4-Letter Movie Chain #2

For each hint, enter a 4-letter word. The last letter of this word will be the first letter of the next word.
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Last updated: December 8, 2017
First submittedDecember 8, 2017
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"Fight Club" star
Movie about a man who goes
inside a computer
Clownfish who needed to be found
Han Solo: "Never tell me the ____"
To deny an Oscar to one who is deserving
To fail disastrously at the box office
Johnny Depp movie, or slang for cocaine
Creature from "Tremors": Giant ____
Hawaiian island or "Moana" character
Dr. Frankenstein's hunchbacked assistant
"Singin' in the ___"
Feral woman with her own language
portrayed by Jodie Foster
Anakin's son
Type of movie that is long and
has lots of heroic deeds
Automotive Pixar movie
Black Pearl, Pequod, or Poseidon, e.g.
Lead actor from "To Kill a Mockingbird"
Citizen with a sled named Rosebud
Adorable creature from "Return of the Jedi"
Captain of the USS Enterprise
Gorilla who was king of Skull Island
Lighting and rigging supervisor: Key ____
Level 86
Dec 8, 2017
Can you change the Citizen Kane clue? It spoils the movie for those who haven't seen it.
Level 71
Dec 9, 2017
I feel like after 70 years, spoiler alerts are no longer required.
Level 86
Dec 14, 2017
So all the young or yet to be born people who will be future film fans don't deserve to watch an old movie unspoiled? Its just showing a bit of consideration.
Level 76
Dec 18, 2017
If you are actively seeking out and doing quizzes, I'm guessing that such a common trivia question such as this has already crossed your path somewhere. I knew about it LONG before I attempted to watch Citizen Kane.
Level 66
Dec 23, 2017
I am just waiting for the lines to die down.
Level 72
Aug 18, 2018
ECon211 - Charles Schulz joked about this not really being a spoiler as far back as 1973 and as recently as 1998. Tiny Tooons did a whole episode spoofing it in 1990. Family Guy joked about it in 2001. The Silver Surfer revealed it in 2014. The trope regarding spoilers that aren't spoilers anymore is called "It Was His Sled." The spoiler ship on this has sailed.

Speaking of which, the Titanic sinks.

Level 71
Aug 20, 2018
@MarlowePi: about 17-18 years ago I had a Mickey Mouse comic book. There was a story in it with Donald Duck and his nephews where Donald was really sad because of his sled "Rosetta" which was lost in his childhood. Only after this quiz I realized that the comic was a reference to the movie. It's never too late, I guess.
Level 68
Oct 10, 2018
I think spoiler alerts are still required. It's like revealing the end of the original "Ocean's eleven". That would be a major spoiler.
Level 63
Dec 28, 2020
You shouldn't take movie quizzes if you're worried about spoilers.
Level 77
Dec 10, 2017
The 'mystery' of rosebud is a complete red herring. The real significance of the word lies outside the film, as it was Welles reference to the private life of the real newspaper owner on whom he modelled Kane.
Level 86
Dec 14, 2017
Throughout the whole film, the meaning of the word 'Rosebud' is at the forefront of the viewers mind. So the reveal at the end is a very revelatory experience that strengthens all of the subtextual ideas that Welles was putting forth. Whatever Welles was commenting on outside of the film does not diminish the importance of the content within the film itself.
Level 67
Dec 29, 2017
Spoiler: Wile doesn't catch the roadrunner.
Level 63
Oct 25, 2019
Tom doesn’t catch Jerry either?
Level 63
Mar 5, 2018
Has the clue been changed? If it's a spoiler it told me nothing as someone who hasn't seen the movie.
Level 73
Aug 18, 2018
It's still the same
Level 63
Aug 18, 2018
Good grief!
Level 67
Aug 18, 2018
Could box office failure also be "flop"?
Level 71
Aug 18, 2018
It could if it would fit the chain.
Level 63
Aug 18, 2018
Level 65
Sep 29, 2020
Oh right, this is a chain....
Level 57
Aug 19, 2018
three star wars questions seems a bit much to me
Level 52
Dec 28, 2020
Too Galactic Empire-centric
Level 68
Dec 28, 2020
I tried ‘snob’ 72 different times.... (I’m exaggerating) it wasn’t really 72 but I still did not get the answer
Level 36
Dec 29, 2020
can you accept "Gregory Peck" as it is his full name?
Level 25
Oct 8, 2021
It's four letter words that are part of a chain