Cities that End in I by Clue

Based on the clue, can you guess these cities whose names end in the letter i?
Quiz idea: JackintheBox
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Last updated: February 27, 2019
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The financial capital of China
The center of India's film industry
The world's second most northernly capital city, after Reykjavik
City in Libya where the U.S. embassy was attacked in 2012
This African capital city has the same name as the country it is capital of
By most accounts, the most polluted city in the world
The two largest cities in the United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi
American city that was the center of cocaine importation in the 1980s
The most populous city in Pakistan
Despite being a national capital, only 16 embassies are located in this east Asian city
The second city to be struck by an atomic bomb
Mexican city on the U.S. border; its northern neighbor is named Calexico
Jane Fonda visited this city in 1972, the capital of a country that the U.S. was at war with
Indian city of 11 million people formerly known as Madras
The capital and largest city in Kenya
Capital of the country of Georgia
The largest city on the island of Sardinia
This Russian resort city hosted the 2014 Winter Olympics
Major city on the Ohio river
Level 84
Feb 27, 2019
Hi! The question that involves "Madras" can be ansnwered with "Madras". I think it shouldn't
Level ∞
Feb 27, 2019
Removed the automatic type-in. How did you even figure that out?
Level 76
Mar 1, 2019
Going for "Madrasi" maybe
Level 78
Jul 19, 2021
When a geography quiz features a question about a place that has multiple names, if there's one mentioned in the clue itself, I always try typing that in, just to see whether the automatic type-in has been disabled. :-)
Level 77
Feb 27, 2019
Nice! I got Miami by guessing, but I learnt something new about it.
Level 82
May 21, 2019
82% got Sochi but only 54% got Cincinnati?
Level 59
May 21, 2019
Not very surprising. Sochi hosted the Winter Olympics a few years ago, so it is pretty famous in the world. On the other hand, Cincinnati is very obscure outside of the US, and nothing really important has happened there recently.
Level 56
Jul 22, 2022
I don't think I ever heard of Cincinatti except a few years ago with the whole Harambe thing. It was there wasn't it
Level 67
May 16, 2023
Honestly, have no clue.
Level 45
May 1, 2023
I only got Cincinnati because of the Cincinnati Open (if you couldn't tell already it is a tennis open)
Level 81
Jul 12, 2023
Well, I live in Cincinnati and stared at that one for an embarrassingly long period before realizing the answer.


Level 79
May 22, 2019
My quiz here tries to include major cities that start with every letter of the alphabet :):)
Level 79
May 22, 2019
Could someone please teach me how to 'link' to another URL in a comment? Thanks :)
Level 92
Jul 15, 2021
You're looking for an anchor (a) html tag. < a href="">text that gets clicked on< /a>

Remove the spaces immediately after the <'s.

Level 72
May 24, 2019
if Mexicali followed the same naming convention as Calexico, it would be Mexifornia. which is what I tried before remembering that it was supposed to end in an "I".
Level 28
Jul 15, 2021
Why did I think Taipei didn't end in an I... I went over it mentally and didn't even bother trying it.
Level 69
May 16, 2023
Because it can be written as Taipeh as well
Level 69
Jul 15, 2021
American city can be any city in the Americas. People and things from USA should have another gentilic.
Level 75
May 17, 2023
This clue would definitely be better if it began, "US city that was..."

Colombian cities (like Cali...) were awash before US cities got their cut.

Level 73
Jul 15, 2021
Typed “Caligari” three times and couldn’t figure out why it would take it…
Level 69
Jul 17, 2021
The only Libyan city with a US embassy is Tripoli.

The clue should say "consulate" to be accurate.

Level 78
Oct 8, 2021
Or American diplomatic compound.