1780s Decade Quiz

Do you have what it takes to answer these questions about the 1780s?
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Last updated: February 3, 2022
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First submittedJanuary 6, 2020
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What invention by the Montgolfier brothers allowed man to take flight for the first time?
Hot Air Balloon
In what modern-day country did the "First Fleet" land, carrying between
1000 and 1500 prisoners?
What meeting was called between the clergy, nobility, and people of France?
The Estates
What notorious prison was stormed by the Paris mob, who were surprised to
find just seven prisoners inside?
What "sadistic" writer was transferred out of that prison just two days before it was stormed?
Marquis de Sade
What king went mad in 1788 but recovered after a year or so?
George III
What planet was discovered by William Herschel?
What ship, commanded by William Bligh, mutinied in the South Pacific?
HMS Bounty
What paradise-like island had that ship visited, making the sailors not want to leave?
What chemical element did Antoine Lavoisier identify, combining it with
oxygen to form water?
What industrial city saw the construction of its first cotton mill, setting it on the path
to become the world's leading textiles hub?
What country did Rama I become the ruler of, moving its capital from Thonburi to
its present location?
In what modern-day country did Túpac Amaru lead a revolt of indigenous
people against Spanish rule?
What mountain on the French/Italian border was summitted for the first time?
Mont Blanc
What 1783 treaty officially ended the American Revolution?
Treaty of Paris
In what city did delegates meet to draft the U.S. Constitution?
What was the first state to ratify the U.S. Constitution?
What peninsula did Russia annex in 1783? (It would do so a second time in 2014)
On what island country did about 25% of the population die due to famine after a volcanic
eruption spewed toxic gasses that poisoned crops?
Who followed in his father's footsteps to become Prime Minister of Great Britain,
and, at age 24, was the youngest to ever hold that office?
William Pitt the
Level 52
Jan 7, 2020
First to comment :) I only got 6/20 - need to learn more about centuries farther back than the 1900's and 2000's!
Level 79
Jan 7, 2020
This was a fun quiz.
Level 86
Jan 8, 2020
Nice quiz and nice series. One of these is more interesting than twenty of those tasteless geography list quizzes...
Level 82
Jan 12, 2020
Fun quiz and an interesting decade. Now to do the others. Keep up the series. There are a lot of decades.
Level 62
Feb 2, 2020
Just spent an hour reading up on Tupac Amaru after taking this quiz. Thank you!
Level 68
Dec 3, 2020
I was gonna make a joke about Tupac (the rapper) and how their names are similar but it turns out he's actually named after Tupac Amaru (his full name is Tupac Amaru Shakur) so that's pretty cool
Level 84
Feb 27, 2020
Do you have what it takes to answer these questions about the 1780s?

Well, at least I got this one right.

Level 67
Dec 3, 2020
Lord Palmerston!
Level 74
Dec 3, 2020
I didn't think Iceland was an independent country so I didn't guess it. Maybe just saying "island" would be better?
Level 61
Dec 7, 2020
Iceland wasn't an independent country back then. It was part of Norway, which was in a personal union with Denmark. Agreed that it adds unnecessary confusion to have "country" in that question.
Level 69
Jan 28, 2023
Please accept States-General.
Level 65
Jan 28, 2023
Why ? It is by no means analoguous to US States for example.
Level 74
Jan 29, 2023
A bit more time would have been helpful.
Level 25
Jan 29, 2023
"present day location" implies that "Siam" is still a country. I wouldn't have come up with the answer anyway though! ha!
Level 65
Jan 31, 2023
What country did Rama I become the ruler of, moving its capital from Thonburi to its present location? Siam. Of Course. Duh. (Sarcasm)