truly great and worth noting?

This is a step by step tutorial on how to access JetPunk (or any website) on a Nintendo Switch.

Almost everyone in the world uses the same calendar, the Gregorian calendar. Yet, people from different countries write dates in different ways. In this blog I will be showing you how calendar dates are written in 8 different languages.

You might have heard of "Unix time" before, but what does it actually mean? And what's wrong with the year 2038? Read this blog to find out!

Windows 10 is an extremely popular operating system that most people take for granted, but did you know that it has lots of unwelcome features as well? In this blog I will talk about the worst features that come with the system, in my opinion.

The website, which is commonly used as a source in JetPunk quizzes, has had its annual update of the world agglomerations with over 1 million population. Read this blog to find out about some changes that have happened.

The sequel no one wanted.

What is going on, and why is this suddenly all over the news?

Video Games are cool, and I’ll share some with you. The series may have been mainly board games and card games, but here comes the next generation.

This strategic game is hard, and can get harder.

Something you probably don't care, but I do.

Catan may be a good game, but this one will also be good.

Here two Iberian countries go face to face. Which country will win?

Hello. I have made many historical blogs and quizzes,but not so many ones on other stuff. This one is on other stuff.

27 capitals. 26 are state capitals, and one, the national capital. Infrastructure, beauty, culture... all of the Brazilian capitals have a good point, or a bad one. You may know what will be the first, because, duh! But and the others? Is hard to say precisely, but, let’s go, and rank the Brazilian capitals, from the best, to the worst.

Kia ora and welcome to Gassu's Interesting Facts, Vol. 2! After a long time of research, I've finally collected 50 more random interesting facts. As usual, I'll link the sources where I got the information from right next to the fact. Vol. 1 can be found HERE. The picture in the thumbnail depicts the U.S. state around which fact No. 51 centers. Without further ado, let's get started!

Here two countries go face to face. Which country do you think is better?

In many developing as well as developed states, women face discrimination and hold a lower status than men to this date. As society progresses and education becomes increasingly accessible, many begin to question the validity and morality of this phenomenon. Feminism is a movement and ideology that aims to raise awareness about and/or eliminate gender inequality. However, nowadays, many tend to naturally associate feminism with discriminatory matriarchal ideas. Why is this?

Recently complaints have been voiced on random map quizzes that the randomizer does not appear to be random since it selects bordering countries or appears to favour certain regions. In this blog we will investigate just how big the chances for these events to happen are!

In this blog I am explaining the Legend of Zelda timeline. This one will be sort of confusing, so be prepared for some careful reading! As a huge Zelda fan, researching this helped me understand the world of Zelda just a little more. This one is updated from the original. Hope you enjoy!

In this blog two European powerhouses will be going face to face. Here, I will explain the pros about both countries. Which country do you think is better?

This blog is an introduction to many Chinese green leafy vegetables.

In this blog the two most gargantuan countries go face to face. Which country is better?

This is the first entry in my blog series about weird and wacky museums across the United States.

Here is a list of the stupidest Canadian laws (I'm bringing these blogs back).

There is an old Chinese saying "one life, two luck, three feng shui". This blog explains what lead to success and happiness according to Chinese philosophy.

As there are more of these coming out, we both feel like we should share about this made-up country that we have been working on and off on for over 2 years now.

This is not your usual milestone blog.

I’ve ranked Brazilian flags, Italian flags, and now I’m gonna rank Argentinian provincial flags!

Just about everyone has heard of Monopoly, Risk, Clue(do), and the other popular board games, but have you heard of these less common ones?

Let's face it, English is complicated and often doesn't make much sense. Why don't we make it easier for everyone?

We use the sexagesimal numeral system every day without even realizing it, but do you know about its origin, historical uses and conversion methods? Read this blog to find out.

Brazil is a wonderful country. I write many blogs about Brazil. This means that I live on Eden Garden? No. Brazil has dozens of problems related to inequality, politics, health system, and I will show some of them.

I really just feel like this should be addressed.

What do you know about the world's 11th most spoken native language, Telugu? Did you know that it is the fastest growing language diaspora in the USA? Or that it is part of the unique Dravidian family? What about its nickname, the Italian of the East? And that a famous British Geneticist said that Telugu would be an ideal national language for India as opposed to Hindi? If you said no, don't worry, after this blog, you will know all about the native language of 80 million people, including me!

Some comments can encourage others, but some will make trouble.

This blog discusses the flaws of our current Gregorian calendar and the possible ways to fix them.

Rocks, the noun, is probably one of the most important things that is on planet Earth. Rocks are what lets us build skyscrapers, entire cities, and mankind. There are hundreds of types of Rocks, which play an important role in the history of Earth. If it weren't for rocks, Earth would not be the same. Let me teach you lots about rocks, in a cool and fun way!

There is often drama in the Recent User Blogs section, which can get frustrating for us all. A lot of this is due to blogs which people don't agree with, or due to other disruption. This blog will showcase how we can improve the Recent User Blogs section, in a few easy steps.

Pepsi is one of the most popular soft drink chains in the world, sold in almost every country, and has been featured on commercials, vending machines, and billboards. Pepsi is known for its caramel color and its rich sugary taste. This blog will tell you (almost) everything about PepsiCo!

Today is the National Hindi Day! It being my primary language, I wanted to share some interesting and unknown facts about the Hindi language. Read the blog to find them!

The quality of the average blog in RUB is pretty disappointing so I thought I'd make this blog as an attempt to help improve the standards in the blogging community.

Mars is a medium-sized planet located the fourth away from the sun in our solar system. Named after the Roman god of war, it has been nicknamed the "Red Planet" due to its distinct red color. Humans have been considering settling on Mars for hundreds of years, and that might soon become reality. In the meantime, this blog will tell you all that is needed to know about the planet of Mars.

Have you ever wondered what might happen if Central America United and formed the Central American Union? Than read this blog to find out.

When your thinking of languages, you mostly think Mandarin, English and Spanish. But how about the languages with a limited amount of speakers and are less known since only found in specific regions. I will mention probably 10 to 11 of these.

Why? Why they do that?

This blog discusses whether, when, and how the current COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic will end.

Chess is one of the most popular board games on the planet. Versions of it have been played for centuries and are widely popular today. Millions of people have either played, learned, or watched chess. The game involves skill, thinking, and the ability to predict and calculate moves. This blog will tell you all you need to know about chess.

Minas Gerais is one of the 27 federative units of Brazil. By area, is the fourth largest, by population, is the second, by GDP, is the third, by number of municipalities is the first, has the seventh HDI... oof. There are too many things about this amazing state, that I can consider of home. In this series, you will see more about history, geography, biggest cities, economy, culture, famous people, and curiosities about Minas.

Have you ever thought which South American country is the best? Most people say Argentina or Brazil. So, I am now making a blog to name pros about both countries.