Famous Voices

Can you name these people who are famous for their distinctive voices?
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Last updated: January 11, 2020
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First submittedNovember 26, 2012
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"Go ahead, make my day"
Clint Eastwood
"Luke, I am your father"
James Earl Jones
"Yo, Adrian!"
Sylvester Stallone
"Thank you, thank you very much"
Elvis Presley
Soft-spoken, moonwalking pop-star
Michael Jackson
Haow miny roads must a man walk
down / before you call him a man
Bob Dylan
"I got a fever, and the
only prescription is more cowbell!"
Christopher Walken
"It's not a too-mah"
Stentorian narrator of
"The Shawshank Redemption"
Morgan Freeman
Voice of Peter and Stewie Griffin
Seth MacFarlane
The genie from "Aladdin"
Robin Williams
"Schaken, not schtirred"
Sean Connery
President with a Boston accent
John F. Kennedy
"Down goes Fraz-ah" sportscaster
Howard Cosell
Loved a country called 'Merca
George W. Bush
"The Nanny"
Fran Drescher
Deadpan voice of Troy McClure
from "The Simpsons"
Phil Hartman
Batman and "Family Guy" actor
Adam West
Gilbert Gottfried
Man of a thousand voices,
including Bugs Bunny
Mel Blanc
Level 67
Jan 19, 2013
Finally got 100% on one!! Nailed it!!!
Level 27
Jan 19, 2013
Can someone explain me the 'merca and G.W. Bush question?
Level 50
Jan 21, 2013
That's supposed to be how he pronounced America. I think it would have been clearer with the quote, "They misunderestimated me."
Level 48
May 10, 2014
Clinton had a pretty distinctive voice, too.
Level 60
Feb 3, 2013
Bobcat Goldthwaite (or however you spell it) deserves to be on here.

And only one woman?

Level 48
May 10, 2014
Also it's spelled AFLAC.
Level 83
Aug 19, 2014
Schwarzenegger, not Schwarzanegger.
Level 77
Jan 30, 2015
Yep. Get that E in there.
Level 75
Jan 25, 2017
Which nanny?!
Level 63
Mar 28, 2017
THE Nanny.
Level 75
Jul 5, 2018
Which THE nanny?
Level 86
Mar 24, 2019
This The Nanny.
Level 62
Sep 27, 2019
Oh that nanny?
Level 85
Aug 3, 2017
Was the Bob Dylan question written like that deliberately? If so, I don't get it. I'm not sure how "haow" is supposed to be pronounced, but it doesn't look like anything he says, and he definitely doesn't pronounce the second word "MY-knee", which is how "miny" would be pronounced.
Level 56
Jan 10, 2018
You spelled "Schwarzenegger" wrong.
Level ∞
Jan 11, 2018
Level 69
Oct 11, 2018
What, no Christopher Lee? Booooo
Level 52
Sep 11, 2019
Am I the only one who tried Andy Kaufman for "thank you very much"?
Level 74
Jan 11, 2021
Nope, me, too! Kaufman's Latka is exactly who I think of when I think of that phrase said in a distinctive voice. I kept thinking that I was spelling Kaufman wrong!
Level 86
Oct 30, 2021
I ABSOLUTELY thought of Andy Kaufman first!
Level 80
Oct 30, 2023
The clue for Bush is way too vague. Lots of famous people have a southern accent and why is it phrased in the past tense? That made it seem like it was someone who already died.