Countries by Clue #4

Based on the clues, guess the selected country!
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Last updated: September 7, 2018
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First submittedSeptember 8, 2012
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Polders, Windmills, Wooden Shoes
Pączki, Solidarity, Vistula River
Galápagos, Chimborazo, Guayaquil
Balkans, Tirana, Double-Headed Eagle Flag
Arab Spring, Carthage, Barbary Pirates
Mount Wilhelm, Most Languages,
Papua New
Patagonia, Lionel Messi, Yerba Mate
Busiest Port, Caning, Tiger Economy
Dense Population, Bengal Tiger,
East Pakistan
Central America, Barrier Reef,
English Speaking
Darfur, Nubia, Pyramids
Formosa, Kuomintang, HTC
Grand Prix, Casino, Riviera
al-Assad, Aleppo, Levant
Queen Rania, Petra, Mansaf
Arenal Volcano, No Military,
Happy Planet #1
Costa Rica
Siam, Chiang Mai, Kickboxing
Baltic, Skype, Internet Voting
Cedars, Levant, Hezbollah
Marrakesh, Atlas Mountains,
Strait of Gibraltar
Level 31
Dec 3, 2012
Great quiz, make more if possible like this!
Level 32
Feb 11, 2013
I got them all with 2:41 to spare.
Level 24
Feb 11, 2013
so effin' easy!! 20/20 first try with 2:44 left
Level 41
Feb 12, 2013
Can you make PNG acceptable for Papua New Guinea?
Level ∞
Apr 3, 2015
Level 33
Feb 12, 2013
LOVE this quiz! Tough. I like the tough ones!
Level 29
Aug 30, 2015
only missed netherlands and costa rica
Level 82
Nov 16, 2015
Pretty easy. Only one I was stuck on for a while was Costa Rica.
Level 66
Sep 20, 2018
I took this quiz twice, and missed Monaco the first time. got 100% the second time though.
Level 67
Nov 16, 2015
Marrakech is spelled wrong :/
Level 71
Nov 16, 2015
It should really be spelt مراكش but as it is westernised into English it is pronounced either Marrakesh or Marrakech, both are as good.‎
Level 43
Mar 31, 2016
Got 18/20. Missed Jordan and Costa Rica...
Level 61
Aug 11, 2016
Some of these hints are ridiculously easy, like the ones for Syria, Singapore, Bangladesh, etc, but others are extremely difficult... I missed Papua New Guinea, Taiwan (although I only missed that because I was only thinking of fully recognized countries), and Costa Rica.
Level 68
Nov 24, 2016
Papua New Guinea and Taiwan seemed so obvious to me.... but it took me a few random guesses to get Singapore, I had never heard of any of the items on its list in relation to that country before. Missed Costa Rica too, and would have missed Poland if it hadn't been for the a in Paczki. The rest were super super easy
Level 67
Jan 18, 2024
Bird of Paradise is on PNG's flag
Level 66
Feb 3, 2017
Ok... what's with Estonia and Skype? Am I the only one not to know? It was also on the Europe countries by clue, and I only got it then by guessing.
Level 69
Jun 17, 2017
Skype is an estonian company - I was shocked too!
Level 54
Aug 23, 2018
Accept Republic of China and ROC for "Taiwan". There is no country on Earth that calls itself "Taiwan".
Level 77
Sep 20, 2018
Of course not. There has only ever been one country on Earth that can be called that, and is - by everyone else.
Level 65
Sep 20, 2018
tough but fair! more please
Level 34
Sep 20, 2018
so glad u added lebanon <3
Level 67
May 25, 2019
One of the toughest ones so far for me, (besides ones I dont take like players of certain sports) even after seeing the answers, many still didnt click, and some I only got by process of elimination, like there are only so many baltic states..
Level 67
Mar 10, 2020
got em all but costa rica this time. No idea what they mean by happy planet.
Level 67
Mar 10, 2020
Edit: ps jetpunk makes you smarter. Well... in some ways not in others.. you seem to forget/ignore when your bedtime is and well other rather necesarry things.

Soon I wont only know all the capitals and all the subdivions and districts and everything there is to learn from this site, but I will have forgotten what my family looks like and what their names are haha

Level 64
Sep 5, 2021
Please could someone explain caning as a clue for Singapore?
Level 75
Feb 20, 2024
Corporal punishment.
Level 14
Sep 13, 2021
Loved it. Can you make another one
Level 67
Dec 29, 2021
Just missed Costa Rica
Level 65
Oct 9, 2022
Interesting thank you

always wondered where Carthage was

(history teacher) American