New and Reset Quizzes

This is a list of all the featured quizzes that have been added or reset in the last 14 days.
2022-06-260Cities with the Most Metro Rail Stations
2022-06-260"Do Not Travel" Countries for U.S. Citizens
2022-06-250#1 NBA Draft Picks
2022-06-250NCAA Football Cities
2022-06-230Countries with Same-Sex Marriage
2022-06-2302010s Celebrities by Picture #2
2022-06-2302010s Celebrities by Picture #1
2022-06-2302000s Celebrities by Picture #2
2022-06-230Australia... or New Zealand?
2022-06-2201990s Celebrities by Picture #2
2022-06-2201980s Celebrities by Picture #2
2022-06-2201980s Celebrities by Picture #1
2022-06-2201970s Celebrities by Picture #2
2022-06-2201970s Celebrities by Picture #1
2022-06-2201960s Celebrities by Picture #2
2022-06-2201950s Celebrities by Picture #2
2022-06-2201940s Celebrities by Picture
2022-06-210NCAA Football Teams
2022-06-210NBA Championship Starters
2022-06-210NCAA Football Team Names
2022-06-210All Champions League Teams Ever
2022-06-200All Teams to Ever Play a FIFA World Cup
2022-06-200Capitals of 2022 FIFA World Cup Teams
2022-06-200Flags of the 2022 FIFA World Cup
2022-06-2002022 FIFA World Cup Teams
2022-06-200British Sport Trivia
2022-06-2002023 La Liga Clubs
2022-06-200Trace the Coast and International Borders of the USA
2022-06-170NBA Career Playoff Scoring Leaders
2022-06-170Golden State Warriors Trivia
2022-06-170NBA Finals MVPs
2022-06-170NBA Champions
2022-06-170NBA Players with Three or More Rings
2022-06-160Most-Visited Countries by U.S. Presidents
2022-06-160High Mountains Quiz
2022-06-160Lion Trivia
2022-06-160Most-Viewed YouTube Music Videos
2022-06-150Boston... or San Francisco?
2022-06-150Cities That Beat London
2022-06-140Top 10 Liverpool Goalscorers
2022-06-140Countries With the Most Conflict Deaths
2022-06-130Biggest Import Partners By Country
2022-06-130Biggest Export Partners For Every Country