2000s Music Trivia #1

Try to answer these questions about music from the years 2000–2009.
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Last updated: August 17, 2022
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First submittedFebruary 2, 2015
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Who brought sexy back?
Justin Timberlake
Who dropped out of college, but then had a late registration and eventually graduated?
Kanye West
Who debuted in 2006 with the song "Tim McGraw"?
Taylor Swift
Who was the mean British judge on "American Idol"?
Simon Cowell
What 17-year old rapper had a #1 hit with "Crank That"?
Soulja Boy
Who recorded the song "Umbrella", featuring Jay-Z?
Who was the lead singer of Matchbox Twenty?
Rob Thomas
What famous singer still considered herself "Jenny from the Block"?
Jennifer Lopez
What rapper survived nine gunshot wounds?
50 Cent
Complete the "Hey Ya!" lyrics: Shake it like a ________ _______
Polaroid Picture
What girl group sang "Bootylicious"?
Destiny's Child
Who died in Los Angeles on June 25, 2009?
Michael Jackson
What was the stage name of rapper Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.?
Lil Wayne
What indie band consisted of Jack and Meg White, who claimed to be siblings?
The White Stripes
What Australian country singer did Nicole Kidman marry?
Keith Urban
What pitch-correcting program was famously used by T-Pain?
What band finally released its album "Chinese Democracy" after 10 years in development?
Guns N' Roses
What three-letter musical genre was exemplified by "Jimmy Eat World" and "Fall Out Boy"?
What singer's album, "19", was named after her age when writing it?
What rapper was the best-selling musical act of the 2000s?
Level 40
Mar 24, 2015
I though Keith Urban was from New Zealand..?
Level 55
Mar 25, 2015
FWIW -- from Wikipedia -- "Keith Lionel Urban was born in Whangarei, New Zealand,[2] the son of Marienne and Robert "Bob" Urban. From the age of 13 he attended Sir Edmund Hillary College in Otara, South Auckland, New Zealand, by the age of 17 he lived with his parents in Caboolture, Queensland, Australia. "

So he is an Australian that was born in New Zealand . . . .

Level 76
Aug 31, 2022
That conclusion doesn't come out of that excerpt. In fact, it says he's a kiwi who moved to Australia.
Level 84
Mar 24, 2015
You really ought to accept GNR for Guns 'n' Roses.
Level ∞
Feb 4, 2017
Level 78
Feb 15, 2017
Level 28
Mar 24, 2015
I had no idea how to spell Soulja Boy
Level 78
Mar 24, 2015
Neither does he.
Level 88
Sep 30, 2022
Same. I was pretty sure about the answer but i guess none of my attempts were close enough.
Level 58
Jan 2, 2017
14/20 not bad considering I know very little about millennial music.
Level 84
Feb 16, 2017
Emo is a type of music? I had no idea.
Level 67
Sep 8, 2017
It is, but it's really a term of convenience rather than a genre of music. Lots of emo bands sound nothing alike, but they have some common elements...superficial lyrics about failed romance, self-indulgence, whiny, nasal vocals, and a tenuous connection to punk rock without any of the elements that actually make punk rock interesting. Jimmy Eat World is emo in the sense that they have all of those elements, but musically, they are miles above any of their "emo" contemporaries...Fall Out Boy, Dashboard Confessional, New Found Glory, and so on.
Level 46
Sep 9, 2017
What you've described isn't real emo and neither are any of the bands you listed.
Level 78
Aug 17, 2022
The bands he listed are all listed on the Wikipedia page for emo. I mean, I personally would list My Chemical Romance and AFI, but hey.
Level 67
Aug 25, 2022
What I've described is exactly emo, and so are all of the bands I listed. I know you're a fan of the Get Up Kids and Sunny Day Real Estate, and desperately need to believe that emo is the most important and dignified genre that ever existed, but, sorry, it's more than just the bands you like.
Level 86
Aug 25, 2022
if it listed my chemical romance I would have known the answer
Level 63
Sep 8, 2017
Wow! It's been 8 years since he died? I would've never thought.
Level 89
Sep 8, 2017
If you like music themed quizzes, click on my name and try my Backing Bands series, or my Who Did That Multi-Platinum Album series!
Level 23
Mar 29, 2018
fall out boy and jimmy eat are not EMO
Level ∞
Feb 4, 2020
Level 68
Dec 17, 2018
I just learned today about 50 Cent's 9 gunshot wounds. Quite amazing.
Level 78
Aug 17, 2022
Any cool kid in the 2000s called him JT. Accept the abbreviation?
Level 72
Aug 25, 2022
Luckily, it would appear that 50 Cent's real surname is Jackson, which got me an answer that I didn't know
Level 67
Aug 27, 2022
Me too.