5-Letter Music Chain

For each hint, enter a 5-letter word. The last letter of this word will be the first letter of the next word.
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Last updated: December 29, 2018
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First submittedSeptember 25, 2015
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Eagles song: _____ California
Part of the words to a song
Larger than a viola
"La bohème" or "The Magic Flute", e.g.
Has albums entitled "19", "21", and "25"
Vedder or Van Halen
Song in "Back to the Future": _____ Angel
Bank robbery or Macklemore's first album
Where Willie Nelson is from
Leader singer of the Police
Canadian rockers: The _____ Who
Type of guy that TLC doesn't want
I'll never be your _____ of burden
Dance made famous by Chubby Checker
Largo, Allegro, or Presto, e.g.
Band that recorded "Wonderwall"
Pour some _____ on me
Where Amy Winehouse didn't
want to go, no no no
Style of jazz exemplified by Charlie Parker
Vermont-based jam band
Band led by Ann and Nancy Wilson
2004 Britney Spears song
Group of three or more notes
played together
1970s musical genre
J.S. Bach's instrument
Chamillionaire was Ridin' Dirty but
Weird Al was White and _____
Alt-rock pioneers: Sonic _____
Level 84
Sep 26, 2015
I think a better name for a jam band would be "Peach". Mmm.
Level 55
Mar 6, 2016
Hahaha! That made me laugh. And slightly hungry.
Level 74
Oct 31, 2015
Please add 'bop' for bebop. They're synonymous.
Level 76
Nov 4, 2015
Ah yes. Bop: the world's shortest 5-letter word.
Level 40
Dec 14, 2015
Wish there was a like button XD
Level 48
Apr 19, 2016
I think the substitute for 'like' here is +1. Please accept mine.
Level 74
Jan 7, 2019
Ohhh yeah good point! Too bad 3 and 5 aren't synonymous. (One of these days I will start reading the titles to quizzes!)
Level 70
Mar 4, 2016
He meant boppp.
Level 74
Jan 7, 2019
Who are you calling "he"? The Bird?
Level 65
Jul 10, 2019
bbopp probably, sounds closer.
Level 49
Oct 21, 2023
Actually, they are not. Bop is from a slightly later era than bebop. Art Blakey is from the late 50s, while Bird played with Dizzy much earlier in the 40s.
Level 60
Mar 4, 2016
Really enjoyed this one, thanks!
Level 83
Jun 12, 2016
The band Chicago also has albums titled 19 and 21. And they were inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame this year, so they are certainly well-known enough to be an obvious answer for old people to come up with.
Level 25
Aug 8, 2016
I think Chicago has more than 5 letters, so that should clue you to go with Adele instead.
Level 69
Jan 5, 2019
Plus, if the answer was Chicago, then La bohème would be an operc, and Misters Vedder's and Van Halen's first name would be "Oddie" (which, actually, I kinda like!).
Level 76
Mar 17, 2019
Also, technically the Chcago albums are Chicago 19 and Chicago 21, while Adele's are simply 19 and 21, like in the question.
Level 56
Mar 17, 2019
Jeez, Packerswin14's comment from 2016 has not had a good few years.
Level 69
Jun 18, 2016
5 letter words only
Level 59
Feb 9, 2017
Level 65
Jul 10, 2019
In the TITLE !! AND the DESCRIPTION!! if it is written bigger maybe more people will read it :)
Level 75
Dec 30, 2018
Disappointed to find out that Bach didn't play the Onion
Level 75
Jan 2, 2019
Since Wikipedia is always right, they have Britney Spear's "Toxic" as 2003.
Level 61
Mar 17, 2019
Me with my thinking cap on: " I know Ben and Jerry's is a Vermont-based ice cream 'band'...could they have branched out?"
Level 65
Mar 17, 2019
If Heart is on a quiz, it's a good quiz.
Level 75
Mar 17, 2019
No idea what the Britney Spears song was, but triad fit with the next one, and when that didn't work I couldn't think of anything else.
Level 72
Apr 25, 2019
Never heard of Heart or Phish
Level 69
Nov 2, 2019
"The Heist" was not actually Macklemore's first album. It was the first Album of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

Macklemore solo however released "The language of my world" as far back as 2005.

Level 52
Feb 1, 2020
Is Macklemore really that relevant in the music world to be on this quiz? Tons of rappers more deserving than that footnote
Level 69
Feb 28, 2020
Beebop should be allowed.
Level 60
Oct 21, 2020
See above ref: "Bop"
Level 25
Apr 3, 2021
don't take this as nitpicky, but a chord can be played with two notes, like a power chord

i suggest just saying a group of chords played together typically in the harmony

Level 38
Apr 10, 2021
I was listening to Rehab as I started this quiz and then proceeded to get a bebop song.
Level 74
May 31, 2021
Phish got 24%? Good.
Level 48
Jun 18, 2021
hasbro really has the music business here in canada
Level 64
Jul 19, 2022
I don't really think this was worthy of being a badge quiz.
Level 29
Oct 9, 2022
add amish paradise