Ben Affleck Movies

Name these movies that starred Ben Affleck.
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Last updated: March 24, 2016
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First submittedNovember 25, 2014
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The Caped Crusader vows to defeat a space alien from Krypton
Batman v Superman:
Dawn of Justice
CIA operatives pretend to be film producers to free Iranian hostages
Only blue-collar oil drillers can save the world from a killer asteroid
Boston-area janitor can easily solve math problems, but not his personal demons
Good Will Hunting
A woman's disappeance casts a media spotlight on her husband. Is he innocent - or not?
Gone Girl
One square mile of Boston is a breeding ground for bank robbers
The Town
On a day which will live in infamy, two friends battle invading Japanese forces
Pearl Harbor
Fallen angels seek to exploit a Catholic loophole and regain admittance to heaven
A widely-panned romantic comedy whose co-stars were romantically involved in real life
CIA analyst Jack Ryan fears that a terrorist group will nuke a football game
The Sum of All Fears
Two comic book artists meet and fall in love - but he can't live with
her former sexual escapades
Chasing Amy
Robbers dress as Santa Claus to rob a casino in northern Michigan
Reindeer Games
England's greatest playwright falls in love with a cross-dressing thespian
Shakespeare in Love
Incoming freshmen are paddled by seniors at a Texas high school in the 1970's
Dazed and Confused
Somehow, a blind lawyer is a superhero vigilante by night
Man has his memory wiped after engineering a machine that can see into the future
Level 45
Nov 25, 2014
all 15, easy...
Level 77
Nov 26, 2014
Pearl Harbor. I really struggle with remembering not to put the "u" in harbour. I know it's an American place and all, but please accept "harbour" as a typo?
Level 53
Dec 23, 2014
I second this. I tried 'Pearl Harbour' several times before thinking to remove the 'u'.
Level 63
Dec 23, 2014
several times? I removed the 'u' after 1 go . . .
Level ∞
Dec 24, 2014
Pearl Harbour will work now even though it hurts my eyes.
Level 62
Mar 27, 2016
Because your eyes aren't used to correct English?
Level 73
Mar 27, 2016
The name of the film is Pearl Harbor. The name of the place is Pearl Harbor. It is a harbour with the name 'Pearl Harbor', so it is correct English.
Level 82
Mar 27, 2016
Even if it wasn't a proper name, harbour is not correct anyway.
Level 89
Sep 29, 2019
Dear English people,

Harbor is a Latin word; -or is the correct Latin suffix. It was correctly used in English at the time of the great American split. Only in the 1800s did English people decide to become French and erase over 2,000 years of linguistic history with their newfound love of the French -our.

Any conservative English person would also spell Labor Party in the long standing correct English spelling of the Latin word labor.

In summary, please use the correct traditional spelling, not some modern Francophile thing you have going on. You're embarrassing to the proud Anglophone world.

Level 82
Dec 23, 2014
Only missed the last one. Got close trying to guess. Typed in "Payback." I guess that was a Mel Gibson movie, right? Should have taken out that and put in School Ties.
Level 69
Dec 26, 2014
No Mallrats?!?!?!?!?!
Level 86
Jan 7, 2019
Can't have it turning completely into a "Kevin Smith movies" quiz.
Level 75
Dec 28, 2014
Gone Girl was filmed near my hometown, and FWIW everyone who came in contact with Affleck said he was super-nice and friendly to everyone he met during the weeks of filming, unlike the other male co-star of the same film. They also bought most of the movie wardrobe from the local Salvation Army store which was a nice boost to their revenue.
Level 82
Dec 31, 2014
Neil Patrick Harris? So the nice guy thing is just an act and he really is like his character from Harold and Kumar?
Level 74
Mar 27, 2016
Good Will Hunting??? But that was Matt Damon :P
Level 76
Mar 27, 2016
He was Damon's best friend
Level 82
Mar 27, 2016
I wish my last ex's *present* day escapades were even just twice as extreme as Amy's, instead of 10x. After that relationship this movie seems silly. I think I'm done with Romanian girls.
Level 29
Mar 29, 2016
matt damon is a better actor
Level 44
Mar 29, 2016
wasn't Jersey girl also a widely panned comedy starring Affleck and Lopez?