American Commercial Jingles

Based on the jingle, name the brand being advertised.
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Last updated: December 2, 2019
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First submittedMay 22, 2013
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Five. Five-dollar. Five-dollar footlong
Double your pleasure
Doublemint Gum
Break me off a piece of that ___ ___ bar
Kit Kat
I'd love to be an _____ _____ wiener
Oscar Mayer
I don't want to grow up, I'm a ____ _ __ kid
Toys "R" Us
I want my baby back, baby baby, baby back ribs
Ba da ba ba ba – I'm lovin' it
Meow meow meow meow
Meow Mix
Like a rock
What would you do-oo-oo for a ________ bar
Like a good neighbor, _____ ____ is there
State Farm
The best part of waking up, is _______ in your cup
We are _______. Bum ba dum bum bum bum bum
____-_-____ the San Francisco treat
Fresh goes better with ______, fresh and full of life
I'd like to teach the world to sing
__________ is on your side
Here comes the king
Level 77
Jul 12, 2013
Here comes the king? Is that an old one? I'm not a beer drinker, but I'm a TV watcher and I haven't heard of that one.
Level 44
Jul 12, 2013
I got it from the 80's. The old commercials with the big huge horses pulling the wagon.
Level 85
Aug 3, 2015
Also, it's an abbreviated part of the actual first line of the jingle, which was "Here comes the king, here comes the big number one..."
Level 59
Jul 12, 2013
When I saw the Kit Kat one, I immediately thought of The Office episode where Andy couldn't remember the product that fit that jingle and spent all day trying to remember it after Jim told everyone not to help him. It made me giggle. Then the exact same thing happened to me - I couldn't remember "Nationwide" but I could hear the rest of the little song!! Annoying LOL
Level 68
Jul 12, 2013
Little known fact: Barry Manilow wrote the State Farm jingle.
Level 84
Oct 12, 2017
And the McDonald's jingle. ("You deserve a break today...")

And the Pepsi jingle. ("Feelin' Free")

And the Kentucky Fried Chicken jingle. ("Get a bucket of chicken...")

Level 78
Jul 13, 2013
"Chevy" is short for "Chevrolet" - please allow the actual name of the company to work as an answer, the nickname is fine, but "Chevy" is not the name of the brand.
Level ∞
Jul 17, 2013
Chevrolet will work now. Thanks.
Level 95
Nov 7, 2018
I couldn't get past GM/General Motors on that one for the longest time, then I remembered at the last second
Level 63
Jul 14, 2013
Anyone feel like they just watched an episode of the Price is Right?
Level 36
Aug 26, 2013
Got 15 / 18. Do not remember having ever seen the particular budweiser, chilis or coca cola commercials being described in the clues of this quiz. For a moment i thought the clue given for chilis was for the austin powers character : fat bastard. Lol. Oh well.
Level 48
May 7, 2014
Were you born in the 80s, too? I never saw them either. I knew the Coke one because Dave Barry wrote about it.
Level 89
Feb 7, 2020
The turds in the band Oasis would have you believe it's their song, 20+ years after the commercial. I would assume everyone's seen that every Christmas.
Level 84
May 2, 2014
17/18. Could not for the life of me figure out how to do a backwards 'R'.
Level 70
May 15, 2016
I typed Kit Kat, yet it didn't accept. I spelled it correctly, spaced correctly yet it didn't work.
Level 85
Jul 10, 2016
I could here Peyton Manning sing "Chicken Parm, you taste so good" but I couldn't remember the blasted insurance company he was advertising.
Level 86
Feb 7, 2019
RIP Toys R Us.
Level 74
Apr 3, 2021
Level 79
Jan 6, 2024
Break me off a piece of that Fancy Feast!!
Level 24
May 21, 2024
how are you going to make a quiz about commercial jingles and not include empire today or j.g Wentworth