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This is a list of all the featured quizzes that have been added or reset in the last 14 days.
2023-12-030Most Common English Adjectives With Hints
2023-12-020Michigan Counties Quiz
2023-12-020Countries with the Least Light Pollution
2023-12-020Countries with the Most Light Pollution
2023-12-010Largest Countries Without Glaciers
2023-12-010Biggest Things by Category
2023-11-300U.S. Celebrity Gossip by Year
2023-11-300U.S. Celebrity Gossip by Year, 1991–2009
2023-11-290Google What's the Difference? - Geography
2023-11-290Actors by Role #3
2023-11-290The Only Two Countries...
2023-11-270Formula 1: Top 3 in Driver's Championship
2023-11-270Formula 1 Drivers With 100 Grand Prix Starts
2023-11-270Name the Colour, Not the Word (Stroop Test)
2023-11-270Disney Princesses
2023-11-270Sunday Stumper
2023-11-260Three Real and One Fake - General Knowledge
2023-11-260Biggest Cities Founded by the Dutch
2023-11-260Formula One Teams by Logos
2023-11-260NBA Basketball by Year, 2000–present
2023-11-250Apple Mac OS X Codenames
2023-11-250Pasta... or Composer?
2023-11-250All Retired MLB Baseball Numbers
2023-11-240Super Bowl Half-Time Performers
2023-11-240New York City Movies by Picture
2023-11-230Top Five Countries By Category #3
2023-11-230Common First Words in U.S. Cities
2023-11-220Top Five Countries By Category #2
2023-11-220Where is the Capital on the Country Map? - Multiple Choice
2023-11-210Country Superlatives - Top 2
2023-11-210Top Five Countries By Category #1
2023-11-210Name a Valid Country #8
2023-11-200Top 50 Countries by Population - In Order
2023-11-200Countries with Swapped Positions #2