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A list of all blogs that fall under the category of JetPunk. Blogs about JetPunk that don't take the form of an official update.

You want to have your own JetPunk intreview but think that you will never be chosen? Then seize your chance with this new WITJ!

JetPunkers should celebrate these memorable days in our history. These are historic moments for our site, the Quizmaster, and users.

I made a new JetPunk group for fans of architecture and professional architects. Anybody can join!

Today will be remembered for a lon on our favourite site: Stewart overtook relessness to become the JetPunk quizmaker with the most takes. Wouldn't this be an excellent opportunity to publish a very special interview?

JetPunk quizzes and blogs generally focus on major, well-known nations. The minor countries are getting neglected. So how about we change that with some new quizzes favoring small nations!

I decided to make Alpha codes for some different JetPunk users. These are unofficial, but would be a quick shorthand to refer to users in comments. If you want to add your code, post it in the comments!

There are many good quizmakers on JetPunk, or just quizmakers with many takes and decent quizzes but don't have a featured quiz. This blog will rank everyone in the top 1,500 with at least 50 quizzes but 0 features.

As promised in March 2022, here are the very last questions asked to the 20 first inetrviewees of this iconic blog series by the readers themselves.

The third edition of the famous Reddit Place surprisingly took place this year, and the JetPunk community once again got the chance to be represented on the canvas. You are wondering how? Then this blog has been written for you.

Today, some of the JetPunk bloggers are proud to announce the success of their project to develop "foreign" blog sections for 2023. Why not read a little blog about it for the occasion?

I have a challenge for you: the 29th interviewee is known for his amazing Quiz Creation Challenge and his creative video game quizzes. Can you guess who he is? Of course: our dear Insaniot!

Takk til ForceNightmare for oversettelse!

మా ముందు పేజీలో పాతిన చెట్ల సంఖ్య ఇప్పుడే చాలా పెరిగిందని మీకు కనిపిచ్చిందేమో! ఏమైంది?

అ ఇది Quizmaster ౨౦౧౯లో రాసిన బ్లాగు అనువాదం.

అనువాదకుడి గమనిక: ఇది Quizmaster ౨౦౧౯లో రాసిన బ్లాగు అనువాదం. ఈ సమయంలో Quizmaster రాసిన మాటలు ఖచ్చితంగా అనువదించడానికి ప్రయత్నించాను.

(Blog criado em 2019)

Você deve ter notado que o contador de árvores plantadas na nossa página inicial deu um grande salto! O que aconteceu?

యు మే హవ్ నొటిస్డ్ తట్ ధ ట్రీస్ ప్ల్యాంటెడ్ కౌంటర్ అన్ అవర్ హోం పేజ్ జస్ట్ టుక్ ఎ బిగ్ జంప్! వట్ హ్యపెండ్?

Vous avez certainement déjà remarqué la présence d'un compteur d'arbres plantés en page d'accueil. Mais que représente-t-il exactement?

Over the years I've spent hours on JetPunk. Has it been worth it or has it all just been a big waste of time?

ఇది జట్పంక్ తెలుగు సంఘం గురించిన ప్రత్యామ్నాయ చరిత్ర బ్లాగ్.

Ce mois de mai fut riche en découverts et challenges quizistiques grâce aux différents badges postés dans le cadre du deuxième concours de création de blogs. Il est maintenant temps de s'intéresser aux performances des différents blogs dans cette compétition.

Click if you dare, but be careful: a wolf is hidden there.

My dear readers, this time we have the chance to learn more about the amazing Roxy!

C'est vrai, ça, pourquoi...?

Simon says interview Simon1006.

No JetPunk, temos o que chamamos de digitações (type-ins). Elas usam expressões regulares para combinar o padrão do que o usuário inseriu na caixa de texto com as expressões definidas. Por exemplo, a expressão pode significar simplesmente "digite CÃO exatamente", sendo que o usuário teria que digitar a palavra "cão". Essa postagem de blog trará, esperançosamente, todas as ferramentas e conhecimento para usá-las em suas capacidades máximas.

Pour suivre mois après mois l'évolution des implémentations spécifiques à la section francophone du site.

What better day to introduce you to this most amazing collection...?

In this blog I'm re-ranking the DOTJE Empires by strength. Who would last the longest in a battle royale?

In the first 25 interviews, we completely left out one part of our favourite website: the JetPunk mini-games. So who better than one of Geography Snap's two biggest champions to talk about them?

Malgré déjà plusieurs années d'existence, les serveurs Discord JetPunk restent encore méconnus d'une grande partie de la communauté JetPunk, qui pourrait pourtant y trouver un lieu convivial d'aide et de partage autour d'une passion nous unissant tous. Ce blog aura donc pour but de vous mettre au jus de ce qui se fait en la matière, afin que vous ne manquiez rien dans votre expérience sur JetPunk.

Ogłoszenie dotyczące polskiego serwera discord dla polskojęzycznych użytkowników JetPunka

I made a Spanish JetPunk Discord server. Yo hice un servidor JetPunk español.

Can JetPunk make a good chess variant?

Well, it's been a week since voting began for the JetPunk Legislative Election, and thus it is time to review the results. Thanks to all who participated.

Well, it's been a week since the introduction blog, so I reckon it's time to start the voting. It was really cool to see people actually invested in a blog I made out of boredom. Thanks, y'all! :D

I thought it would be fun to hold an election for the newly-invented JetPunk Legislature. The position holds no power, of course, but I imagine it would be fun to run. Here's how it works.

Is this interview the one of one of the most creative quizmakers of the whole website? Elementary, my dear reader.

Welcome to the first and only edition of the "JetPunk Word Search Year in Review - Puzzle Stats"! Although the minigame has come to an end, I have managed to keep on collecting stats during the final weeks of its existence. Read this blog to find some of those! Also check out some new stats!

No surprise for this one: cathlete, the winner of the previous WITJ, is my victim interviewee for the 24th blog in the series!

Once again, by playing this game, you could become the next interviewee in the series!

This is a list of the top blog (by number of likes) in each JetPunk featured language, as of December 31st, 2022.

This is a list of the top 7 quizmakers in each language, as of December 22nd 2022.

Une nouvelle année est passée: il est donc temps de se retrouver pour une deuxième édition du blog "Année en revue" francophone!

C'est également l'occasion pour l'équipe en charge de la section francophone du site de souhaiter une très joyeuse année 2023 à ses membres!

The eighth edition of the "JetPunk Word Search Puzzle Statistics" blog, where I share with you the latest stats about the word search puzzles (updated to December 18, 2022)!

More than two years after considering this situation, I finally took action... Dear JetPunkers, please enjoy the interview of the famous dug28!

Petite présentation de votre potentiel nouveau calendrier de l'Avent quizistique, pour la troisième année consécutive.

Our dear youtubeplayer reached an impressive amount of 2 million takes today. The occasion for me to interview one of the most famous JetPunkers of our favourite website!

The seventh edition of the "JetPunk Word Search Puzzle Statistics" blog, where I share with you the latest stats about the word search puzzles (updated to November 20, 2022)!

Quizmaster, if you read this, be awared: here are the confesions of an evil Belgian!

The sixth edition of the "JetPunk Word Search Puzzle Statistics" blog, where I share with you the latest stats about the word search puzzles (updated to September 18, 2022)!

An explanation of and guide to memorizing all 1M cities.

An explanation of and guide to memorizing all 1M cities.