Countries by GDP per Capita

What is the World's Richest Country?

Monaco is the world's richest country, with a per-capita income of $203,404.

Luxembourg follows at around $140,000 while Liechtenstein, Singapore, and Ireland round out the top 5. One possible caveat: Vatican City would probably be #1 if we had enough data to know.

Quiz: Can you name the world's richest countries?

10 Richest Countries
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ContinentCountryGDP per Capita
AsiaUnited Arab Emirates$78,255
North AmericaUnited States$76,027
What is the World's Poorest Country?

Burundi is the world's poorest country. The small east African nation had a GDP per capita of just $856 as of 2022.

South Sudan is the second poorest, followed by the Central African Republic, D. R. Congo, and Somalia. Of the world's ten poorest countries, nine are located in Africa.

10 Poorest Countries
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ContinentCountryGDP per Capita
AfricaSouth Sudan$928
AfricaCentral African Republic$1,102
AfricaDemocratic Republic of the Congo$1,316
AsiaNorth Korea$1,588
What is the Poorest Country in Europe?

Kosovo is the poorest country in Europe. The former Yugoslav republic had a per-capita GDP of just $13,964 as of 2022.

Note: this measurement doesn't take into account the war in Ukraine.

10 Poorest Countries in Europe
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ContinentCountryGDP per Capita
EuropeBosnia and Herzegovina$17,471
EuropeNorth Macedonia$19,726
What is the Richest Country in Africa?

Seychelles is the richest country that is considered to be part of Africa. With a per-capita GDP of $35,272 as of 2022, the island nation is buoyed by a strong tourism industry. Among countries on the continent itself, Botswana is the richest.

Keep in mind that both countries suffer from extremely high income inequality, so the average person is much, much poorer than these numbers might suggest.

10 Richest Countries in Africa
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ContinentCountryGDP per Capita
AfricaEquatorial Guinea$19,036
AfricaSouth Africa$15,361
Is Canada Richer than the United States?

No. Measured by per-capita GDP, Canada is poorer than the United States. As of 2022, the U.S. has a per-capita GDP of $76,027 while Canada's is just $57,812. However, this is mainly due to the earnings of high-income people. In terms of median household income, there is a much smaller difference between the two countries.

Is Mexico a Poor Country?

No. Mexico is a middle-income country. With a per-capita GDP of $22,216 in 2022, Mexico ranks 71st out of 195 countries. This is comparable to Uruguay, Argentina, or China. However, Mexico is considerably poorer than the United States, whose per-capita GDP is more than three times higher.

