Bird Knowledge #1

Can you answer these random trivia questions about birds?
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Last updated: January 2, 2018
First submittedJanuary 2, 2018
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What is the smallest species of bird?
Bee Hummingbird
What is a group of crows called?
What is the largest species of penguin?
Emperor Penguin
Where does that species live?
What is the heaviest type of bird?
What bird of New Zealand was larger than the above, but was driven
to extinction around 1400 AD?
What species of bird has the longest wingspan - up to 3.5 meters?
Wandering Albatross
What bird is the national animal of New Zealand?
What bird is the national animal of the United States? (be specific)
Bald Eagle
What bird can be found on the national seal of Australia?
What R word means "bird of prey"?
What bird is found on Canada's one dollar coin?
Common Loon
What bird, starting with the letter O, is also known as a sea hawk?
What is a group of geese called?
What is a male goose called?
What organ, found in birds, is used to grind up food?
What is the name for red part that hangs down from the throat of a chicken or turkey?
What red-colored bird is the state bird of seven different U.S. states?
Northern Cardinal
What is the only U.S. state where flamingos are commonly found?
What birds were commonly used to carry messages during WWI?
Homing Pigeons
Level 68
Jan 3, 2018
Needs to accept "annoying" for a group of geese.
Level 84
Jan 20, 2018
Guinea fowls are much worse.
Level 77
May 8, 2018
But they eat ticks, so I would welcome them.
Level 41
Jun 29, 2018
You do not want guineas, trust me. They may eat ticks, but also your eyes. The babies are super cute though.
Level 5
May 10, 2018
So true
Level 60
Jan 4, 2018
Very nice, thanks!
Level 72
Jan 5, 2018
I specialize in bird law.
Level 64
Feb 6, 2018
I had no idea #7 was THAT big. The wingspan and the bird itself. I mean with a Condor (which I thought the answer would be) you kind of see how big it is but that one doesn't so it really surprised me. Then again I've only ever seen an Andean Condor "live" in a bird park. No #7 or variation of the species.
Level 67
May 8, 2018
Another extinct bird in New Zealand is the Haast's Eagle, the largest bird of prey in the world.
Level 65
May 8, 2018
It wasn't bigger than an Ostrich though.
Level 23
May 9, 2018
well technically not as big as an ostrich, but i bet it could eat one. These things used to prey on moa. A very scary bird indeed.

Level 60
May 8, 2018
Please accept Red Cardinal for the Northern Cardinal. Nice quiz btw!
Level 87
May 8, 2018
Can never remember wattle.
Level 77
May 8, 2018
All some of us have to do is look in the mirror if we forget.
Level 67
Aug 1, 2019
If you waddle and have a wattle you are in trouble.
Level 71
May 8, 2018
Fun fact: largest known bird species was the Elephant Bird, weighing up to five times heavier than an Ostrich, and the tallest was the female Moa, the only bird known to have no wings!
Level 52
May 10, 2018
There are actually three collective nouns for geese: a gaggle when they are on the ground, a skein when there is a group of them in flight, and a wedge when they are in flight in a V formation.
Level 72
May 30, 2018
A few notes about this quiz (boy does that sound pretentious...): 1. I feel like the extra S shouldn't be needed in Albatross (as with so many other answers on JetPunk); 2. Giving the starting letter for Raptor makes it kind of too obvious, doesn't it? (same with Osprey, although I would have probably not gotten it without the O); 3. If you're gonna ask to be specific about the USA bird, why not be specific for the pigeon as well?; 4. Crows are creepy.