State Quiz - Arizona

Can you guess these facts about the U.S. state of Arizona?
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Last updated: July 11, 2015
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Famous canyon
Grand Canyon
River that flows through that canyon
Capital city
Second-biggest city
Biggest city in Northern Arizona
Bridge from England that was
brought to Arizona
London Bridge
What is a diamondback?
(Not related to baseball)
State gemstone (hint: blue-green)
Road where you can "get your kicks"
Route 66
National Park of fossilized trees
Petrified Forest
What was discovered at
Lowell Observatory in 1930?
Resort town famous
for "vortexes" of spiritual energy
Native American tribe whose
reservation is larger than 10 states
Geronimo's tribe
What is a saguaro?
a Cactus
What is a haboob?
a Dust Storm
Term for a "shoestring" necktie
Bolo Tie
2008 GOP Presidential nominee
John McCain
Chicano leader who organized
farm workers
Cesar Chavez
Town where Wyatt Earp
had a shootout
Level 75
Jul 8, 2015
Interesting (and sad) that although Cesar Chavez's birthday is a state holiday in California, Colorado and Texas, it is not one in Arizona.
Level 61
Jan 29, 2021
His United Farm Workers fought hard for fair labor practices and keeping illegal aliens out.
Level 57
Feb 1, 2021
'illegal aliens?'
Level 51
Feb 12, 2021
I assume that you're joking...
Level 25
Apr 3, 2021
@washingmachine illegal aliens is a term used for undocumented immigrants, typically used by people and politicians on the right
Level 80
Jul 10, 2015
Any chance sand storm could also be accepted?
Level ∞
Jul 11, 2015
Level 61
Oct 15, 2015
I've always referred to those ties as Bolero Ties and Google seems to agree its a valid term.
Level 66
Oct 15, 2015
Nope. It's a bolo tie. Just because the term shows up in your search results doesn't mean it's valid - that's just the engine spitting it back at you. Bolero is a musical piece by Maurice Ravel - not related.
Level 48
Apr 14, 2016
Correct. No one in Arizona wears a bolero tie. But then very few wears bolos.
Level 70
Aug 10, 2022
Bolero is also a music genre from Cuba, still very popular in Latinamerica, in case anyone's interested.
Level 56
Oct 20, 2015
Bolero is also a kind of jacket, similar to a shrug, with a cropped back.
Level 61
Jan 29, 2021
They're bolo ties. Navajo souvenir stands have signs, drug stores have signs that read "bolo ties."
Level 88
Jan 29, 2021
I've always heard it called a bolo tie. I don't think I remember ever hearing it called a bolero tie.
Level 57
Nov 13, 2015
There's a little brewery west of Phoenix that makes a beer called Haboob Black IPA. So I tried "beer" first to see if it accept it
Level 81
Jan 24, 2021
Haboob is a wind. It happens to be in the desert, so a dust storm results from the haboob.
Level 88
Jan 29, 2021
Agreed. Wind should at a minimum be accepted.
Level 85
Jan 30, 2021
I also would like to point out that nobody in Arizona actually ever called dust storms Haboobs until recently. I'm not sure when that started, but locals still give you the side eye like you're being weird and pretentious if you talk to us about the haboob in the forecast.
Level 48
Jan 30, 2021
I totally typed in Route 66 :(
Level 28
Jan 1, 2022
Only got 10/20 and i’m from Arizona…..:(
Level 31
Aug 16, 2022
dude im arizonan too and got 6/20 :c
Level 56
Jan 26, 2022
get your kicks on route 66 is a great song