Cities that End in S by Clue

Based on the clue, can you guess these cities whose names end in the letter S?
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Last updated: March 3, 2019
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First submittedMarch 2, 2019
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Known as "The City of Lights"
Will host the Summer Olympics for the third time in 2028
Los Angeles
The most populous city in South America that is not in Brazil
Buenos Aires
Where Plato founded the Academy in 387 B.C.
Often considered to be the capital of the European Union
Near the location of ancient Carthage
City where many Americans go to get a quick wedding (or divorce)
Las Vegas
With St. Paul, it is one half of the "Twin Cities"
This city in the Levant was the capital of the Arab world from 661–750
Megacity in West Africa with more than 20 million people
Where you can walk on Beale Street and visit the grave of Elvis
The French city that is closest to England
This city's Bourbon Street is a center of public intoxication
New Orleans
The largest city from which Mount Vesuvius is visible
The capital of Venezuela
The largest city on the Barbary Coast, it was a center of piracy and slavery until the 1800s
This city in Yorkshire is the UK's second largest financial center
This city's most famous event was filmed by Abraham Zapruder on November 22, 1963
City on the Riviera with a famous film festival
The capital of Lithuania
Level 91
Mar 2, 2019
Great quiz, thank you.
Level 77
Mar 2, 2019
By coincidence has exactly the same question as one of the general knowledge quizzes reset today. That French city closest to England sure is popular.
Level 78
Mar 2, 2019
Aw man, no Indianapolis? ( ‾ʖ̫‾)
Level 37
May 4, 2019
I thought that Reno, Nevada was the divorce site and Las Vegas the gambling mecca.
Level 82
Jul 20, 2019
Las Vegas is also famous for its many quick service (even some drive-through) wedding chapels. Reno is also a place for gambling- it's sort of like Las Vegas but much smaller.
Level 75
Aug 29, 2019
It's the "biggest little city in the world".
Level 69
Aug 27, 2019
Got algiers, but not caracas, not great on capitals.. (but really south america should stick one of these days, I only remember half of them..)
Level 59
Aug 29, 2019
I think Gambling capital or Entertainment city or even Sin city is a better clue for Las Vegas
Level 67
Aug 29, 2019
Do people not know about Vegas wedding chapels? They're ubiquitous in pop culture.
Level 71
Sep 5, 2019
Yeah, because 93% and 2nd most-guessed answer is not enough...
Level 86
Aug 29, 2019
im surprised that i got dallas knowing very little about dates. i had the feeling that it was jfk so i said dallas and it worked
Level 61
Aug 30, 2019
Leeds?? Is it?
Level 50
Aug 30, 2019
It is one of them, along with Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Bristol and Birmingham. It depends on which part of finance you are talking about.
Level 64
Jul 23, 2022
I seriously doubt this one. Only guessed it because there aren't many cities in Yorkshire that end in S.
Level 78
Apr 1, 2021
The clue about the largest city in South America is only correct if you're talking about the metropol region, otherwise Lima would be bigger and not in Brazil (but not ending in s...).
Level 54
Jul 24, 2022
Buenos Aires' metro area is still larger than Lima.
Level 78
Jul 21, 2022
I don’t know who the cameraman was, but I’m pretty sure the most famous thing that happened in that city was someone getting shot who went by initials beginning with J. Now, he might’ve been a conniving oil tycoon who schemed his way to the top and stepped on the little people around him, but his shooting had hundreds of millions of people gripped in suspense for months in 1980!
Level 46
Jul 21, 2022
Those were the days - when everyone watched the same TV program and you could discuss it with anyone.

We were students so it was a great way of procrastinating.

Forgotten who did shoot him. Must have lost interest between seasons.

Level 78
Jul 21, 2022
I believe it was Bing Crosby’s daughter.
Level 72
Jul 21, 2022
Never would have gotten Naples, as I think of it as Napoli lol
Level 58
May 16, 2023
I mean napoli works...
Level 59
Jun 18, 2024
So many cities that don't end in s in my language, so it's sometimes difficult to remember them...
Level 67
Jun 20, 2024
Just missed Calais