List of All Countries by Per Capita Income
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ContinentCountrySourceYearGDPGDP per Capita
EuropeMonacoCIA World Factbook2015$7,672 mil$203,404
EuropeLuxembourgIMF2022$90,532 mil$140,694
EuropeLiechtensteinCIA World Factbook2014$4,978 mil$133,735
AsiaSingaporeIMF2022$701,804 mil$131,580
EuropeIrelandIMF2022$633,533 mil$124,596
AsiaQatarIMF2022$301,231 mil$112,789
EuropeSwitzerlandIMF2022$739,494 mil$84,658
AsiaUnited Arab EmiratesIMF2022$779,234 mil$78,255
EuropeNorwayIMF2022$423,871 mil$77,808
North AmericaUnited StatesIMF2022$25,346,805 mil$76,027
AsiaBruneiIMF2022$33,389 mil$74,953
EuropeSan MarinoIMF2022$2,387 mil$70,139
EuropeDenmarkIMF2022$406,011 mil$69,273
AsiaTaiwanIMF2022$1,603,723 mil$68,730
EuropeNetherlandsIMF2022$1,201,755 mil$68,572
EuropeAustriaIMF2022$582,127 mil$64,751
EuropeIcelandIMF2022$24,197 mil$64,621
EuropeAndorraIMF2022$5,157 mil$63,600
EuropeGermanyIMF2022$5,269,963 mil$63,271
EuropeSwedenIMF2022$674,263 mil$62,926
OceaniaAustraliaIMF2022$1,605,196 mil$61,941
EuropeBelgiumIMF2022$715,658 mil$61,587
EuropeFinlandIMF2022$321,233 mil$58,010
North AmericaCanadaIMF2022$2,236,928 mil$57,812
AsiaBahrainIMF2022$87,150 mil$57,424
EuropeFranceIMF2022$3,677,579 mil$56,036
AsiaSaudi ArabiaIMF2022$2,002,542 mil$55,368
EuropeUnited KingdomIMF2022$3,751,845 mil$55,301
EuropeMaltaIMF2022$28,486 mil$54,647
AsiaSouth KoreaIMF2022$2,735,870 mil$53,051
AsiaKuwaitIMF2022$245,182 mil$50,919
OceaniaNew ZealandIMF2022$260,122 mil$50,411
EuropeItalyIMF2022$2,972,091 mil$50,216
AsiaIsraelIMF2022$478,010 mil$50,204
AsiaJapanIMF2022$6,110,075 mil$48,814
EuropeSloveniaIMF2022$102,424 mil$48,534
AsiaCyprusIMF2022$43,802 mil$48,443
EuropeCzech RepublicIMF2022$509,953 mil$47,527
EuropeLithuaniaIMF2022$129,658 mil$46,479
EuropeSpainIMF2022$2,209,419 mil$46,413
EuropeEstoniaIMF2022$59,557 mil$44,778
EuropePolandIMF2022$1,575,777 mil$41,685
EuropeHungaryIMF2022$398,278 mil$40,944
EuropePortugalIMF2022$419,652 mil$40,805
North AmericaBahamasIMF2022$15,854 mil$40,274
EuropeSlovakiaIMF2022$211,119 mil$38,620
South AmericaGuyanaIMF2022$30,287 mil$38,258
AsiaTurkeyIMF2022$3,212,072 mil$37,488
EuropeLatviaIMF2022$70,532 mil$37,330
EuropeRomaniaIMF2022$707,747 mil$36,622
EuropeCroatiaIMF2022$145,032 mil$36,201
North AmericaPanamaIMF2022$158,608 mil$36,085
EuropeGreeceIMF2022$378,693 mil$35,596
AsiaOmanIMF2022$165,947 mil$35,286
AfricaSeychellesIMF2022$3,489 mil$35,272
AsiaMalaysiaIMF2022$1,089,499 mil$32,901
AsiaKazakhstanIMF2022$590,370 mil$30,502
EuropeRussiaIMF2022$4,365,443 mil$30,013
North AmericaTrinidad and TobagoIMF2022$42,259 mil$29,884
AsiaMaldivesIMF2022$11,385 mil$29,133
EuropeBulgariaIMF2022$195,399 mil$28,593
South AmericaChileIMF2022$568,319 mil$28,526
South AmericaUruguayIMF2022$94,783 mil$26,663
North AmericaSaint Kitts and NevisCIA World Factbook2017$1,360 mil$26,131
South AmericaArgentinaIMF2022$1,195,581 mil$25,822
AfricaMauritiusIMF2022$31,720 mil$25,043
EuropeMontenegroIMF2022$15,476 mil$24,878
North AmericaCosta RicaIMF2022$128,134 mil$24,490
North AmericaDominican RepublicIMF2022$254,992 mil$23,983
EuropeSerbiaIMF2022$163,599 mil$23,904
North AmericaMexicoIMF2022$2,890,685 mil$22,216
