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A list of all blogs that fall under the category of JetPunk Updates. Updates to JetPunk are often documented in a blog, you can find all those here.

The monthly round up for JetPunk's Daily Word Search, including the 4 themes you get to decide on for May's Community Choice.

The quickfire stats return for a second month! And see the 4 themes you get to decide on for April's Community Choice.

A summary of the changes made to JetPunk's minigame based on your feedback provided in the previous Follow-up blog.

Also, we give you the chance to decide a theme for a future Word Search!

Today we look at how JetPunk's newest minigame has performed over its first 3 weeks, and more importantly we're looking for feedback from the community on it.

JetPunk's newest minigame comes in the form of a daily word search! A brand new puzzle every single day.

Each year, we compile a list of the quizzes with the most five star ratings in that calendar year. Welcome to the most-upvoted quizzes of 2021. Enjoy!

As 2021 draws to a close, we're here to recap all that happened on JetPunk this year. Tune into JetPunk's second "Year in Review"!

We want to wish our users on JetPunk Happy Holidays and we'll see you in 2022!

After some turbulent times on JetPunk, it has been decided that it is time for a change. Toxicity cannot be allowed to spread across JetPunk, and all instances of it will be punished.

Welcome to your updated Quiz Editor! Featuring a sleek, modern appearance and packed with several new features for all quizmakers to enjoy.

Blogs have been a small part of JetPunk since their inception in June 2019. Now, in the biggest update since last year's SVG Update, we introduce a brand new Blog Editor, and many new features including Blog Languages, Blog Series and Blog Tags!

Many blog comments are becoming annoying and spammy, here's how we're going to combat that.

Update: Blog reports are now more powerful, use them to report spam where necessary.

Just a quick note to let people know that we've released a new feature as of today.

For the third year in a row, here are the new quizzes with the most unique 5-star ratings in 2020. Enjoy.

The end of 2020 is in sight, and what a year it has been. Let's summarise this year as it happened here on JetPunk, but which new users of 2020 topped the charts? Which new quizzes released in 2020 were the most popular? All will be revealed in JetPunk's first ever "Year in Review"!

We also look at the traffic over the year and how JetPunk might look going into 2021. We want to wish our users on JetPunk Happy Holidays and we'll see you in 2021!

Just 8 months after Even Split was released, I've created another new minigame for JetPunk. This time, it's all about Flags and Shapes of countries!

One of the biggest updates to JetPunk in a long time, and it's all about Maps! Clickable Map Quizzes have had a massive overhaul, we now have a fully comprehensive SVG Guide, as well as making the whole SVG experience on JetPunk much nicer.

How has global lockdowns and closed schools affected who is using JetPunk in 2020? Turns out, quite a lot has changed in just a couple months!

Ever wondered which quizzes are taken the most by people from different countries? This blog enlightens that idea by showing which quizzes received the most traffic from five different countries of origin.

Another year is in the books. Which new quizzes got the most unique 5 star ratings in 2019?

Starting today, you'll be able to use JetPunk to create and take quizzes that we call Tile Select. Just go here to get started.

You may have noticed that the trees planted counter on our home page just took a big jump! What happened?

A new feature, plus a couple announcements.

Filter user quizzes by language on their profiles as well as recent user blog page and more!

Introducing a way to schedule your quizzes for the future, collaborate with others on a quiz as well as some other minor changes.

We recently updated our random quizzes so that they can now be created by all users. On top of this we added a brand new feature - Randomized Maps!

We recently added a new feature to JetPunk - user blogs.

Starting today, you'll be able to use JetPunk to create and take multiple choice quizzes. Just go here to get started.

Another year has come and gone. Which new quizzes got the most unique 5 star ratings in 2018?

If you create a new quiz, you might notice that things look different. We've made some pretty substantial changes to the quiz editor. Most of the changes happened behind the scenes, but here are a few of the new features.