Cartoon Characters #3

Based on the clue, name the cartoon character.
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Last updated: July 30, 2013
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Rocky's moose friend
Matricidal Family Guy character
Stewie Griffin
Lasagna-loving cat
Looney Tunes character
who whirls around in a dust devil
Deer whose mother was killed by a hunter
Can leap tall buildings in a single bound
WALL-E's girlfriend
For a long time, the only female Smurf
Alvin's bespectacled chipmunk brother
Andy Davis's toy cowboy
Balloon-like Pokemon
that evolves into Wigglytuff
The Jetsons' robot maid
"What's up, doc?"
Bugs Bunny
Bruce Wayne's alter ego
Snoopy's bird friend
Yogi's smaller companion
Boo Boo
Ferb's step-brother
Phineas Flynn
Kleptomaniac robot from Futurama
Short, nearly-blind old guy who is
oblivious to his surroundings
Mr. Magoo
Fixes the damage caused
by Wreck-It-Ralph
Fix-it Felix
Stimpy's friend
Ren Höek
Scratchy's tormentor
Wallace's claymated dog
Cheetos' mascot
Chester Cheetah
Level 59
Nov 1, 2013
Any chance you could add "Kent/Clark Kent/Kal-El" as acceptable answers for "Can leap tall buildings in a single bound"? Yes, I know it's pushing it, but he DOES have an alter ego after all.
Level 82
Nov 18, 2013
Did you remember Kal-El but forgot Superman?
Level 82
Apr 24, 2016
P.S. I accept Clark Kent and Kal-El on all of my quizzes...
Level 78
Nov 1, 2013
Warning: Bambi spoiler alert!
Level 32
Nov 2, 2013 that even english
Level 37
Nov 3, 2013
Yes - a person who wants to kill their own mother.
Level 54
Apr 25, 2016
Think about when you hear the word homicide you know that means murder. So any time you see -cide know it means death. You know that maternal means mother so you put those two together and you get matricide. If you commit homicide you kill a fellow hominid aka person and if you commit matricide you kill your mother.
Level 77
Nov 2, 2013
Are Pixar films really cartoons? Animated yes, but cartoons? Judges...??
Level 65
Nov 6, 2013
Does it matter?
Level 85
Apr 24, 2016
I would say so. I probably would have called Reboot a cartoon.
Level 90
Jan 22, 2015
Did anyone else try Hans Moleman from the Simpsons for the nearly blind clue?
Level 38
Jan 7, 2016
that I did haha...that I did
Level 89
Apr 24, 2016
Yes! As I scrolled through the comments, I couldn't believe more people hadn't mentioned this. I was certain it was going to be ol' Hans, and I couldn't believe it when "moleman" didn't disappear from the answer text box.
Level 64
Apr 24, 2016
Yep, the clue either needs to be more specific or Moleman should be an acceptable answer.
Level 70
Dec 2, 2019
Yes moleman fits this clue perfectly, tried it in various ways before giving up.

I wonder which is more known (internationally), personally I think I only heard of magoo once before and think that was on this site. (Only the name though, so non the wiser)

Level 74
Oct 12, 2015
Grommett, Grommet, Gromet, Grommitt, Grommit, but not Gromit... Ugh
Level 52
Jun 11, 2020
Same. I typed in so many different answers and had to give up because the actual one never popped into my mind. I thought I was crazy when I couldn't get it.
Level 70
Apr 24, 2016
Tons of cartoon characters can leap tall buildings in a single bound. I know you're supposed to get the reference, but if you don't (like me) you wouldn't know who to choose, and you wouldn't get why Sakura from Sakura Card Captor is wrong
Level 90
Apr 24, 2016
Well, since Superman has been around for almost 78 years and you tried typing in a character from an anime that I've never even heard of, I would get why Sakura is wrong.
Level 78
Apr 25, 2016
I wouldn't be surprised if at least in Japan and among the younger generation, Sakura is more known than Superman.

Anyway, and while perhaps the clue could be improved, it's fair play because it refers to the opening of the classic Superman TV show. "Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound --- 'Look, up in the sky,' 'It's a bird,' 'It's a plane,' 'It's Superman....' "

Level 56
Apr 26, 2016
I'd be okay with the clue if it had quotation marks around the actual words, like "able to leap tall buildings in a single bound." That would eliminate possibility of anyone who doesn't fit the intended answer.
Level 80
Sep 11, 2022
It's literally Superman's tagline. You didn't get the reference, thus got the question wrong...hence the point of these quizzes lol
Level 79
Aug 16, 2023
No, it's not "literally Superman's tagline." Nearly all of these clues refer to the larger work in which the characters appear while this one doesn't, so it's clearly not about "getting the reference."
Level 95
Apr 16, 2018
Thank you for accepting Rodriguez for

Bender "Bending" Rodriguez, it made me happy

Level 73
Oct 28, 2018
With some of the spelling liberties that are taken on this site, surprised and disappointed that Stuey isn't accepted for Stewie.
Level 43
Mar 3, 2022
"Short, nearly-blind old guy who is oblivious to his surroundings" - I think Hans Moleman should be accepted!
Level 78
Mar 3, 2023
Honestly I guessed that too