1990s U.S. Pop Culture

Can you answers these questions about American pop culture and current events from the years 1990-1999?
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Last updated: January 2, 2020
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What service coined the phrase "You've Got Mail"?
What blue pill was introduced by Pfizer?
What did you dial on your phone to get the telephone number of the
person who just called you?
What 6'4" drag queen gain notoriety?
What was the name for a spiky men's hair style where the tips were bleached blonde?
Frosted Tips
What policy allowed gays to serve in the U.S. military, as long as the didn't
tell anyone they were gay?
Don't Ask, Don't Tell
If an egg is your brain, what is a fried egg?
Your Brain on Drugs
What special prosecutor released prurient details about Bill Clinton's personal life?
Ken Starr
Who became, in 1999, the most muscular governor in Minnesota history?
Jesse Ventura
What was the name of Pepsi's clear cola?
Crystal Pepsi
Who was Michael Jordan's second fiddle on the Chicago Bulls?
Scottie Pippen
What family had pets named Buddy and Socks?
What brand of push-up bra was heavily publicized?
In what city was child beauty queen JonBenét Ramsey killed?
What was the last race track on Super Mario Kart?`
Rainbow Road
Who was Nancy Kerrigan's rival?
Tonya Harding
Who was a busty model for Playboy and Guess before becoming a famous gold digger?
Anna Nicole Smith
What offensive operation followed Desert Shield?
Desert Storm
Complete the advertising slogan: I've fallen and I ___ __ __.
Can't Get Up
What brand of durable German sandals was popular among hippie types?
Level 84
Jan 2, 2020
Who was Jordan's second fiddle.
Level ∞
Jan 2, 2020
Level 75
Jan 3, 2020
Berkenstocks? Burkenstocks? Definitely not Barkenstocks or Borkenstocks.
Level 65
Mar 10, 2020
I thought wonderbra was a 70s thing??

And here birkenstock was all the rage only recently, a few years back, I had no idea why everyone was suddenly going on about those sandals, never heard of em before and suddenly the ugly things were everywhere. If anyone had wore those here in the 90s you d been the laughing stock of the town. I guess you could say better late than never, but in this case never would have been just fine ;) (they came after crocs and uggs here)

Level 37
Mar 24, 2020
Hippies in the '90s??? Thirty years too late!
Level 32
Mar 24, 2020
I didn't get Tonya Harding cuz I kept spelling it Tanya Harding! D:
Level 74
Mar 24, 2020
Next time, just try the last name and see what happens.
Level 55
Mar 24, 2020
I love how I entered 1471 (the UK answer even though I knew it's a US quiz) for the telephone number question and it autofilled it with the correct US answer. Genius!
Level 82
May 11, 2021
I did the same thing but when *69 came up, I immediately thought of the R.E.M. song and now it's stuck in my head
Level 61
Mar 25, 2020
accept "Your brain on crack"
Level 80
Mar 26, 2020
I miss Crystal Pepsi. Also, I kept trying Denver for the Boulder question.
Level 67
Jul 7, 2021
I love how I guessed several different drugs before finally guessing drugs
Level 67
Jul 7, 2021
For Smith I wasn't even trying to get that one I was just guessing a common last name for any of the name questions
Level 54
Jan 27, 2023

Don't know what I was expecting being born in 2004

Level 68
Mar 16, 2023
17/20, thanks for the quiz!