Cartoon Characters #1

Based on the clue, name the cartoon character.
Quiz idea: KetchupRevenge
Quiz by Quizmaster
Last updated: July 30, 2013
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First submittedJuly 30, 2013
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Charlie Brown's dog
Pinocchio's conscience
Jiminy Cricket
Jamaican crab from The Little Mermaid
Hero whose alter ego is Drake Mallard
Darkwing Duck
Scooby-Doo's courageous nephew
He-Man's twin sister
The Ninja Turtle's sensei
Inspector Gadget's genius niece
He travels the world catching Pokemon
Ash Ketchum
Evil genius monkey and enemy of
the Powerpuff Girls
Mojo Jojo
Uses Acme products in an effort to
catch the Roadrunner
Wile E. Coyote
The richest duck in Duckburg
Scrooge McDuck
The Lion from Madagascar
Tried to steal Christmas
The Grinch
Main Rugrats character
Tommy Pickles
Frosted Flakes spokes-tiger
Tony the Tiger
Mufasa's heir
Hamburger ball from Aqua Teen
Fred Flintstone's wife
Wilma Flintstone
Band leader of the Pussy Cats
Here he comes to save the day
Mighty Mouse
Wide-eyed flapper girl
Betty Boop
Winnie-the-Pooh's tiger friend
Blue fish with a poor memory
who helps to find Nemo
Level 34
Aug 28, 2013
Great quiz. I loved the variety in characters. Def needs to be longer though.
Level 74
Aug 31, 2013
Or a series.
Level 27
Aug 31, 2013
Oh childhood you went to JetPunk.
Level 14
Jan 28, 2014
How does nobody know Darkwing Duck?

Best. Disney. Cartoon. Ever.

Level 40
Feb 19, 2016
couldn't agree more!
Level 63
Feb 20, 2016
Au contraire. Gargoyles.
Level 68
Aug 5, 2021
Along with DuckTales and TaleSpin
Level 82
Feb 16, 2016
Got everything except the Rugrats and Madagascar characters... not a fan of either.
Level 68
Feb 16, 2016
I was about to put Nicole Scherzinger for band leader of the pussy cats whoops haha :')
Level 90
Feb 16, 2016
That would be the Pussycat Dolls.
Level 67
Apr 7, 2022
I spent several seconds wondering why pussycat dolls were on this quiz!
Level 78
Feb 16, 2016
Thanks for accepting "cricket" for Jiminy Cricket, although perhaps this was a little bit too generous.

And it would be cool to accept "Sophie" for "Penny". I watched Insepctor Gadget through the French version, which is also the original, and she was called Sophie.

Level 65
Feb 16, 2016
tutudutudu Inspector Gadget, tutudutudu toot toot WOO WOO! I remember as kids how we would dream of having a digital book like Penny or such a cool watch. Little did we know back then...
Level 29
Feb 16, 2016
Mouse, cricket, and coyote are all answers. Enjoy your life.
Level 89
Mar 8, 2020
Are you lying? Kaufman should be a type-in for Mouse though.
Level 69
Oct 10, 2019
no idea about tony, tommy, josie, and meatwad, guess those never aired here. Also missed mojo jojo (a bit after my time, I have heard OF the powerpuff girls and know they are 3 colours but wouldnt be able to name them) she-ra (a bit before my time, again I know the name he-man and have a vague memory of a lionface, but that could be something else...) and alex, because well I just couldnt remember it :D
Level 84
Nov 14, 2019
Alex the Lion? They really went all out on that one.
Level 44
Aug 28, 2020
Level 81
Sep 17, 2023
Hamburger ball from Aqua Teen
Level 68
Aug 5, 2021
It saddens me how low 'Darkwing Duck' is.
Level 79
Aug 16, 2023
The animation style of Rugrats has always horrified me