1760s Decade Quiz

Do you have what it takes to answer these questions about the 1760s?
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Last updated: February 3, 2022
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Who became empress of Russia?
Catherine the Great
What "world war" between France and Great Britain ended with the Treaty of Paris?
Seven Years' War
What British sea captain became the first European to reach the east
coast of Australia?
James Cook
Who started his nearly 60-year reign as king of Great Britain?
George III
What composer toured Europe as a child prodigy under the tutelage of
his father Leopold?
Wolfgang Amadeus
During what occurrence was it first discovered that Venus has an atmosphere?
Transit of Venus
What city was founded on the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers?
St. Louis
What line was drawn by surveyors separating Pennsylvania and Maryland?
Mason-Dixon Line
What empire did Russia fight a war against, bringing Crimea
into its circle of influence?
Ottoman Empire
What country was ruled by Frederick the Great?
What dynasty controlled China during this period?
What element was discovered by Henry Cavendish, who named it "inflammable air"?
What "revolution" started in Great Britain before spreading to the rest of the world?
Industrial Revolution
What hated law imposed taxes on printed materials in the American colonies
of Great Britain?
Stamp Act
In what country was the Zand dynasty established with its capital at Shiraz?
What Jewish banking family got its start in Frankfurt?
What remote region of modern-day Argentina was explored by Commodore John Byron
who reported that the people were not giants as commonly believed?
Level 90
Feb 3, 2022
"Who" not "What" ...started his 60 year reign.
Level ∞
Feb 3, 2022
Level 52
Feb 3, 2022
Glad you didn’t stop at the 1770s (though you did claim that was the furthest back you could go).
Level 87
Feb 4, 2022
I'm waiting for the 1170s quiz. I don't know if anything happened then, but I'm hoping to find out.
Level 93
Feb 6, 2022
let's see: henry II was king and possibly ordered Thomas Becket's death, Saladin declared Egyptian independence, Belfast was founded, Venetians took over Verona, Frederick I (Barbarossa) failed to overthrow Pope Alexander III, it was mid-Song dynasty in China, Genghis Khan married Borte then rescued her when she was kidnapped, Muizzudin launched a first attack on India and Eleanor of Aquitaine was put in prison.
Level 66
Jan 7, 2024
So not much then. 🤣
Level 89
Feb 8, 2022 guess for the second question was 93 years off. Or 310 years off, depending on how you look at it. ;)
Level 77
Feb 12, 2022
Wow, the random nerdy memory of a Venus-related event in 2012 fell out of my brain and happened to be right.
Level 49
Apr 17, 2022
You MUST accept Ekaterina as well as Catherine the Great.
Level 67
Feb 21, 2023
As this is an English-language quiz, I don't see where the "MUST" comes from. If you don't know the English name for Ekaterina, the failing is with you, not the quizmaster. If the quizmaster wants to accept alternative answers, the prerogative lies entirely with him.
Level 39
Dec 15, 2022
I think this is meant more for Americans... why would I as an European know about US states bruh...
Level 70
Feb 18, 2023
The St. Louis question is moderately America-centric but the rest were fairly well balanced I thought.
Level 90
Feb 18, 2023
3 American questions and it’s still “American-focused”. Never change, JetPunk. Never change.
Level 85
Nov 7, 2023
Why would Europeans know about the Qing Dynasty? Or Shiraz? But you don't go whinging about those!
Level 31
Feb 18, 2023
Mason Dixon Line without the hyphen should be accepted.
Level 66
Jan 7, 2024
No, it shouldn't, because it's only asking for the word "Dixon."
Level 67
Feb 20, 2023
Missed St. Louis and Transit