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NBA Basketball Nicknames Quiz #1

Can you guess the real names of the current and former basketball players who had these nicknames?
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Last updated: October 3, 2020
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First submittedJanuary 22, 2013
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The Black Mamba
Kobe Bryant
The Mailman
Karl Malone
The Truth
Paul Pierce
The Answer
Allen Iverson
Big Shot Bob
Robert Horry
The Dream
Hakeem Olajuwon
The Big Ticket
Kevin Garnett
The Glove
Gary Payton
The Human Highlight Film
Dominique Wilkins
The Greek Freak
Giannis Antetokounmpo
White Chocolate
Jason Williams
The Worm
Dennis Rodman
The Brow
Anthony Davis
Big Baby
Glen Davis
The Matrix
Shawn Marion
The Admiral
David Robinson
Larry Johnson
The Birdman
Chris Andersen
The Big Fundamental
Tim Duncan
Andrei Kirilenko
The Iceman
George Gervin
Splash Brothers
Stephen Curry
Klay Thompson
The Beard
James Harden
Level 30
Mar 28, 2011
what about king james and big daddy
Level 50
Jan 23, 2013
What about Shawn Kemp, the Rainman? Dominique Wilkins, the Human Highlight Film? 'Downtown' Freddie Brown? Gus 'Wizard' Williams? 'Slick' Watts?

Obviously, I'm an old Sonics fan mind you, but those are some great nicknames...

Level 74
Mar 18, 2014
'King' James, the Durantula, Flash, Wally World, Jesus Shuttlesworth, basketball Jesus, The Logo...surely with the above there material for a new quiz...fun!
Level ∞
Jul 10, 2015
Added Jesus Shuttlesworth. :)
Level 37
Nov 28, 2015
wheres "the brow"!??
Level 45
Jan 22, 2016
Should absolutely accept LJ for grandmama
Level 8
Mar 24, 2016
Where's, white chocolate for Jason Williams or Air Jordan
Level 15
Jun 30, 2016
what about uncle drew
Level 29
Aug 30, 2016
can you tell me how you make a question have more than one answer box like you did for the splash brothers
Level 44
Dec 17, 2016
Lebron James "The King?" Michael Jordan "His Airness?" Wilt the Stilt? Anthony Davis "The brow?" Dominique Wilkins "The Human Highlight Reel?" Shaq "The Diesel?" Clyde the Glide? Dr. J? The Greek Freak? etc.
Level 44
Dec 17, 2016
Or the most obvious one, D Rose The Glassman.
Level 30
Feb 18, 2017
okay but naming all of Shaq's nicknames could be a quiz of its own.
Level 44
Mar 7, 2017
That's true, but Shaq gave himself nicknames as well.
Level 73
May 26, 2017
3:26. CASH
Level 8
Jun 29, 2017
100% with 2:45 to spare
Level 48
Nov 8, 2017
21/22 forgot Larry Johnson
Level 63
Apr 4, 2018
Knew what you meant, but I've always heard Dominique Wilkins referred to as "The Human Highlight Reel", as opposed to the "Human Highlight Film". Sorry to be nit-picky.
Level 81
May 9, 2018
Level 62
Apr 7, 2018
Wilt "The Big Dipper" Chamberlain, Nate "Tiny" Archibald, Walt "Clyde" Frazier.
Level 73
May 9, 2018
Just a nicknames quiz for a small number of NBA players.............the quiz did not say "Every nickname ever in the NBA"....give it a rest.
Level 84
Nov 7, 2019
This quiz triggers people's memories of other nicknames they've known, some of which they really liked. Why is that a problem?
Level 15
May 11, 2018
The Process has to be in here
Level 46
Feb 7, 2019
Level 75
Sep 20, 2019
The Hick from French Lick
Level 84
Nov 7, 2019
Here are a few more that come to mind (you may want to look away, ryoga7r):

The Round Mound of Rebound (Charles Barkley)

Chocolate Thunder (Darryl Dawkins)

Pistol Pete (Pete Maravich)

Silk (Jamaal Wilkes)

The Great White Hope (Larry Bird)

Earl The Pearl (Earl Monroe)

The Big E (Elvin Hayes)

The Microwave (Vinnie Johnson)

Hondo (John Havlicek)

Cornbread (Cedric Maxwell)

Zeke (Isiah Thomas)

Level 29
Jan 24, 2020
I typed in Andersen but it did not accept it
Level 50
Feb 22, 2020
Bro accept andersen
Level 12
Mar 6, 2020
It wouldn't let me spell andersen even though I spelled it correctly both ways so whoever created this is a dumb ass.
Level 79
Apr 7, 2020
Andersen should be accepted
Level 93
Oct 3, 2020
I know it's been stated abundantly this year, but the quiz does not accept 'Andersen' despite that being his last name. It requires the quiz taker to type 'chrisandersen' his full name, which is not required for the vast majority of quizzes on Jetpunk, even for any of the other players in this quiz. Please fix this!
Level ∞
Oct 3, 2020
Finally fixed!
Level 14
Nov 15, 2020
Bruh. I keep forgetting Chris Andersen is "The Birdman!" I usually forget Kevin Garnet, Jason Williams, Shawn Marion, Chris Andersen, and Andrei Kirilenko. Well, better keep working to get 100%.
Level 14
Nov 15, 2020
And also, I keep forgetting that Glen Davis is "Big Baby", but luckily, for "The Brow", I type in Davis and Anthony Davis appears in "The Brow" and Glen Davis appears in "Big Baby."
Level 67
Feb 11, 2022
I lived in Boston during the Celtics' championship run in the late 2000s. I don't think I heard "the Big Ticket" even once.
Level 60
Sep 28, 2022
I got confused on "The Iceman" because Matt Thomas from the Raptors is also nicknamed that
Level 55
Oct 26, 2022
Half man, half amazing (vince carter)? Probably better than the birdman whom anyone outside of Miami won't remember.
Level 33
Oct 27, 2022
Im pretty sure Wilkins was the human highlight reel, not film but I could be wrong.