North AmericaAntigua and BarbudaIMF2022$2,206 mil$21,890
EuropeBelarusIMF2022$201,749 mil$21,686
AsiaChinaIMF2022$30,177,926 mil$21,364
AsiaThailandIMF2022$1,475,656 mil$21,057
EuropeNorth MacedoniaIMF2022$40,810 mil$19,726
AfricaBotswanaIMF2022$47,262 mil$19,287
AfricaEquatorial GuineaIMF2022$28,522 mil$19,036
AsiaTurkmenistanIMF2022$117,672 mil$18,857
AsiaGeorgiaIMF2022$69,136 mil$18,594
AfricaLibyaIMF2022$124,326 mil$18,345
AsiaIranIMF2022$1,573,467 mil$18,332
North AmericaGrenadaIMF2022$2,081 mil$18,293
South AmericaColombiaIMF2022$940,589 mil$18,225
AfricaGabonIMF2022$38,574 mil$17,848
EuropeBosnia and HerzegovinaIMF2022$60,679 mil$17,471
North AmericaBarbadosIMF2022$5,037 mil$17,408
EuropeAlbaniaIMF2022$49,827 mil$17,383
South AmericaSurinameIMF2022$10,676 mil$17,300
South AmericaBrazilIMF2022$3,680,942 mil$17,208
AsiaAzerbaijanIMF2022$175,658 mil$17,153
EuropeMoldovaIMF2022$42,483 mil$16,719
AsiaArmeniaIMF2022$46,864 mil$15,818
AsiaSri LankaIMF2022$340,861 mil$15,387
AfricaSouth AfricaIMF2022$937,964 mil$15,361
South AmericaPeruIMF2022$513,715 mil$15,035
North AmericaSaint LuciaCIA World Factbook2017$2,780 mil$15,015
AfricaEgyptIMF2022$1,562,377 mil$14,928
AsiaIndonesiaIMF2022$3,995,064 mil$14,535
North AmericaDominicaIMF2022$1,074 mil$14,491
South AmericaParaguayIMF2022$107,554 mil$14,430
EuropeUkraineIMF2020$588,433 mil$14,325
EuropeKosovoIMF2022$25,189 mil$13,964
OceaniaPalauIMF2022$243 mil$13,652
OceaniaFijiIMF2022$12,370 mil$13,598
AsiaMongoliaIMF2022$46,421 mil$13,350
AfricaAlgeriaIMF2022$586,175 mil$13,002
AsiaBhutanIMF2022$9,853 mil$12,967
AsiaVietnamIMF2022$1,278,061 mil$12,881
South AmericaEcuadorIMF2022$228,025 mil$12,664
AfricaTunisiaIMF2022$149,184 mil$12,300
AsiaIraqIMF2022$512,926 mil$12,141
AsiaLebanonIMF2020$82,144 mil$12,035
North AmericaCubaCIA World Factbook2017$134,800 mil$11,892
AsiaJordanIMF2022$122,180 mil$11,861
North AmericaJamaicaIMF2022$32,378 mil$11,802
OceaniaNauruIMF2022$144 mil$10,750
North AmericaEl SalvadorIMF2022$69,314 mil$10,581
AfricaNamibiaIMF2022$27,118 mil$10,448
AfricaEswatiniIMF2022$11,985 mil$10,411
AsiaPhilippinesIMF2022$1,143,862 mil$10,237
North AmericaGuatemalaIMF2022$185,473 mil$9,911
South AmericaBoliviaIMF2022$117,877 mil$9,856
AsiaUzbekistanIMF2022$326,015 mil$9,243
AsiaLaosIMF2022$68,703 mil$9,184
AfricaMoroccoIMF2022$331,542 mil$9,041
AsiaIndiaIMF2022$11,745,260 mil$8,358
AfricaCape VerdeIMF2022$4,413 mil$7,740
AfricaAngolaIMF2022$242,286 mil$7,360
North AmericaSaint Vincent and the GrenadinesCIA World Factbook2017$785 mil$7,148
North AmericaBelizeIMF2022$3,148 mil$7,147
North AmericaNicaraguaIMF2022$46,757 mil$7,071
AfricaMauritaniaIMF2022$29,993 mil$6,920
OceaniaTongaIMF2022$678 mil$6,783
AfricaGhanaIMF2022$216,676 mil$6,754
North AmericaHondurasIMF2022$69,388 mil$6,740
AfricaDjiboutiIMF2022$6,774 mil$6,667
AsiaBangladeshIMF2022$1,113,600 mil$6,633
AsiaPakistanIMF2022$1,468,862 mil$6,470
AfricaIvory CoastIMF2022$180,059 mil$6,345
AfricaKenyaIMF2022$308,671 mil$6,061
South AmericaVenezuelaIMF2022$160,132 mil$5,949
OceaniaSamoaIMF2022$1,193 mil$5,935
AfricaNigeriaIMF2022$1,268,536 mil$5,853
OceaniaTuvaluIMF2022$63 mil$5,798
AsiaKyrgyzstanIMF2022$37,792 mil$5,562
