A Quiz About Muhammad Ali

Can you guess these facts about the late great boxer Muhammad Ali?
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Last updated: December 16, 2019
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First submittedDecember 26, 2016
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His birth name
Cassius Clay
One of his nicknames
(hint: hometown)
The Louisville Lip
Boxer he defeated to win his
first heavyweight title
Sonny Liston
"Nation" that Ali joined in 1964
Nation of Islam
Crime he was convicted of in 1967
(overturned in 1971)
Draft Evasion
This boxer defeated Ali in the 1971
"Fight of the Century"
Joe Frazier
Name for his second rematch
against the above
Thrilla in Manila
Boxer that Ali defeated to win his
second title in 1974
George Foreman
Name for that fight
Rumble in the
African city where that
fight was held
Announcer famous for supporting and
verbally sparring with Ali
Howard Cosell
Ali's strategy of leaning on the ropes
Boxer who broke Ali's jaw in 1973
Ken Norton
Boxer Ali lost his title to in 1978, before
regaining it in the rematch
Leon Spinks
Disease he was diagnosed with in 1984
Actor who portrayed Ali in the 2001 film
Will Smith
Daughter who became an undefeated
women's boxing champ
Laila Ali
Notable Quotes
Float like a butterfly
Sting like a bee
I'm the greatest
Level 51
Dec 27, 2016
Cosell, not Cossell.

Should include conscription as well as draft (evasion). Other than that, good to do a quiz on a legend of sport

Level 75
Dec 27, 2016
Yes. I had trouble with the spelling anyway.
Level ∞
Dec 27, 2016
Fixed, but Cosell would have worked.
Level 74
Dec 27, 2016
Being a bit of a tosser, but could you accept "Cassius Marcellus Clay" for his birthname?
Level 60
Dec 28, 2016
Why enter any more than Clay?
Level 89
Aug 2, 2018
Just a bit.
Level 36
Dec 28, 2016
I made a similar quiz, 6 months back.
Level 62
Dec 30, 2016
Could you take alternate spellings for Laila?
Level 82
Jan 3, 2017
seriously I tried at least five different spellings for laila, some leniency would be nice
Level ∞
Jan 4, 2017
Added some more acceptable spellings
Level 37
Jun 20, 2017
There are only two possible ways of spelling Laila:

1) Laila

2) Leila

How many other "alternatives" are you going to allow?

Level 78
Jul 11, 2017
Eric Clapton would be furious with you.
Level 89
Jul 4, 2018
You've got him on his knees.
Level 85
Oct 5, 2017
Meh. I always rooted for Joe Frazier. Couldn't stand Ali's braggadocious "I am the greatest" shtick. (which is all it was) I knew idiots would take it seriously and emulate it. (which they have) Now it's acceptable for athletes to be self-aggrandizing blowhards.
Level 72
Jul 25, 2018
I live near Louisville and it is amazing the status to which Ali has been elevated here. He is very nearly a god in much the same way Elvis was during the many years that I lived in Memphis - probably even more so. In my unimportant opinion, they both leave a lot to be desired in the role model category and neither deserves the adulation they are receiving since people have chosen to forget the truth and remember the myth.
Level 91
May 30, 2021
From the Iliad: There stood up a champion both brave and of great stature, a skillful boxer, Epeus, son of Panopeus. He said, “Let the man who is to have the cup come hither, for I am the best boxer of all here present, and none can beat me. If any man will box with me I will bruise his body and break his bones; therefore let his friends stay here in a body and be at hand to take him away when I have done with him." (Bragging's as old as boxing.)
Level 76
Apr 29, 2023
Ali's trash talking was great in my opinion, but when it comes to Frazier, he was really jusy throwing an old friend who helped him in the past under the bus. Frazier apparently never got over him calling him things like an Uncle Tom and a dumb ape (gorilla?).
Level 72
Jun 30, 2023
I believe that Ali later regretted the way he treated and talked about Fraziler.
Level 37
Mar 13, 2018
Same here. I always preferred Frazier, who I considered a man. Ali always reminded me of a spoiled brat throwing a tantrum. Though I detest the "sport" of boxing, I would avidly read the newspapers the day following a bout, hoping that Ali had lost.