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Do you have what it takes to answer these questions about the 1810s?
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Last updated: January 6, 2020
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What festival was held in the city of Munich for the first time?
What war pitted the United States against the United Kingdom?
War of 1812
What country's war of independence was sparked by a priest named Miguel Hidalgo?
Who wrote "Pride and Prejudice"?
Jane Austen
What city marked the easternmost point of Napoleon's conquests in 1812?
To what island in the Mediterranean was Napoleon exiled (before escaping)?
What battle in Belgium finally sealed Napoleon's downfall in 1815?
Battle of Waterloo
Who was the leading British general at that battle?
Duke of Wellington
What gathering of diplomats redrew the borders of many European countries
after the defeat of Napoleon?
Congress of Vienna
What state did the U.S. acquire from Spain?
Who wrote "Ivanhoe" and "Rob Roy"?
Sir Walter Scott
What African kingdom began a period of conquest under its new leader, Shaka?
Zulu Kingdom
What creative way of drawing congressional district boundaries was invented
by Massachusetts governor Elbridge Gerry?
What English anti-technology group destroyed textile machinery?
The Luddites
What was the year 1816 known as, due to the climate-altering
eruption of Mount Tambora?
The Year Without a
What German brothers published their first collection of fairy tales?
The Brothers Grimm
What famous novel was written by Mary Shelley?
What Viennese dance in 3/4 time was introduced in England, although some
people considered it to be indecent?
What island chain was united under the rule of Kamehameha the Great?
What did Baron Karl von Drais invent, although at the time it didn't have pedals,
and was called a velocipede?
Level 82
Jan 6, 2020
Oh boy! If only those 1810's English knew what kind of dances have arrived by this date... they wouldn't call that Viennese dance "indecent"
Level 77
Jan 6, 2020
Thank you, Jane Austen, and Regency romances for giving me many of these answers.
Level 74
Jan 6, 2020
Can you accept Walzer for Waltz?

Also a great opportunity to plug Rasputinas great song 1816, the year without a summer

Level 67
Mar 11, 2020
Hm, I was think of another way of creative.. (throwing darts at a map or something) not cunning and conniving.
Level 67
Mar 11, 2020
btw I had heard of gerrymander and that it had something to do with politics (eventhough I am not from the us/uk and absolutely no interest in politics (as in names and terms etc. ofcourse I have my own opinions on things).

But now I looked up how the name originated, I had no idea a salamander was involved! (I think I half conscious thought it might have something to do with germany, since the word is basicly in it, and somehow always had the weird free association of a jerrycan haha. Well not that weird actually now that I have written it, jerry-gerry pronounced the same right? and that one ís connected with the word germany)

Level 63
Nov 12, 2020
It was the only one I got wrong. I didn't read the question fully. If I had and seen the guys surname I would have got it :( Lesson
Level 65
Nov 13, 2020
The weirdest part is that "gerrymander" is pronounced with a soft G, like "jerrymander," but the man's name, "Gerry," is pronounced with a hard G. A fitting example of how messed up the whole process is.
Level 74
Jun 2, 2021
The man's name is also pronounced with a soft G, like Jerry.
Level 83
Mar 14, 2020
I thought that was Willard Scott
Level 53
Nov 12, 2020
At first I thought "Kamehameha the Great" was Goku. xD
Level 66
Nov 12, 2020
Could you maybe accept South Africa for Zulu Kingdom? I know it's quite a stretch, but I think like me some people know who Shaka is and where he ruled, but not the exact name of the country.