1990s Movie Co-Stars

We give you two actors. Name the 90s movie or series they starred in together.
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Last updated: November 28, 2018
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Movie or Series
John Travolta, Uma Thurman
Pulp Fiction
Brad Pitt, Edward Norton
Fight Club
Jason Biggs, Tara Reid
American Pie series
Sam Neill, Laura Dern
Jurassic Park series
Kevin Spacey, Annette Bening
American Beauty
Matt Damon, Tom Hanks
Saving Private Ryan
Bill Pullman, Will Smith
Independence Day
Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci
Home Alone series
Bill Murray, Andie MacDowell
Groundhog Day
Matt Damon, Robin Williams
Good Will Hunting
Movie or Series
Jeff Bridges, John Goodman
The Big Lebowski
Neve Campbell, Denise Richards
Wild Things
Al Pacino, Robert De Niro
Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne
The Matrix series
Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet
Ewan McGregor, Kelly Macdonald
Jack Nicholson, Demi Moore
A Few Good Men
Sharon Stone, Michael Douglas
Basic Instinct
Ice Cube, Chris Tucker
Demi Moore, Patrick Swayze
Level 48
Jun 1, 2014
This is more in my wheelhouse than that 2010 quiz.
Level 82
Sep 10, 2015
I always trying "ID4" for Independence Day. Never works.
Level ∞
Nov 28, 2018
Based on your tireless advocacy, ID4 will now be accepted
Level 82
Jan 17, 2019
Level 72
Apr 16, 2018
My finger slipped on the "i" and I typed "Wild Thongs". Thought you should know.
Level 68
Jan 17, 2019
I know this is nitpicking, but if you classify movies as series even when only one of the was in the 90s (Matrix) and only one of them included both costars (Jurassic Park), then you ought to also call it the "Friday series" for continuity sake
Level 66
Feb 28, 2019
I knew it was the wrong decade, but I couldn't stop thinking of The Godfather 2 for Pacino and De Niro. I forgot all about Heat.
Level 70
Apr 20, 2019
Despite both appearing in the Godfather series, Heat is the first time the two actors were on screen together
Level 40
Dec 5, 2020
Still, couldn't the fact that it's about co-stars be applied to godfather part 2 and the irishman and any other films they starred in together if they did?
Level 75
Apr 20, 2019
Surprised at how many of these I've never seen - never even heard of Friday or Wild Things.
Level 67
Apr 20, 2019
Friday is a comedy about some young men in the hood. Wild Things is fashioned as a kind swamp heist/whodunit/thriller, but it's really only remembered because the scene in which Denise Richards and Neve Campbell make out turned a whole generation of boys into men.
Level 82
Apr 20, 2019
nonsense. Wild Things is great. Lots of good twists. Denise Richards' finest performance of her career. Some laughs. A terrific ending which was very amusing to watch in the cinema (you think it's over, everyone starts getting up, then there's another mid-credits scene twist, everyone pauses, starts to get up again, then another twist, start to get up again, then another). + Bill Murray
Level 53
Apr 20, 2019
Why is The Big Lebowsky on all of these 90s trivia quizzes? Is it really that popular?
Level 64
Apr 20, 2019
Definitely it is.
Level 88
Apr 21, 2019
Yes, also it's a great movie.
Level 57
Apr 21, 2019
The indies crowd love it.
Level 35
Apr 23, 2019
the fact that more people knew Trainspotting than A Few Good Men makes me want to punch things
Level 83
Aug 8, 2020
the 90s . never realized how many overrated movies came out in that decade .
Level 40
Jan 11, 2024
For a Few Good Men you put Jack Nicholson and Demi Moore whose characters barely interact in the movie at all
Level 56
Jan 26, 2024
Annette Benning and Kevin Spacey also star together in The Ref (1994) which is far superior to American Beauty no matter what the critics say. lol