4-Letter Name Chain

All the answers are first names that are 4 letters in length. The last letter of each answer will be the first answer of the next.
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Last updated: January 7, 2019
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First submittedJune 12, 2016
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University administrator who keeps a list
Ark builder
Thyme, parsley, or basil for example
Ernie's pal
Third Huxtable child
Epps or Sharif, e.g.
A name that means mercy
Common nickname for Henry
One of the South Park kids
Novel by Jane Austen
Garden of Eden inhabitant
Former husband of J-Lo
Singer who wishes she could turn back time
Actor Reynolds
A word that means Christmas
Irish name popular in the U.S.
Ancient Central American civilization
Sir Guinness
Mr. Marx mispelled
Biblical wife of Jacob
"Victorious" author?
Snowman from "Frozen"
Stone age cartoon character
Level 44
Aug 9, 2016
What about Sean for a common Irish name? I dunno how common that particular spelling is in the US but I would say that would probably be the most common (although not the only way) it is spelled here...
Level 44
Aug 9, 2016
By here I mean Australia sorry
Level 31
Sep 22, 2016
Epic fail, man. Check again, and you'll see why you are wrong.
Level 75
Aug 9, 2016
But it neither starts with an L nor ends with an M...
Level 37
Dec 3, 2017
Sean does not fit the criteria of the quiz.
Level 55
Aug 9, 2016
Huh. I had no idea the name Ruth meant "mercy." TIL!
Level 88
Aug 9, 2016
And from that, "ruthless"
Level 70
Aug 10, 2016
i swear i saw these two comments like two years ago
Level 58
Feb 16, 2017
I learned that from JetPunk quizzes.
Level 60
Aug 9, 2016
I had no idea about Hank. I thought it was just one of those American names like Chad that haven't made it over here yet.
Level 60
Aug 12, 2016
Chad is a nickname for Charles...
Level 58
Feb 16, 2017
No, it's not. Chas is a nickname for Charles. Chad is a name all its own.
Level 60
Aug 11, 2016
Ha! I got stuck on Eric as Ernie's pal - and I know it doesn't fit the chain but I just couldn't think beyond it - plus my chain broke and I had no idea about the Huxtables' 3rd child (or any other).
Level 72
Aug 12, 2016
No idea who the Huxtable's are either. Also never in my life heard a Henry called Hank. That must be a solely US thing. It's certainly not made it to Britain.
Level 22
Aug 12, 2016
I've never heard of that either. I typed Bart instead of Bert lol
Level 63
Dec 28, 2020
Hank Aaron is a famous Henry who goes by Hank.
Level 85
Dec 3, 2021
And the great boxer Hammering Hank Armstrong.
Level 62
Jun 28, 2017
Nice Quiz! But who can explain more about some book named Victorious ? And does that mean it was written by Victor Hugo?

I'm confused by this question and answer. Thanks

Level 73
Dec 4, 2017
So, technically speaking, the Marx author misspelled could be Cral, or Coal, or Czzl, or Cqxl, or Crtl, or Cool since all of those are misspellings :)
Level 75
Aug 17, 2018
Yeah, it is a bit of an uninspired clue
Level 75
Sep 19, 2018
Maybe change to Mr Sagan?
Level 83
Nov 12, 2022
The answer still has to be a first name.
Level 80
Sep 6, 2018
'Sir Guinness' is a very clumsy clue, as that was never his name (and never could be anyone's, unless Guinness is used as a first name). He was Mr Guinness, and then he was knighted, which made him Sir Alec.
Level 95
May 25, 2020
You really couldn't come up with a famous Carl with a C? Carl Sagan came to mind immediately.
Level 64
Apr 25, 2022
Absolutely. Nuls points for the clue about Mr. Marks, that really is barrel- scraping
Level 78
Apr 20, 2022
Clue for third from last is far too obscure (Victorious), and I agree that there are many famous Carls to choose from...