Asian Geography by Letter - N

Can you guess these Asian geographical answers that start with the letter N?
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Last updated: November 7, 2020
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First submittedAugust 18, 2014
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Capital of India
New Delhi
Himalayan country
City where Jesus grew up
City struck by an atomic bomb
Former capital of China
brutally attacked by Japan in 1937
Desert region of southern Israel
Third largest city in Japan
Capital of Myanmar since 2005
Capital of Cyprus
Japanese for Japan
Southern Indian state whose
capital is Chennai
Tamil Nadu
City whose name means "New Siberian"
Fourth largest island of the Philippines
Capital of Okinawa
Spice that originally comes from the
Maluku Islands of Indonesia
Japanese host of the 1998 Winter Olympics
Country in Indochina that annexed its
southern counterpart in 1975
North Vietnam
Probably the world's most repressive country
North Korea
Family name of 40% of Vietnamese people
Major city in central India known
for oranges and tigers
Level 61
Dec 24, 2014
Maybe the Vietnam question could be better worded. I was searching for a CURRENT country that begins with an "N."
Level 23
Nov 8, 2020
Me too. I always answer with current countries only.
Level 75
Jul 13, 2021
And then there's the contention that "North Vietnam" annexed "South Vietnam." The Geneva Accords of 1954 made no reference to two different countries (for which there was no historical basis). The division was a stall tactic on the U.S.'s part to try to shore up the non-Communist forces prior to the agreed-upon nationwide election to be held in 1956. As Eisenhower said later, it wasn't held because the U.S. government realized that it was obvious that Ho Chi Minh would win any relatively fair election in a landslide. So, three-to-five million deaths later, if you want to call the reuniting of Vietnam an "annexation," that would be in keeping with standard U.S. takes, but please acknowledge that it's a U.S. take.
Level 84
Oct 15, 2017
It will be a long, long time before I remember Naypyitaw.
Level 65
Oct 28, 2017
Let's just Anglicize it to Nappytown
Level 78
Nov 8, 2020
I have never been able to spell this correctly in any quiz.
Level 21
Oct 28, 2017
cant you accept new dehli in lowercase it does say capitalization dosent matter
Level 75
Oct 28, 2017
"new dehli" would be a wrong answer, capitalized or not.
Level 43
Oct 30, 2017
The site never accounts for capitalization or spaces, you spelled it wrong.
Level 59
Oct 28, 2017
The Nagpur question was ridiculously difficult. An Indian who didn't get it!
Level 89
Apr 3, 2019
I automatically typed Nagpur as soon as I started, along with Negev, Nagoya, Nanjing, New Delhi and maybe a couple other major N answers for Asia.
Level 77
Mar 14, 2018
Novosibirsk (Новосибирск) means New SiberiaN in Russian. Like New Siberian (City), but without the word City. New Siberia would be Novaya Sibir (Новая Сибирь). I did not find an example on the internet, but you can try it in Google Translate. Just paste there Сибирск (Sibirsk) and you will see that the translation of it is Siberian.
Level ∞
Mar 14, 2018
I'll take your word for it. I changed the clue.
Level 83
Nov 7, 2020
yeah it's the adjectival form
Level 75
Jul 13, 2021
Very interesting. I had no idea.
Level 77
Nov 7, 2020
a very japanese centric quiz lol
Level 72
Nov 8, 2020
Didn't know Novosibirsk meant New Siberian - that'll help me remember the spelling!
Level 82
Nov 17, 2020
Too Asiacentric.
Level 57
Jul 13, 2021
Surprised to see Tamil Nadu in here - "Nadu" is a Tamil common noun meaning - in this context - state, whereas "Tamil" is the proper noun. (Bonus trivia: it's only one word in the local language.)

For a Tamil speaker, finding T.N on this quiz is almost like seeing Canada's Northwest Territories on a 'T' quiz, or perhaps New Zealand's South Island on an 'I' quiz.

Level 63
Jul 13, 2021
Isn't Nagoya the fourth largest city nowadays? Just saying, since this quiz is now on the front page.