Dexter Trivia

Answer these relatively easy questions about Dexter.
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Last updated: December 4, 2019
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What is Dexter's last name?
What TV channel did the show originally appear on?
What actor starred as Dexter?
Michael C. Hall
What is the name of Dexter's sister?
In what city does the show take place?
Who did Dexter battle in season one?
Ice Truck Killer
Who did Dexter battle in season four?
Trinity Killer
What famous actor played the above villain?
John Lithgow
Who did Dexter battle in season six?
Doomsday Killer
What is Dexter's job?
Blood Spatter Analyst
What is the name of Dexter's boat?
Slice of Life
Where does Dexter store his blood slides?
Air Conditioner
What was the name of Dexter's wife?
In season 5, what actress stars as Lumen, Dexter's "apprentice"?
Julia Stiles
What police detective catches Dexter in season two?
James Doakes
What does Dexter call his urge to kill?
Dark Passenger
What is Dexter's serial killer nickname?
Bay Harbor Butcher
What was the name of his adoptive father?
What is the name of his son?
What was the name of the first Dexter novel?
Darkly Dreaming Dexter
To which country do Dexter and Hannah plan to escape?
Level ∞
Mar 29, 2014
Updated the quiz through the final season, trying not to give too much away.
Level 84
Apr 7, 2014
Which of these questions are new and/or about the final season? Argentina? I think they were talking about that even before (very disappointing) season 8.

Watching Breaking Bad right now. It's good, but I don't understand how anyone could call it the best TV series ever in a world where Dexter exists. Not nearly as good as Dexter was, up through the first 7 seasons anyway.

Level 89
Apr 7, 2014
If Dexter had limited its run to 5 seasons and found a way to wrap up every story line satisfactorily, you might be able to at least argue the point. But given the way both shows ended, you'd be hard pressed to find 10% of the people who've watched the entire run of both shows who'd agree with you.
Level 84
Apr 8, 2014
10%? I can't possibly see how that could be possible. Dexter even through season 8 had much stronger characters, much more interesting and thought out plotting, much smarter writing.

I have not seen season 5 of Breaking Bad yet. I know it won some awards. The premise sounds absurd after the finale of season 4. But I'll watch it. The first 4 seasons, though, don't hold a candle to Dexter seasons 1 and 2. Or seasons 7, 4, or 3 for that matter. Season 5 of BB will really have to blow my socks off if it's going to change my opinion.

Level 84
Apr 11, 2014
I did a bit of poking around on the internet and found several polls concerning Dexter vs. Breaking Bad. I concede you are almost right on the percentage, hard as it is to believe. Breaking Bad was leading in every poll I found, getting somewhere between 70% and 92% of the votes. I don't understand how. There must be some quality of the show that I cannot process. The same thing that is in other crime and mafia dramas that get people all worked up, like The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire, or even the Godfather. I never understood the appeal.

I'll accept Dexter was less consistent. If I had to rank every season of both series, I'd put them like this:

1. Dexter S2

2. Dexter S1

3. Dexter S7

4. Dexter S4

5. BB S1

6. Dexter S5

7. Dexter S3

8. BB S2

9. Dexter S6

10. BB S3

11. BB S4

12. BB S5

13. Dexter S8

So, BB started fairly good and slowly but steadily declined while Dexter started amazing, jumped around a lot, and finished weak. IM

Level 26
Apr 13, 2014
I'm with Bahamut, Dexter is superior to Breaking Bad. I enjoyed both but Dexter had me far more entertained. Also, theme tune.
Level 84
Apr 14, 2014
Thanks for backing me up Nero. I actually preferred the conclusion of Dexter over the last ep of Breaking Bad with its incredibly silly MacGuyver-esque automated car gun. And the unnecessary bit with the laser pointers. Together that might have been dumber than Gus walking out of a bomb blast calm and fully upright though the flesh on half his body had been blown clean off his bones as if he was Wile E. Coyote.

well, whatever. I did enjoy both shows. Still think Dexter was much better. To each his own.

Level 84
May 11, 2018
Nobody cares, but, years later, after rewatching both shows multiple times, I've decided that Breaking Bad holds up better.
Level ∞
Dec 4, 2019
I care kalbahamut. :)
Level 57
Apr 8, 2014
You are the first Dexter fan I've heard that thinks Dexter season 8 has stronger characters that BB. Season 8 ranks as one of the most poorly written and idiotic series of TV I've ever seen, it completely destroyed the motivations and development the characters went through in season 7 in favour of a plotline with a lot of potential but absolutely no good ideas to go with it, it played out like bad fanfiction.
Level 84
Apr 9, 2014
I said "through season 8," meaning the entire series as a whole. I'll concede season 8 was disappointing, but I have also started watching BB season 5 now and, as suspected, the way they got Walt and Jesse to start cooking again was the most hackneyed so far. The series gets less and less credible as it stretches on because it all revolves around one very improbable situation and very improbable relationship, and in order to keep that going, they have to keep forcing the characters to make increasingly illogical choices. Once characters in a drama series start making choices that make no sense at all you lose the ability to sympathize with them and when that happens you stop caring what happens to them, and the dramatic tension is lost. It seems like with BB since season 1 they have just been making it up as they go along. Dexter suffered a bit from that in the later seasons but BB is already there. As a whole I'd say Dex wins, and if you look at only seasons 1-5, there's no contest.
Level 34
Apr 7, 2014
Please accept air conditioning or maybe even air con
Level 84
Apr 7, 2014
Or just AC. Though I got the right answer.
Level 36
Apr 7, 2014
...or air vent or air duct. Tried both of those but not ac.
Level ∞
Apr 7, 2014
Added air conditioning and AC as acceptable answers.
Level 84
Apr 8, 2014
This same discussion was on this quiz before the comments were wiped, but a wall-mounted AC unit is definitely not the same thing as an air duct, which you are more likely to see in a building with central air.
Level 56
May 8, 2014
The blood slide question can also be interpreted as the rosewood box he keeps them in.
Level 82
Jun 3, 2014
1/23. 'Relatively easy' to some, perhaps..
Level 33
Mar 21, 2015
8/21 never watched the show :P