NCAA Football Team Name Vocabulary

All the answers are college team names. Guess the name, based on the definition.
All answers are PLURAL, even if definitions are singular
Bowl Subdivision only
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Last updated: February 22, 2017
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Team Name
Sled dogs
Texas cattle breed
Tropical storms in the North Atlantic
Generic low-pressure spinning storms
Mountain lions
Type of small, edible turtle
People who deface property
Cadets in a Naval academy
Revolutionary War militiamen ready
to fight on short notice
Team Name
Short for "agricultural college"
Citizens of Troy
Feral pigs of North America
Craftsmen who weld steel pipes and boilers
Fighting roosters
Old-fashioned term for brown bears
Buckin' horses
Feral horses of the American West
Speedy land birds of the desert
People who claimed land before the
land rush officially started
Level 78
Dec 10, 2013
Huh...i always thought that sooners were the actual wagons that were used. Not the people. Learned something new i guess.
Level 47
Jul 30, 2014
Those are Schooners
Level 70
Jan 15, 2020
Those are boats..
Level 81
Aug 12, 2021
Prairie schooner...
Level 80
Jun 11, 2015
Fun! I missed commodores and cyclones, and tried rebels for vandals.
Level 45
Mar 24, 2017
How about Nittany Lions for 'mountain lions?' That is Penn State's mascot and they are definitely FBS (Big Ten Conference). Nittany is one of the two mountains that State College is located next to, so that's where the name comes from.
Level 75
Apr 30, 2017
I second this. The name originated from Mt, Nittany Lions - allegedly from a student manager in early 1900s
Level 69
Aug 24, 2019
But that’s not the real name of the animal. A “Nittany” lion is just a made-up term for an eastern mountain lion, a subspecies (probably maybe) of mountain lions out West.
Level 26
Apr 16, 2024
A nittany lion is a real animal
Level 95
Oct 9, 2017
Should probably also take catamounts (UVM) as well as cougars
Level 75
Oct 11, 2017
UVM doesn't even have a football team...
Level 51
Oct 9, 2017
Go Bruins!
Level 75
Oct 9, 2017
I thought all turtles were edible. I got the answer, but the definition didn't seem specific to me. Fun quiz!
Level 48
Oct 10, 2017
I mean... I thought the same thing. If I want to eat that turtle, I figure I can find a way. Pretty neat quiz, though.
Level 77
Sep 7, 2018
Go Terps!
Level 91
Oct 9, 2017
As someone who has lived their entire life in Texas and the wife of a fighting farmer. I have to have to call out your definition for what someone from College Station/Las Cruces etc. is. I think "Slang for someone who farms or ranches" would be better. Your definition describes the institution which would be an "Ag" or "Ag School".
Level 51
Oct 9, 2017
Nice that you included both Broncos and Vandals!
Level 89
Oct 9, 2017
Too bad ISU isn't Bowl Subdivision, or QM could have included Bengals as well. Poor Poky :(
Level 82
Oct 9, 2017
Only missed bruins and boilermakers but probably haven't heard of half these teams.
Level 28
Oct 11, 2017
Level 92
Jan 9, 2018
I suggest making "Thundering Herd" an acceptable answer for the clue "Bison" :)
Level 61
Jan 24, 2018
Not so sure you can count that, there are many animals considered herds. Marshall just uses buffaloes as their mascot. But the name could reference to any animal that form herds. Examples; elephants, horses, sheep etc.
Level 92
Aug 29, 2018
There's only one college team named Thundering Herd, and they are referring to bison.
Level 74
May 7, 2021
Idaho isn't in the FBS anymore, and if you're going to include FCS teams then there are multiple other type-ins that need to be added.
Level 61
Oct 20, 2023
This needs an update