Bordering Countries by Clue #1

We give you a clue - you guess the country. All the countries border the ones that come before and after.
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Last updated: July 10, 2021
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First submittedApril 5, 2019
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Joan of Arc defended it
Composed of 26 cantons
Its "spine" is formed by the
Apennine Mountains
Its flag looks like this:
Has a Z in its name
Czech Republic
Kowalski is the second most
common surname
Its capital is spelled Київ in its
native language
The largest country in the world
30% of its population is nomadic
or semi-nomadic
Where the Yellow River flows
The junta returned in 2021
Much of its territory is a fertile river delta
Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister
The most populous "stan" country
Birthplace of the ancient prophet
Where you'd find the city of Basra,
home to the legendary Sinbad
King Abdullah has reigned since 1999
Is thought to have nuclear weapons
Where the Aswan Dam was built
in the 1960s
Darfur is a region of this country
Level 91
Apr 5, 2019
Does France have any territory bordering Sudan, or does this not wrap-around like the chain-letter quizzes?
Level ∞
Apr 5, 2019
Not a wraparound
Level 78
Apr 9, 2019
You could make it a wrap around by continuing through N. Africa to Morocco, which borders Spain (Ceuta & Melilla), which of course borders France.
Level 79
Jun 18, 2019
@CardinalSin good idea :)
Level 38
Jun 15, 2023
If you add Libya,(Tunisia), Algeria, Morocco and Spain it would be a wraparound


Its old flag looked like 🟩

Started Arab spring

Largest country in Africa since 2011

Defeated Portugal in FIFA 2022

From controls catelonia and canary islands

Level 48
Apr 29, 2022
Level 77
Apr 5, 2019
Level 74
Apr 7, 2019
Great quiz idea! Fun taking a world tour from Europe to Africa just by answering a few quiz questions.
Level 65
Apr 10, 2019
Please do more quizzes like this one
Level 33
Apr 10, 2019
You should do countries in the german empire during WWI!
Level 58
Apr 11, 2019
Nice trip.
Level 74
Apr 11, 2019
Great concept. Enjoyed it immensely, thanks.
Level 75
May 7, 2019
Great! I have now seen the highlights of the Eastern Hemisphere! Iran, Iraq, Sudan....
Level 61
Jun 18, 2019
Great quiz.
Level 45
Jun 18, 2019
You cannot be serious with the clue for Israel?! What the hell
Level 65
Apr 8, 2023
why whats the problem?
Level 68
Apr 22, 2023
yeah whats the issue ?
Level 32
Jun 22, 2019
I kept typing switzerland i thought how the hell am i spelling this wrong? is the quiz broken. then i realised it was czech republic...
Level 81
Mar 24, 2021
Yes, I had that problem - I thought there was a flaw in the questions until I re-read the rubric - "All the countries border the ones that come before and after."
Level 71
Jul 15, 2019
This might be a bit nitpicky, but the Yellow River clue is the same clue for both the #1 and #2 quizzes of this series. Maybe mix it up by having another clue for China?
Level 21
Mar 6, 2020
Not gonna lie I feel that "has a Z in its name" is a bit to vague
Level 72
May 1, 2020
It is less vague if you also know that it's bordering the previous country... there aren't alot of countries with a Z in their name in Europe.
Level 81
Mar 24, 2021
The clue could certainly be improved making it something actually about the country - such as the name of the river running through its capital, or the name of the famous square or bridge in the capital, a well-known city that is known for making an internationally famous style of beer, a famous author who was born here - there are many more interesting questions to ask. if I were from this country, I'd probably be a little disappointed in this clue.
Level 68
Aug 2, 2021
Can confirm: I'm from this country and I am a little disappointed in this clue :D
Level 72
Aug 2, 2021
Apart from a couple of clues ("Z" and junta for me), the other ones can be guessed without knowing the bordering one. I would have liked more a quiz with more vague clues, which only apply to one of the bordering countries of the previous guess.

That would be more challenging.

Level 68
Aug 2, 2021
48 seconds remaining, very fun quiz
Level 44
Aug 9, 2021
This should definitely become a series.
Level 44
Sep 26, 2021
There is a shorter way from France to Sudan

just take a boat through the Mediterranean and go through the Suez canal and and keep going south till you find sudan

Level 60
Sep 10, 2023
You should add caveat that country can't be used twice, cause Switzerand has "Z" and borders Austria