China Multiple Choice

Can you answers these multiple choice questions about the country of China?
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Last updated: February 3, 2020
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1. Which city is further north?
2. How does the land area of China compare to that of the United States?
China is more than 50% larger
The United States is more than 50% larger
They are similar in size
3. What city was formerly known as Canton?
4. Who has led China since 2012?
Cao Pi
Deng Xiaoping
Jiang Zemin
Xi Jinping
Term limits were abolished in 2018 meaning China is probably stuck with him for a good time longer
5. In Chinese, the country of China is represented by the characters: "中国". What is the literal meaning of these characters?
Heavenly State
Great Wall
Middle Kingdom
Yellow River
6. In Chinese history, what was the "queue"?
A hairstyle forced upon all Chinese men by their Manchu rulers
A series of exams taken by prospective bureaucrats
A system where people were required to give labor to the state
The building where the emperor's concubines lived
7. What are "bao"?
Chicken feet
Egg noodles
Pork skewers
Steamed dumplings
8. What major dam was opened on the Yangtze River in 2003?
Aswan Dam
Heaven's Gate
Three Gorges Dam
9. What company could be considered China's version of
Ali Baba
10. Which of these viruses did NOT start in China?
Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)
11. Which of the following was the result of Chairman Mao's "Great Leap Forward" (1958-1962)?
A large increase in industrial output
A period of higher standards of living and reduced censorship
The deadliest famine in human history (23–55 million deaths)
12. Which of these is NOT considered one of the four great inventions of ancient China?
13. Which dialect is most commonly spoken in Hong Kong?
Cantonese (Yue)
14. Which animal does NOT appear in the Chinese zodiac?
15. Which city is not near the coast?
Level 75
Feb 3, 2020
Somehow I got it in my head that paper was invented in Egypt - thinking about papyrus, I guess. I knew better at one time, but not today. I learned several new things from this one. (Which translates to, "I missed several.")
Level 82
Feb 3, 2020
I had no clue about bao, but thought about dim sum and ruled out dumplings ...
Level 67
Feb 4, 2020
I just thought of bapao (bakpau in english)
Level 75
Feb 4, 2020
That's exactly what I did
Level 45
Jan 7, 2021
It's called 包子(baozi).

Sometimes in English, they are called steamed buns.

Here's a picture:

Level 35
Apr 18, 2022
It should be called baozi, whereas bao would mean bag in a literal translation.
Level 55
Oct 7, 2023
I thought of the Pixar short Bao
Level 79
Feb 4, 2020
Got all but 'queue' - living in China helps!
Level 67
Feb 21, 2020
I used to live in China, up in Jilin province, and I got them all except the question about the Hong Kong dialect, which I read too quickly and thought was asking for the most common dialect across the whole country. Womp, womp.
Level 79
May 22, 2022
Now got all of them!
Level 46
Feb 21, 2020
It was fun quiz that taught me a lot I got 2 wrong and im Chinese so that was kind of sad
Level 37
Oct 8, 2023
me too. I am Chinese and got two wrong. HAHAHA
Level 67
Feb 21, 2020
Actually, Alibaba isn't the Chinese version of is. Aliexpress is owned by Alibaba, which is a much larger corporation, kind of similar to Aldi and Trader Joe's.
Level 71
Oct 9, 2023
Amazon the company is also much larger and does more things than the website
Level 82
Feb 21, 2020
woot. Easy 100%. Though I only got "queue" because I recall seeing it before on another quiz from this site.
Level 75
Oct 20, 2020
Fun quiz! Being chinese helps, but I learned the "queue" thing from another quiz
Level 68
Nov 19, 2020

The Hong Kong question might become outdated soon, although the popular figure is that 96% of people that live in Hong Kong speak Cantonese, I don't think that is remotely the case anymore. The language is sadly fading away, especially with the younger generation where it is not being taught anymore. By the time of the next census, I can safely say that there will be more Mandarin speakers in Hong Kong than Cantonese ones.

Source: Speaks Cantonese and lived in Hong Kong

Level 49
May 22, 2022
In the 2021 census the first language split was 88.2% Cantonese and 2.3% Mandarin. While the proportion using Mandarin as a first language will by definition increase with time, the speed at which Cantonese eventually gets eclipsed means the process will take decades rather than years.
Level 79
May 22, 2022
I don't believe this (Source: I know people from Hong Kong).
Level 47
Feb 13, 2021
me looking at the virus question: but...there are 2 correct answers :0
Level 53
May 2, 2021
For Q11, all 3 could be argued as true. Also Q7, Bao literally just means bread.
Level ∞
May 2, 2021
No, the Great Leap Forward did not result in higher standards of living or a large increase in industrial output.
Level 75
May 22, 2022
There's a real fixation on the Great Leap Forward and the famine it caused on this site. It was brutal and the number of deaths was enormous (although it seems to be growing by the year - disaster inflation!). I don't know that I can recall ever seeing anything about the series of late Victorian famines caused by British policy in Bengal - or the related disasters from earlier in the Victorian era due to the militarily-forced export of opium (grown in Bengal) in China, which contributed heavily to the decline of the Qing Empire. I guess one famine was caused by Communists? Kind of reminds me of Madeleine Albright saying that half-a-million dead Iraqi children was a price she was willing to pay to keep sanctions in place. Some tragedies and atrocities are worth more than others.
Level ∞
Aug 18, 2023
You can see the Great Leap Forward on a chart of world population. It killed up to 10 times as many people as the Holocaust. It happened less than 70 years ago. And yet most Westerners remain completely ignorant of it.

It's puzzling that people don't seem to ever talk about it.

Level 24
May 22, 2022
- 🤓
Level 34
Aug 25, 2022
Perhaps the famine could be talked about with less colloquial-ness but I don't disagree with them. It is true that nearly every non-geographical quiz about China includes terrible events in its history, almost never mentioning the positives. How many other countries with quizzes on this site face the same issue? China is infamous for nothing but the Great Leap Forward, Tiananmen Square, Mao Zedong, communism, etc. on this site. In its insanely long history, I doubt there is nothing else to celebrate (aside from Confucius and Laozi)...
Level 72
Nov 13, 2021
I really enjoyed this quiz, thank you.
Level 35
May 23, 2022
I did ok, because I lived at China. I only got a few wrong (translate: I did terrible) :)
Level 27
Jan 22, 2023
Chinese. Got all but queue — I know that hairstyle but I don't know it's called queue in English. We call it 金钱鼠尾 (literally gold money mouse tail) or just simply braid.
Level 67
Oct 6, 2023
A bao and a dumpling are not the same thing.