A Quiz About Elvis Presley

Can you guess these facts about the late great Elvis?
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Last updated: January 30, 2020
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First submittedApril 8, 2015
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His nickname
The King
of Rock & Roll
His first #1 single
Heartbreak Hotel
His first movie
Love Me Tender
His wife
Priscilla Presley
His daughter
Lisa-Marie Presley
His manager
Colonel Tom Parker
State he was born in
City he was born in
City he lived in as an adult
His mansion
Room in the above with a
waterfall and green carpet
The Jungle Room
City where he performed
the most frequently
Las Vegas
Song that starts "The warden
threw a party in the county jail"
Jailhouse Rock
Song about jealousy
Suspicious Minds
Type of shoes Elvis sang about
Blue Suede
Singer who first recorded the
song about those shoes
Carl Perkins
You ain't nothing but a ...
Hound Dog
Elvis is a hunk, a hunk of ...
Burning Love
Elvis has left the ...
Household object that he
supposedly shot with a gun
Organization he served in from
U.S. Army
Name one of the three ingredients
inside an Elvis sandwich
Banana / Bacon /
Peanut Butter
Level 77
Apr 9, 2015
Only knew the Jungle Room from Marc Cohn's "Walking in Memphis."
Level 66
Jun 5, 2015
Same here!
Level 70
Mar 22, 2016
I've seen it. Something to see.
Level 63
Mar 9, 2017
And the blue suede shoes.
Level 55
Apr 13, 2015
He had a whole bunch of singles before Heartbreak Hotel.
Level 67
Jun 5, 2015
Snix & Wombat are right. "Heartbreak Hotel" certainly wasn't first. "That's Alright, Mama" was first.
Level 79
Jun 5, 2015
You should accept "The Colonel" - that's how he was typically referred to.
Level 37
Mar 23, 2018
Parker was as much a Colonel as I am. He was an illegal Dutch immigrant (probably on the lam from the Netherlands authorities).

The reason he wouldn't allow Elvis to accept any overseas gigs is because he (Parker), due to his illegal status in the US, was unable

to get a passport and of course, he would never let Elvis out of his

sight for any period of time.

Level ∞
Jan 30, 2020
The Colonel will work now.
Level 72
Jun 5, 2015
I always thought his nickname was Elvis the Pelvis.
Level 83
Jun 5, 2015
I knew about the bananas and peanut butter. Didn't know about the bacon. That sounds pretty good, actually.
Level 75
Jun 9, 2015
Same here. I always thought it was just peanut butter and bananas. Apparently sometimes it contained bacon, too.
Level 70
Jul 24, 2017
I bought a postcard with the recipe on it at Graceland. It didn't list bacon on it though. I think the key is frying it in butter.
Level 63
Feb 5, 2020
I made a burger with these 3 ingredients once. Well the bananas were in the sauce called Caribbean BBQ with big banana chunks. It was delicous. Great mix.
Level 59
Jun 5, 2015
Thought "Aron" would be on this.
Level 62
Nov 25, 2020
Level 85
Dec 26, 2021
His middle name.
Level 51
Jun 11, 2015
Wasn't his home town East Tupelo? I think it merged with Tupelo, and, hence, disappeared.
Level 37
May 26, 2017
I'm pretty sure, he sang it as ... burnin' love. Wasn't too keen on his ing endings.
Level 58
Oct 23, 2017
You might want to put in there about how he got drafted into the Vietnam War
Level 37
Nov 20, 2017
He did not serve in Vietnam. He served in Germany from '57-'59 I believe. A that time the USA was still sending "Advisors" to Vietnam, not fighting troops.
Level 72
Oct 24, 2019
It was 58-60
Level 72
Apr 25, 2019
Another comment that Heartbreak Hotel was his first RCA single, but not his actual first single by a long shot, which was That's All Right Mama/Blue Moon of Kentucky.
Level 46
Feb 8, 2020
Correct. His first record on the Sun Label. Heartbreak Hotel was his first million selling record. Shame on Billboard Magazine for eliminating his #1 records prior to August 1958 when they started the "Hot 100". He has 18 #1 records, and now they are only giving him credit for 7. Outrageous!
Level 75
Jan 30, 2020
The story about the TV is that when Elvis was serving in the Army, Robert Goulet insinuated that he was "taking care" of Elvis's girlfriend who was a singer in Goulet's show. Years later Elvis was in his hotel room in Vegas and Goulet appeared on TV. Elvis took his gun and shot at Goulet on the TV.
Level 83
Jun 24, 2020
You know you're too young for this quiz when your first guess on "Elvis has left the..." is "chat".
Level 78
Feb 18, 2021
Level 65
Oct 6, 2022
Always bad quiz etiquette when you have questions that are dependent on you getting a previous answer right. One of the great unwritten no-nos of quiz construction.
Level 75
Oct 6, 2022
That’s not a rule. You might know the general area of the USA Elvis is from and could guess it in a few attempts, but you’re showing much deeper knowledge by knowing his hometown.
Level 83
Oct 7, 2022
yeah, since when?
Level 64
Nov 6, 2022
Fun fact, "Hound Dog" isn't originally by Elvis. It's by a black woman in 1952 called Big Mama Thornton. Elvis' version changes some of her lyrics but it's still obvious that it's based on her song.
Level 72
Sep 14, 2023
But written by Leiber and Stoller. 2 people who wrote a lot of Elvis' early hits.