Famous Families #2 - U.S. Edition

Guess the family name shared by the members of these real and fictional families.
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Last updated: April 2, 2022
First submittedJuly 10, 2013
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Bill, Hillary, Chelsea
Bart, Homer, Marge
Kim, Kourtney, Khloe
Archie, Peyton, Eli
Bruce, Rumer, Scout
Lionel, John, Drew
Ross, Monica, Jack, Judy
Michelle, Malia, Sasha
Walter, Skyler, Walter Jr.
Alec, Stephen, Billy
Peter, Bobby, Jan, Marcia
John, Robert, Ted, Rose
Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday
Joe, Kevin, Nick
Stewie, Peter, Lois
Henry, Jane, Peter, Bridget
Conrad, Paris, Nicky
Jeff, Lloyd, Beau
Fred, Wilma, Pebbles
Dwayne, Keenan, Marlon
Tony, Carmela, Meadow
Ashley, Wynonna, Naomi
Frank, Dweezil, Moon Unit
LaMelo, LaVar, LiAngelo, Lonzo
Level 77
Apr 17, 2016
Nice quiz. Never heard of the Griffins, Whites, or Starks.
Level 50
Apr 17, 2016
Family Guy, Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones
Level 72
Jan 22, 2018
Then you probably never opened your TV (or went on Facebook) in the last 10 years...
Level 84
Sep 7, 2018
I never knew anyone else in the Willis family other than Bruce was famous.
Level 83
Nov 9, 2020
his wife was certainly famous; though she never took the name Willis and they got divorced. Their kids are quasi-famous due to the fame of their parents, but not nearly as. Rumer has been in some movies.
Level 59
Jun 3, 2021
The Starks and the Whites kinda low huh
Level 87
Apr 2, 2022
Starks got upgraded I guess to Quiz #1. :-)
Level 83
Aug 13, 2022
Unsurprisingly, never heard of the basketball players before, but I hope they have a kid and name him Basket.
Level 69
Aug 13, 2022
The entire family got famous after the crazy antics of their father LaVar. He was pretty famous in the basketball world a couple years ago for appearing on shows and saying the most crazy and outlandish things. He claimed he could beat Michael Jordan 1v1. The man was extremely bold and confident and quite funny. He claimed all his sons would make the league, and 2/3 did (LaMelo, and Lonzo).
Level 67
Aug 13, 2022
Wow, you posted your comment literally fifteen seconds before I did. Nice.
Level 67
Aug 13, 2022
They're decent players, but they are famous because the dad (LaVar) is a publicity-hungry gas bag. He got them a reality show and likes to say crazy and controversial things just to get attention. A shameless self-promoter. He's pretty loathsome. The kids seem just fine though. I have always felt bad for them because they were only teens when they went pro, and it seemed like a lot of people were rooting for them to fail just because their dad is so obnoxious.
Level 83
Aug 14, 2022
thanks for the explanation. But doesn't ring a bell. Must have completely passed me by.
Level 67
Aug 13, 2022
As for the Flintstones, are we sure where the town of Bedrock was located? Pterodactyls apparently lived in Africa and Europe, but I suppose they could have been working in Bedrock as ex-patriot laborers on some sort of visa. Accents are tricky to nail down --- they could be Canadian or even British who adopted their non-rhotic accents only after the American Revolution. Bedrock seems to have had a semi-arid climate with tropical vegetation which precludes the eastern seaboard, the Great Plains, the Mountain West, Pacific Northwest, and the Gulf. We're left with inland Southern California or maybe an American territory, but the jury's still out.
Level 83
Aug 14, 2022
I don't think the show was meant to be historically or scientifically accurate.
Level 67
Aug 15, 2022
It says it is right in the theme song!

♩ ♫ "...From the town of Bedrock

They're a page right out of history..." ♫ ♩

Level 81
Aug 13, 2022
It would be interesting to see what the percentage would be for the Kardashians if you replaced Kourtney with Robert.
Level 31
Aug 14, 2022
Jones for Jonas?