1770s Decade Quiz

Do you have what it takes to answer these questions about the 1770s?
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Last updated: January 7, 2020
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What did protestors dump into Boston Harbor during an anti-tax "party" in 1773?
What country declared independence from Great Britain in 1776?
United States
Who was the primary author of that's country's Declaration of Independence?
Thomas Jefferson
Who was that country's leading general?
George Washington
What play did Johann Wolfgang von Goethe write about a man who
sold his soul to the devil?
What British sea captain "discovered" Hawaii but was killed
by the people who already lived there?
James Cook
What name did that captain give to the Hawaiian islands, in honor of an earl who
invented a way to eat bread and meat?
The Sandwich
What period of European history, lasting roughly from 1715–1789, was characterized
by increasing beliefs in rationality, science, liberty, and toleration?
The Enlightenment
What fur trapper established the first English settlement in Kentucky?
Daniel Boone
What historical book's first volume was published by Edward Gibbon?
The Decline and Fall of
the Roman Empire
What "Candide" author and free speech advocate died in Paris at the age of 83?
What city's opera house, "Teatro alla Scala", opened in 1778?
What Scottish inventor made major improvements to the steam engine?
James Watt
Who wrote "The Wealth of Nations", the foundational text of the science of economics?
Adam Smith
What city was home to the above, as well as many other luminaries such
as David Hume, Robert Burns, and James Hutton?
What empire sealed an alliance with France by marrying princess
Marie Antoinette to the future Louis XVI?
Habsburg Empire /
Who was the ruler of that empire?
Maria Theresa
In what modern-day city did the Spanish found a religious mission dedicated to
St. Francis of Assisi?
San Francisco
Level ∞
Jan 7, 2020
In case anyone is wondering, this is the furthest back we are able to go with our decade quizzes.
Level 87
Jan 7, 2020
I don't know, I thought the 1460s would be kind of fun to do.
Level 86
Jan 8, 2020
Of course, few events happened in the world before 1776 :p.
Level 89
Jan 21, 2020
Make America centric again.
Level 76
Mar 26, 2021
Of course.
Level 74
Jan 12, 2020
I can't tell if the Quizmaster is joking or serious. Can someone emoji the neighbourhood for me?
Level 52
Dec 19, 2020
No 1760s Decade Quiz, so he's probably serious. But a 560s quiz would be soooooooo fun!
Level 78
Jan 7, 2020
"Faust" was probably moved here intentionally because the 1800s are overcrowded, but I at least want to mention that only a crude early version was written in the 1770s, and published a century afterwards; the book that one usually means by saying "Faust" is from 1808.
Level 79
Mar 2, 2021
Yes, this ^. It was known as Urfaust but was not published. it was a work in progress. Ur- being a linguistic prefix meaning original or earliest.
Level 79
Jan 7, 2020
Cook's voyages of discovery in the 1770s visited many more places than just Hawaii, yet 2 of these questions were on Hawaii. Just a bit surprised by this.
Level 70
Jan 8, 2020
And I was so sure her name was Maria Theresia...
Level 68
Dec 10, 2020
Indeed it was. You should at least accept that as a type-in.
Level 74
Jan 8, 2020
Toleration is a funny word
Level 68
Mar 14, 2020
"Age of Reason" or "Age of Enlightenment" should definitely be accepted for "The Enlightenment". Or maybe some other clue to what the format of the answer is.
Level 66
Jun 29, 2020
Why so American? 8/18 questions really is a lot.
Level 51
Oct 10, 2020
I did not find this quiz too America-centric. The decade was quite important in the history of a very relevant American country, and the question were mostly about events and persons that are quite well-known, even outside the USA.

By the way, I only count six questions about America. Hawaii is not in America, and was not part of an American country at the time :-)

Level 70
Feb 12, 2023
The question about Boone is quite America centric. So is the one about San Francisco. Apart from those two the other American questions make sense.
Level 67
Dec 10, 2020
Governing dynamics, gentlemen. Adam Smith was wrong.
Level 73
Dec 10, 2020
Please add more Decade quizzes!!!
Level 71
Dec 10, 2020
I'm not sure I'd agree with the quotation marks around the word discovered in regards to the one about James cook and Hawaii. Just because the Polynesians were there first doesn't change the fact that Europeans hadn't confirmed it's existence before him and that most of the world didn't know about it before then. There's a difference between one discovering something for themselves or others and then one discovering it for the whole world.
Level 68
Dec 10, 2020
I see the logic, but then, I guess I could claim to discover for myself any place I haven't been previously. I think that, without a qualifier such as "discover for Europe" or "for the Old World", the verb "discover" should be reserved for the discoveries of mankind.
Level 73
Dec 10, 2020
Who was the primary author of THAT country's Declaration of Independence?
Level 76
Dec 10, 2020
Please accept Maria Theresa's German name "Theresia"
Level 72
May 30, 2021
I second that. After all, Maria Theresia is the name that she actually used, not the anglicized version of it.
Level 78
Aug 3, 2022
Interesting - the question about European history, in school and colleges in my part of Europe we often are taught that it was 'The Age of ...' not simply 'The....' (without giving too much away). Of course this is not meant to be pedantry but explained to me why I lost a point there, haha.
Level 83
Sep 11, 2022
During my French course at an English university, we called it just the 'Enlightenment' or the 'Lumieres'.