1800s Decade Quiz

Do you have what it takes to answer these questions about the decade of 1800–1809?
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Last updated: January 6, 2020
First submittedJanuary 5, 2020
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Who was crowned emperor of France?
Napoleon Bonaparte
What major sea battle did Britain win off the coast of Spain?
Battle of Trafalgar
What British admiral lost his life at that battle?
Horatio Nelson
What loose-knit Germanic empire was dissolved after more than 800 years of existence?
Holy Roman Empire
What country became independent from France following a slave revolt?
What huge tract of land did the U.S. purchase from France?
Louisiana Territory
Who was the President of the U.S. that made that purchase?
Thomas Jefferson
What duo explored that purchase, eventually reaching the Pacific Coast?
Lewis and Clark
What modern-day country became a Dutch colony following the dissolution of the
Dutch East India company?
What asteroid, the largest in the solar system, was discovered in 1801 and
initially classified as a planet?
Who did Aaron Burr shoot and kill in a duel?
Alexander Hamilton
What were Parisian women legally barred from wearing, after the passage of a law
in 1800 that would not be repealed until 2013?
Trousers /
Men's Clothes
What holiday in honor of a Scottish poet was celebrated for the first time?
Burns Night
What northern country did Russia annex, keeping it until 1917?
What three cities on the Barbary Coast of Africa did the U.S. attack in an
effort to root out piracy? (Name any of the three)
Tripoli, Algiers,
and Tunis
What African city did the English capture from the Dutch?
Cape Town
What invention did Robert Fulton debut on the Hudson River?
What dynasty came to power in Vietnam?
(Hint: Today it is the most common Vietnamese family name)
What drug was synthesized from the poppy, and named after the Greek god of dreams?
What round number did the Earth's population exceed for the first time?
One Billion
Level 80
Jan 6, 2020
Can you accept also steamer and steamship?
Level ∞
Jan 6, 2020
Level 83
Feb 28, 2020
Listening to my mother-in-law reminisce about her childhood prepared me well for this quiz.
Level 52
Dec 19, 2020
Eh, listening to Uncle Ezra yapping prepared me for the 20 BC Decade Quiz. Too bad there isn't one.
Level 71
Mar 5, 2020
As a Finn I must comment the question about "northern country annexed by Russia": Finland didn't actually exist as a country that time. Technically Russia annexed an eastern county of Sweden, normally referred as "Eastland". The idea of a nation or country named Finland was only created sometimes after 1850.
Level 66
Nov 19, 2020
Wow, really bad mistake here! Morphine was actually named for the dude from The Matrix. You're better than that, Quizmaster.
Level 87
Nov 19, 2020
The Vietnam question went from really really hard to fairly easy with the clue. I guess that is the purpose of a clue.
Level 67
Nov 19, 2020
Would not accept "slacks"?
Level ∞
Feb 2, 2022
Slacks will work now
Level 58
Apr 15, 2021
I kept typing Lois & Clark... :D
Level ∞
Feb 2, 2022
First time I ever noticed that. I wonder if the creator of Superman did that intentionally.
Level 63
Oct 4, 2021
I'm pretty sure Napoleon III was also an Emperor of France. While the question accepts both people (They have the same name anyway), you should probably acknowledge them both in the question.
Level ∞
Feb 2, 2022
This quiz covers the years 1800–1809.