Famous Alliances

Based on the descriptions and certain members, name these famous alliances.
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Last updated: December 2, 2019
First submittedNovember 6, 2012
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Selected Members
First-world military alliance
USA, UK, France
Communist version of the above
USSR, East Germany
Warsaw Pact
Three nation free-trade agreement
USA, Canada, Mexico
Alliance of oil-exporters
Saudi Arabia, Venezuela
DC superhero team
Superman, Batman
Justice League
Marvel superhero team
Iron Man, Thor
The Avengers
WWII alliance
Germany, Italy, Japan
Axis Powers
WWII alliance
WWI alliance
Germany, Ottoman Empire
Central Powers
Airline partnership
United, Lufthansa, Air Canada
Star Alliance
Afghanistan rebels
Tajiks, Pashtuns
Northern Alliance
Star Wars resistance
Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker
Rebel Alliance
Northern Europe merchant towns
Lübeck, Danzig
Hanseatic League
Currency and political union
France, Germany, Belgium
European Union
Agreement between France and Britain
UK, France
Entente cordiale
Record companies that sue people
Sony, Warner
Harry Potter bad guys
Voldemort, Bellatrix Lestrange
Harry Potter good guys
Albus Dumbledore, Sirius Black
Order of the Phoenix
Middle Earth heroes
Frodo, Gandalf, Legolas
Fellowship of the Ring
Iraq intervenors
USA, UK, Poland
Coalition of the Willing
Level 58
Dec 22, 2012
Sorry to say I knew more of the fictional alliances than the real ones- that's really bad!
Level 26
Dec 22, 2012
only 40% of people knew "Deatheaters"? That's just sad..
Level 67
Nov 26, 2014
Harry Potter is garbage.
Level 67
Sep 29, 2015
Almost a year later I still contend that Harry Potter is garbage. Also, 17/20 missing Harry Potter (lol), UK/France Agreement, and Afghan questions.
Level 67
Oct 5, 2019
If you dont like it sure, not everybody likes everything. But calling it garbage says more about you as a person than about the movies. (And that is coming from a non harry potter fan, I've seen a few and it is entertaining but that is it, I would fail every quiz about it besides the questions you would even have heard of if you have never seen or read anything from it.)

Of all the movies/books that have ever been produced in the world, there are millions that are worse. So it is a rather childish statement, (maybe made by a teenager who wants to feel macho? and thinks liking it is dumb?)

Level 84
Jan 19, 2016
No, it's not sad. No, it's not garbage.
Level 73
Dec 22, 2012
I love your description for the RIAA.
Level 32
Dec 23, 2012
I didn't know RIAA - though they sound very evil ;)
Level 62
Dec 23, 2012
They are.
Level 40
Jan 1, 2013
For NAFTA I think you should accept "North American". After all, you've already given us the FTA bit.
Level 14
Nov 1, 2013
OPEC! U ugh.
Level 83
Sep 20, 2015
Iraq "intervenors" is a strange way of saying invaders
Level 87
Aug 2, 2018
Coalition of the Willing became an even bigger joke when they wouldn't allow people to leave the military years after their enlistments were up, including National Guardsmen.
Level 49
Sep 3, 2016
"Tripartite" powers should be the correct term(or at least an accepted answer) for Germany, Italy and Japan. An axis cannot have more than two ends.
Level 80
Jun 15, 2017
It's asking for the actual name used, not for mathematically correct description.
Level 67
Oct 5, 2019
who said they were all at different ends? an axis has an infinite amount of points
Level 37
Apr 26, 2018
Can't come up with enough real questions so we have to resort to fictional ones?
Level 67
Oct 5, 2019
So fiction is inferior to reality?
Level 65
Dec 15, 2021
Of course it is
Level 48
Sep 29, 2018
Dammit, I was writing 'centre' not 'central'
Level 84
Mar 24, 2019
I like having fictional answers included on the quiz, but two from Harry Potter seems like a bit much (and I'm a Harry Potter fan). Maybe swap the Death Eaters for the Federation from Star Trek, or something similar?
Level 67
Oct 5, 2019
I think there are indeed plenty of movies with alliances.
Level 79
Jan 27, 2021
Non-Alligned Movement would make an interesting addition to this quiz. Despite its name, it was pretty obviously an alliance...
Level 73
Jul 30, 2021
The word "alligned" is not related to "alliance".
Level 79
Nov 19, 2021
It is not, but the point is it was an alliance, despite the fact it was defined as the alliance of the countries not belonging to the other two alliances.
Level 72
Jan 30, 2021
NATO in World War 1 ?
Level 77
Nov 26, 2021
First-world, not First World War.
Level 85
Jan 31, 2021
The NAFTA answer is no longer current. The accord was revised and renamed USMCA in 2020. The quiz should either be amended to accept the new answer, or to specify the time period of the old accord.
Level 73
Nov 18, 2021
Coalition of the willing is it? You forgot Australia. Also those mighty military allies in Palau, Mongolia, Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Albania, Costa Rica and the Solomon Islands to name but a few. The populations of ALL these countries were strongly opposed to military action, and most of them possessed no real military strength to speak of. Costa Rica and the Solomon Islands were actually unaware that they had been added to the list, made strident complaints and had their countries removed from the list of war crime collaborators. I only wish the UK had similar moral backbone, but alas…
Level 73
Nov 18, 2021
Apart from that, nice quiz
Level 66
Aug 24, 2022
"Death eaters" should be two words :-)