Famous Islands Quiz #1

Name these islands and island chains, both real and fictional.
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Last updated: January 10, 2020
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First submittedJune 2, 2012
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Central NYC island
Island of Brooklyn and Queens
Long Island
Honolulu's island
King Kong's island
Skull Island
Islands visited by Darwin
Southernmost Australian state
Able was I, ere I saw it
World's largest island
(not including continents)
2nd largest island
New Guinea
3rd largest island
4th largest island and
home to lemurs
Largest Canadian island
Tokyo's island
Where Napoleon was born
Where he died
St. Helena
The UK and Argentina fought a war over them
Falkland Islands
Island nation divided between Greeks and Turks
Former whaling town - home to Captain Ahab
Legendary island that sank into the Atlantic
Island shared by Haiti
and the Dominican Republic
Last of the Florida Keys. Hemingway lived there
Key West
Spanish party island. From Miami to ...
Ancestral home of the Corleone family
Island from "Jaws"
Amity Island
Level 45
Sep 10, 2012
I would have loved to see this on the quiz: Hideout of the Bounty mutineers: Pitcairn Island
Level 71
Sep 11, 2012
Huh, I kept reading it as "Largest Canary island". Thankfully I finally noticed that it said Canadian.
Level 78
Jan 16, 2014
I read largest caribbean island myself. I was SO pissed when cuba wouldn't work.
Level 44
Jun 1, 2013
Can you accept Papua for New Guinea?
Level 71
Aug 30, 2019
That's the Country. The Island is called New Guinea
Level 82
Nov 26, 2021
Papua is also the Indonesian name for the island. Hence the eastern part is the country of Papua New Guinea and the Indonesian provinces are Papua and West Papua. Between the three of them they cover the whole island and all use Papua.
Level 57
Feb 16, 2014
How about Australia for largest island? The island/country itself isn't the continent. The continent of Australia includes many of the islands around it - including New Guinea.
Level 62
Mar 10, 2014
No it actually doesn't. Although we group them as a "continent", most of those islands are atolls or volcanic and are not actually part of the Australian continental shelf. The continent of Australia only really includes the country itself and a few of the large islands around it. Same goes of for the Central American isthmus, which is also not really part of the continental shelf.
Level 66
Jun 18, 2020
well but atolls and volcanic islands are still islands like iceland and many of the islands in hawaii, and new guinea is part of australia/oceania
Level 82
Nov 26, 2021
New Guinea is pretty clearly part of the Australian continent, whichever way you look at it. Any definition of continent strict enough to exclude New Guinea from Australia, would have to exclude Great Britain from Europe, Honshu from Asia and Madagascar from Africa. Many of the other islands of Oceania though are definitely not part of the continent - the islands of New Zealand, for example.
Level 41
May 20, 2014
I am quite surprised and pleased by the absence of any angry comments insisting that there is no such thing as Falkland Islands (:
Level 76
Jun 9, 2014
But it should still accept Malvinas as an option!
Level ∞
Dec 4, 2014
Level 49
Nov 7, 2016
62% for Long Island... Not too well known I guess.
Level 37
Mar 5, 2018
Many people are unaware that Brooklyn and Queens are on Long Island. Most only know of the peninsula which comprises Nassau

and Suffolk.

Level 70
Oct 10, 2019
owau, oawu, owaou... I really couldnt get that one right...
Level 60
Aug 21, 2020
Interesting not to see people arguing over Atlantis "being" a continent, despite them happily complain about Australia all the time. :-D
Level 81
Dec 23, 2020
West doesn't work for Key West, although Key is already mentioned in the hint...
Level 82
Nov 26, 2021
Funny how three of these islands are largely famous because Napoleon had something to do with them - to the extent that Napoleon is referenced in some fashion for all three.

"Able was I, ere I saw Elba," was never said by Napoleon (though he learnt some English in his latter days, he never spoke it particularly proficiently, and was unlikely to be constructing palindromes), but the palindrome was undoubtedly constructed in reference to him and from his perspective. Otherwise, Corsica figures little in the great events of European history, and is probably most famous as Napoleon's birthplace, hence the clue. And St Helena, where Napoleon spent his final days, would be virtually unheard of (except by, perhaps, the sorts of geography nerds that frequent this site), if not for the Emperor.

Level 74
Feb 24, 2023
I tried Martha's Vineyard for Jaws. Oh well, I scored 22/24. Thanks for the quiz!
Level 78
Jun 19, 2023
Nice concept. I would have appreciated more fictitious ones mixed in, but my guess is there aren't a lot of famous ones.
Level 75
Mar 4, 2024
Why did I keep trying "Titanic" for "Legendary island that sank into the Atlantic"?