A Answers Quiz #2

Can you guess these random things that start with the letter A?
All answers are a single word
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Last updated: December 5, 2019
First submittedApril 17, 2015
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World's most massive river
"Thank you" in Japan: Domo _______
Cherub or seraph
Sunburn-soothing plant
System of segregation in South Africa
Blacksmith's tool that might crush
a cartoon character
Greek fabulist
"Water" in Spanish
City where you can see the Parthenon
Sampras's rival
Galaxy near the Milky Way
Major city in Belgium
Jason's ship or Ben Affleck movie
The Little Mermaid's first name
World where Valhalla can be found
Eggplant, to a Brit
Region of southern Spain
Movie about a slave ship mutiny
Germany luxury carmaker
The last tsar's youngest daughter
Native American tribe or attack helicopter
Class of animals that includes
spiders and scorpions
Mr. Vespucci
Level 78
Apr 17, 2015
Could arthropod work for the spider and scorpion one?
Level 84
Apr 19, 2015
Arthropods are a phylum. Arachnids are a class.
Level 81
Apr 19, 2015
I keep forgetting about the location of Valhalla. -- And "arthropod" is a phylum, not class, if you keep to the classification of animals.
Level 45
Nov 25, 2015
I could not spell "Arigato".... can you accept "Arrigato"? Makes more sense to spell it that way... imo.
Level 54
Feb 4, 2022
Thats not even writeable in japanese letters, how would that make sense?
Level 63
Nov 25, 2015
Bloody hell, 85% know "The Little Mermaid's first name". How be that?
Level 54
Nov 25, 2015
Disney, my friend.
Level 67
Feb 4, 2022
If you've had daughters, you just know
Level 55
May 25, 2022
or sisters
Level 68
Nov 25, 2015
by "Greek fabulist" did you mean fabelist? I feel like that makes more sense. fabulist threw me off.
Level 75
Nov 25, 2015
A fabulist is an author of fables, Like Mr Aesop. I'm not sure fabulist is a word.
Level 90
Nov 25, 2015
I think TheWombat's spell checker agrees with him, and changed 'fabelist' to fabulist as he typed it.
Level 76
Feb 12, 2020
@plattitude Ha ha!!
Level 61
Nov 25, 2015
Tried Aristotle and other A people. Never knew what a fabulist was. Thought it had something to do with Queer eye for the straight guy. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
Level 50
Sep 24, 2018
Had to look it up too. Wondered who was fabulous in Greece. Well, the more you know.
Level ∞
Dec 19, 2021
Replying six years later. Fabulist is correct:



Level 86
Nov 25, 2015
You consider 2.5 million light years to be near?! Hahahaha....just kidding, I know what was meant ;)
Level 44
Nov 30, 2015
Alicante is also a province in southern Spain
Level 80
Feb 20, 2017
Yeah, but it says region, not province.
Level 53
Mar 19, 2018
Can you please also accept 'Americo' as the alternate spelling
Level 68
Jan 18, 2019
Come on. Audi is not a luxury brand.
Level 71
Jan 7, 2021
It's the upmarket part of VW.
Level 70
Apr 4, 2022
VW own Porsche, Lamborghini and Bentley.

Audis are effectively just VWs with options included as standard.

Level 67
Jun 27, 2019
Great variety of questions. Loved the blacksmith and you nearly had me with mr vespucci... my mnd first went towards italian designers or something.

Only missed aesop and amistad.

Level 32
Jul 17, 2019
I think they should count aragato for arogato. I simply messed up by one letter lol
Level 69
Feb 4, 2022
Yes they should also count Austrio for Austria...
Level 46
Feb 4, 2022
Yeah, we should also could Ha there for Hi there while we're at it, right?
Level 59
Feb 25, 2020
I keep hearing about Argo everywhere now for some reason. Should have gotten Asgard idk why I blanked on it
Level 67
Feb 4, 2022
I am impressed that so many know the Japanese language question, I'm afraid that I wasn't one of them. And never heard of the film Amistad
Level 65
Feb 4, 2022
I missed Aesop, but at least now I know what a fabulist is.
Level 21
Feb 10, 2022
More people know about the Apartheid than Aubergines. I'm surprised.