AsiaCambodiaIMF2022$87,856 mil$5,493
AsiaMyanmarIMF2022$257,343 mil$4,776
AfricaSão Tomé and PríncipeIMF2022$1,063 mil$4,681
AsiaTajikistanIMF2022$45,540 mil$4,630
AsiaNepalIMF2022$138,200 mil$4,578
AfricaRepublic of the CongoIMF2022$22,519 mil$4,578
AfricaSudanIMF2022$207,336 mil$4,442
AfricaCameroonIMF2022$122,764 mil$4,398
OceaniaPapua New GuineaIMF2022$39,339 mil$4,299
OceaniaMarshall IslandsIMF2022$235 mil$4,192
AfricaBeninIMF2022$53,108 mil$4,137
AfricaSenegalIMF2022$72,341 mil$4,093
AfricaZambiaIMF2022$75,690 mil$3,776
OceaniaFederated States of MicronesiaIMF2022$383 mil$3,650
AfricaEthiopiaIMF2022$345,138 mil$3,407
AfricaTanzaniaIMF2022$206,568 mil$3,358
AfricaComorosIMF2022$3,206 mil$3,355
AsiaEast TimorIMF2022$4,573 mil$3,339
North AmericaHaitiIMF2022$38,476 mil$3,189
AfricaLesothoIMF2022$6,408 mil$3,034
AfricaGuineaIMF2022$44,455 mil$3,029
AfricaUgandaIMF2022$129,476 mil$2,961
OceaniaVanuatuIMF2022$920 mil$2,851
AfricaRwandaIMF2022$37,211 mil$2,808
AsiaSyriaCIA World Factbook2015$50,280 mil$2,794
AfricaGuinea-BissauIMF2022$5,279 mil$2,784
AfricaBurkina FasoIMF2022$58,985 mil$2,663
AfricaGambiaIMF2022$6,792 mil$2,646
AfricaTogoIMF2022$22,612 mil$2,599
AfricaMaliIMF2022$55,335 mil$2,575
AfricaZimbabweIMF2022$39,906 mil$2,523
AsiaAfghanistanIMF2020$80,912 mil$2,456
OceaniaSolomon IslandsIMF2022$1,705 mil$2,385
OceaniaKiribatiIMF2022$266 mil$2,148
AfricaEritreaIMF2022$7,695 mil$2,101
AsiaYemenIMF2022$65,603 mil$2,078
AfricaSierra LeoneIMF2022$16,277 mil$1,958
AfricaLiberiaIMF2022$8,776 mil$1,779
AfricaMadagascarIMF2022$51,521 mil$1,778
AfricaChadIMF2022$29,684 mil$1,705
AfricaMalawiIMF2022$35,409 mil$1,603
AsiaNorth KoreaCIA World Factbook2015$40,000 mil$1,588
AfricaMozambiqueIMF2022$47,606 mil$1,439
AfricaNigerIMF2022$37,423 mil$1,435
AfricaSomaliaIMF2022$20,641 mil$1,322
AfricaDemocratic Republic of the CongoIMF2022$127,384 mil$1,316
AfricaCentral African RepublicIMF2022$5,528 mil$1,102
AfricaSouth SudanIMF2022$13,533 mil$928
AfricaBurundiIMF2022$10,779 mil$856
EuropeVatican Cityn/an/an/an/a

Our primary source is the International Monetary Fund, April 2022 World Economic Outlook.

For countries that weren't listed by the IMF, we got the GDP from the CIA World Factbook, and population for the corresponding year from Worldometers.

Note that these numbers use Purchasing Power Parity, not current foreign exchange rates. We believe that this a better approximation of actual wealth, but other people disagree. You can read about this method here.

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That's the difference between Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) and nominal GDP. I think PPP is a better measure. Others disagree, but PPP is more consistent year to year and also has a higher correlation with life expectancy.
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Ireland uses the modified gross national income not GDP now because GDP can be so skewed by companies restructuring but doesn't reflect the value seen by the population. GNI for Ireland is much lower, $64k according to one source but one report said just over the UK's figure for GDP so around $46k (as of 2019).
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