Famous Missuses Quiz

Each of the answers starts with Mrs, Ms or Miss. Guess what they are.
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Last updated: September 4, 2018
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First submittedApril 25, 2010
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Santa's wife
Mrs. Claus
Popular 1980s arcade game
Ms. Pac-Man
Song from "The Graduate"
Mrs. Robinson
Sat on a tuffet
Miss Muffet
Robin Williams movie
Mrs. Doubtfire
Good golly!
Miss Molly
Cookie store in the mall
Mrs. Fields
Sandra Bullock movie
Miss Congeniality
Kermit's girlfriend
Miss Piggy
Musical set in Vietnam
Miss Saigon
Syrup brand
Mrs. Butterworth
Bart Simpson's teacher
Mrs. Krabappel
I apologize a trillion times
Ms. Jackson
Jilted bride from "Great Expectations"
Miss Havisham
She is driven by Morgan Freeman
Miss Daisy
M's secretary who has a crush on Bond
Miss Moneypenny
Etiquette columnist Judith Martin
Miss Manners
Brand of seasoning
Mrs. Dash
Angelina's role opposite Brad Pitt
Mrs. Smith
The red piece in the game Clue
Miss Scarlet
Level ∞
May 9, 2013
Updated and expanded!
Level 37
May 29, 2013
Dang it! I knew it was "something"-penny... tried Goodpenny, Shineypenny...
Level 66
Jun 1, 2015
I always think it's Pennycandy.
Level 11
Jun 3, 2013
It'd be awesome to accept just Ms. "Pacman".. I was about to go out of my mind, lol
Level 65
Jul 14, 2013
Any chance you can be more lenient on the spelling of Bart's teacher? I tried it about six times and still couldn't get it! It's not something I ever see written down.
Level 65
Jul 3, 2015
I'm sad so few got Miss Havisham.
Level 70
Jan 21, 2016
I tried several varieties of Haversham etc. never got to Havisham.
Level 46
Feb 2, 2018
I also tried Haversham. It's strange how the brain remembers an "R" when there isn't one.
Level 80
Jan 21, 2016
I couldn't think of 'congeniality'. I tried personality, friendly, sweetness, and several more that I can't remember.
Level 73
Apr 21, 2016
Did anyone else click on this quiz thinking it was about miss uses, like when someone uses a quote/saying/analogy in the wrong context or something. upon googling I found that the word I am thinking of is spelled like this "misuses"
Level 55
May 27, 2016
Yup. And I was thinking maybe it was spelled wrong on purpose, like "missuses" is a misuse of the spelling of the word "misuses."
Level 55
May 27, 2016
And I've taken this quiz before, too! Recently! I don't think I'll ever get used to seeing "Missus" spelled out and pluralized like that.
Level 43
Apr 13, 2017
ugh I misspelled Havisham as Haversham
Level 82
Nov 26, 2017
haha.. I was going to suggest this for a type-in given the British accent where they love to insert non-existent "R"s everywhere. Initially I typed in the same thing.
Level 72
Apr 12, 2018
The Brits are just trying to use up all those "R"s we don't use here in the States - Motha, Fatha ( for those of you who don't speak "Southern" that would be Mother and Father) Havad Yad for the Northern version of Harvard Yard.
Level 45
Feb 2, 2018
Level 69
Oct 27, 2021
A little disappointed not too good ol gal Jane Marple