Family Guy Characters

Can you name these characters from the TV show "Family Guy".
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Last updated: December 8, 2019
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First submittedDecember 31, 2012
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Griffin family
Neighbor / sex addict
Neighbor / cop
Wife of ^
Former neighbor who had
his own show
Ex-wife of ^
Jewish pharmacy owner
Son of ^
Neighborhood pedophile
Wealthy father-in-law
Carter Pewterschmidt
Adam West
News anchor
Tom Tucker
News anchor #2 (until season 9)
Diane Simmons
Asian reporter
Tricia Takanawa
Ollie Williams
Toy company boss
Mr. Weed
Brewery boss
Mentally-challenged brewery worker
Most popular girl in school
Connie D'Amico
Sailor with peglegs and peg arms
Animal that lives in the closet
Evil monkey
Flamboyant dog cousin
Level 19
Dec 28, 2012
Who the heck would not forget Peter when he makes Family Guy funny! :)
Level 19
Dec 28, 2012
There should be more ways to spell Seamus.. I never would have tried to spell it that way.. I tried Shaymess.. Shaymuss.. Cause it certainly isn't pronounced as it is spelled.
Level 52
Aug 6, 2013
Yeah well it's spelt Seamus, why would you change it to them?
Level 76
Feb 20, 2015
Many, many Irish names aren't spelled as one would think. Niamh for example is pronounced, Neave (as in leave) and Siobhan is pronounced Shivaugn. Both of those are obviously girls names, but Sean is spelled as such, rather than Shaun as in other cases and Eoin is an Irish name which is pronounced very similarly to Owen.
Level 73
Feb 29, 2016
There was an irish girl that worked at my office briefly name Aoife. and it's pronounced like ee fa
Level 31
Dec 28, 2012
You should accept Ironbox for Brewery Boss. That's her last name.
Level 27
Dec 28, 2012
Since when is Joe a former cop?
Level 37
Dec 28, 2012
That's how Joe was paralyzed - while on duty chasing a perp (the Grinch, if I'm not mistaken). He still sometimes does police work - remember when Brian was a drug-sniffing dog?
Level 25
Dec 29, 2012
They reference the fact that he's a former cop pretty regularly.
Level 27
Dec 31, 2012
He IS STILL a cop. That is what I want corrected (for example, watch the very last episode of season 10)
Level 20
Mar 26, 2013
That's what I thought. He still IS a cop, just a paraplegic.
Level ∞
Aug 19, 2013
Level 35
Aug 18, 2013
Ahh I only put Herb instead of Herbet.. nuts
Level 18
Jan 5, 2015
Remember it like this, Herbert the pervert
Level 36
Aug 26, 2013
Got all but three : mr. Herbert, seamus and opie (who i kept thinking for some reason was called toby)...Oh well. Liked the quiz though.
Level 20
Jan 16, 2014
i didn't get peter until I looked at the comments
Level 26
Feb 22, 2014
How is that even possible?
Level 84
May 21, 2014
Whoops. Cleveland no longer has his own show.
Level ∞
Apr 25, 2015
Okay, I updated that
Level 48
May 22, 2014
I'm disappointed that nobody remembers Jasper.
Level 16
May 18, 2017
I remembered him, it's just been so long since he was in the show that I forgot his name
Level 6
Jun 2, 2015
should be more detailed when explaining neighborhood pedophile.
Level 73
Dec 29, 2015
why does this need to be more detailed? There is only one in the show and it's as plain as can be.
Level 44
Aug 8, 2015
Where's Rupert?
Level 73
Dec 29, 2015
No Bertram? The arch enemy from Loi's womb? He is featured in at 3 episodes. Emission Impossible, Sibling Rivalry and The Big Bang Theory episodes
Level 47
Jul 4, 2016
You should accept Nigel for Mr. Weed
Level 77
Sep 3, 2016
There's a typo in the instructions, but nobody reads those anyway.
Level 36
Oct 13, 2017
Got 27 / 28....giggity giggity.
Level 71
Feb 14, 2018
You should change Cleveland's status from former neighbour to current neighbour.
Level 39
Feb 19, 2018
Anyone beat 100 with 4:08 left?
Level 89
Mar 29, 2018
Maybe add some: Rupert, Dr Hartman, Ernie the giant Chicken, James Woods, Barbara Pewterschmidt, Kevin Swanson, Greased up deaf guy, Angela, Jake Tucker, Jesus, Buzz Kilington, Mickey McFinnegan, Bruce.
Level 77
May 14, 2018
I thought the brewery boss was Pawtucket Pat
Level 79
Feb 26, 2020
Maybe this is stupid since I got it right anyway, but could you accept Bryan as a type in for Brian?
Level 90
Jul 4, 2020
Fun fact: Mike Henry, the voice of Cleveland, went to the same grade school as my dad. They were both in the same class.
Level 75
Oct 27, 2021
Check this:

Level 52
Jun 29, 2022
Adam west is no longer the mayor
Level 56
Oct 31, 2022
I typed Jonathan for Mr. Weed. It should count tbh.