Austin Powers Trivia

Can you guess these facts about the three Austin Powers films?
Quiz idea: Nelly Furtado
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Last updated: December 14, 2019
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First submittedApril 7, 2017
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Actor who starred as Austin Powers
Mike Myers
Austin's archnemesis
Dr. Evil
Diminutive clone of the above
Austin Powers is a parody of
this fictional spy
James Bond
Name the leading actress
from each movie
Elizabeth Hurley
Heather Graham
Beyoncé Knowles
Fat Bastard's nationality
(be specific)
Fat Bastard's catchphrase
Get in my belly
Villain of the third movie
Fill in the blank: Shall we ____
now, or shall we ____ later?
The Austin Powers version
of Odd Job
Random Task
But instead of throwing a hat,
he throws a …
Species of Mr. Bigglesworth
Robots that were dazzled by
Austin's sexiness
These ill-tempered fish were used
when sharks were not available
Sea Bass
First name of Ms. Humpalot
First name of Ms. Fagina
Austin Powers's middle name
Actor who starred as Scott Evil
Seth Green
Level 69
Apr 8, 2017
Cat??? Here I am trying to come up with Mexican Hairless or whatever it was ...
Level 77
Apr 8, 2017
Sphynx (apparently). I tried Persian which seems to be the 007 version and gave up on cat races and was very surprised when cat was accepted. I was just typing it when I got frustrated.
Level 82
Apr 8, 2017
It says species, not breed.
Level 48
Aug 27, 2017
I thought this too and also tried Persian and birman
Level 66
Apr 15, 2017
It's a bit annoying that quizmaster has used my idea, instead of featuring my own quiz.
Level 74
May 14, 2017
11/20 and never watched a single one. I'll take that.
Level 75
Sep 9, 2017
I never watched one either and I scored 4. I guess I have no choice but to take that.
Level 65
Aug 27, 2017
Disappointed with CAT but as my teacher always said.....RTFQ
Level 67
Aug 27, 2017
Hahaha. I used to say that to my students all the time.
Level 64
Aug 27, 2017
Type-ins for Ivana? Tried double N.
Level 48
Aug 28, 2017
20/20 3:01 left.
Level 59
Aug 29, 2017
Time to watch these films again! (Have they aged well...?). Did the British word "shag" ever really catch on in America after these films?
Level 26
Aug 23, 2018
they have aged well lol
Level 75
Aug 4, 2021
The first two have aged wonderfully. My 16 year old son loves them. The third was always garbage.
Level 37
Aug 29, 2017
Yeahhhhhh Baby!!!! 100 percent with 1:58 left.
Level 44
Sep 21, 2017
Goldmember is one of the funniest movies ever. The first time i saw it, i was crying from laughing so much. "No! You crazy Dutch bastard"
Level 26
Aug 23, 2018
Vanessa was a fembot ... wait about ... that means i'm single again ...
Level 84
Jun 13, 2020
Isn't Austin Powers (the character) more a parody of Harry Palmer? Red hair, huge glasses... not very Bond but totally Palmer. Michael Caine even played his father.
Level 65
Jan 30, 2023
goldmember should be accepted as a type-in.
Level 76
Apr 3, 2023
Who throws a shoe?! Honestly!