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Do you have what it takes to answer these questions about the 1830s?
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Last updated: January 6, 2020
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Who started her 63 year reign as Queen of the United Kingdom?
Queen Victoria
What European country officially gained independence from the Ottoman Empire?
Who embarked on his famous voyage aboard the HMS Beagle?
Charles Darwin
Who published his first novel, "The Pickwick Papers"?
Charles Dickens
What was the most "remembered" battle of Texas's revolution against Mexico?
Battle of the Alamo
What did Louis Daguerre invent?
What drug did China ban, leading to an invasion by the United Kingdom?
What nearby city was connected to Manchester by the world's first inter-city railway?
Who became the first President of the Latter Day Saints, commonly
known as the Mormons?
Joseph Smith
What country gained independence from the Netherlands?
What Spanish religious tribunal was disbanded 356 years after it began?
Spanish Inquisition
Who became king in France following the July Revolution?
Louis Philippe
What city, founded in 1833, would grow to become the world's fifth-largest by 1900?
What was the name of the forced migration of Cherokees, Seminoles, and other
Native American tribes from their homelands to Oklahoma?
Trail of Tears
Who wrote "The Hunchback of Notre Dame"?
Victor Hugo
What pioneer trail was first used by people traveling to the Willamette Valley
on the west coast of the United States?
Oregon Trail
What was abolished in the British Empire in 1833?
What country, known as "The Graveyard of Empires", did the British invade?
What sauce did Lea & Perrins manufacture for the first time?
Worcestershire Sauce
Level 86
Jan 4, 2020
Please accept 'Worcester sauce'
Level 78
Jan 4, 2020
Level 87
Jan 4, 2020
Level 89
Jan 4, 2020
It's not as funny to hear people try to pronounce that. It actually sounds like someone who is daunted by trying to pronounce it.
Level 71
Jan 6, 2020
Thirded - it's more commonly known as Worcester Sauce in the UK.
Level ∞
Jan 6, 2020
Okay, that will work now.
Level 78
Sep 11, 2020
It's known by both names in Worcestershire, so I'm glad that it's accepted.
Level 88
Jan 5, 2020
A lot more things seem to have been happening back then as compared to now
Level ∞
Jan 5, 2020
So true. The 1830s were an interesting time in contrast to today. But be glad you don't live in interesting times!
Level 73
Mar 17, 2020
Not even two months after this comment the times suddenly became too interesting for my taste.
Level ∞
Oct 30, 2020
It certainly feels like it, doesn't it? That said, the reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic proves that very little happens today. Simply put, Covid would not be a major crisis in any era of history. For example, have you ever heard of the Russian Flu of 1889? It killed 1 million people and it barely even made a blip. And it was likely caused by a coronavirus! Covid seems like a big deal because we have solved so many other, larger problems. And that is a good thing.
Level 69
Nov 23, 2023
It might not have killed tens of millions (far more people now too) but it surely did cause a lot of unrest because of all the precautions that were taken.

Add war in Ukraine, and Israel.

Migration crisis.

Global warming.

Level 93
Jan 5, 2020
didn't expect the spanish religious tribunal on here, thought it was over much earlier.
Level ∞
Jan 6, 2020
* Obvious rejoinder here *
Level 67
Jan 18, 2020
Joseph Smith was called a prophet dum dum dum dum dum
Level 84
Nov 19, 2022
Even though no one else ever saw them dum dum dum dum dum!
Level 69
Mar 11, 2020
Surprising how few people know about the first photographs. Especially if you see how much people know about (imo) more trivial things on this site. And Im not talking about current things like popsingers (like the weird comments OMG I cant believe more people know *insert current popartist* than *insert someone from a deacde ago*). \

I would think the coming of photography a rather big thing. Modern times would be the same without it ;) but the leader of some group, somewhere, for a few years. People know.

I might be slightly biased, cause I am interested in inventions. But even if I didnt know it, I think my opinion would be the same. That it is weird how we dont know about the origin of some things that play a big role in our lives, but know some other trivial things in great detail.

Level 82
Mar 14, 2020
I definitely learned about this in the several photography classes that I took in high school and at university... and I think it also came up in more general history classes though more in passing.
Level 68
Oct 30, 2020
Daguerre actually stole the idea from Nicéphore Niepce. They even had a contract that stipulated that Daguerre could use and try to improve it, as long as he acknowledged that it was Niepce's idea. Then Niepce died and Daguerre claimed all the credit.
Level 74
Oct 19, 2020
Me: Everything's going great

Me: One more to go, slam dunk

Me: Oh shoot, food knowledge, I guess I'll give up.

Me: Let me guess some sauces. Alfredo? Marinara? Worchestersh -- oh, it's over

Level 73
Oct 30, 2020
How did more people get Worchester Sauce over Joseph Smith??
Level 67
Nov 1, 2020
"What city, founded in 1833......" Don't know why I thought it had to be a European city.
Level 63
Jan 23, 2022
The Finnish town of Jyväskylä was founded around that time, but its population is still only about 150,000. I cannot see how any European city possibly could fit that description - all the major cities are old.
Level 41
Nov 2, 2020
I wonder if anyone expected the .... to end.
Level 79
Jul 15, 2022
Thank you for being generous with the spelling of Worchestshirchesshhhhher sauce.