Fictional Characters by Letter - M

Name these fictional characters whose names start with the letter M.
Based on their first name
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Last updated: December 16, 2019
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First submittedAugust 22, 2013
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Symbol of Disney
Mickey Mouse
Girlfriend of the above
Minnie Mouse
Ninja Turtle with nunchucks
Video game plumber
Simba's dad
He went back to the future
Marty McFly
"Mother Hen" on Friends
Monica Geller
Sleeping Beauty villain
Peter Parker's love interest
Mary Jane Watson
Leader of the Decepticons
Has a perpetual tea party
with the March Hare
Mad Hatter
Tyler Perry's favorite character
Madea Simmons
Telekinetic heroine of a Roald Dahl story
Matilda Wormwood
Protagonist of the Jungle Book
Carrie Bradshaw's lawyer friend
Miranda Hobbes
X-men character who can control metal
Bart Simpson's best friend
Milhouse Van Houten
He rescued Neo from the Matrix
Went through the Phantom Tollbooth
Snake-haired Gorgon whose gaze
will turn one to stone
Orange-colored great dane of
the funny pages
Level 89
Sep 11, 2013
Typo on Medusa - should be "snake haired". Good quiz!
Level ∞
Oct 17, 2015
Level 90
Oct 7, 2013
Love the inclusion of Phantom Tollbooth, where I learned not to jump to conclusions.
Level 57
Aug 11, 2016
I LOVE the Phantom Tollbooth! The jumping to conclusions part was definitely memorable, but my favorite was either the car that goes without saying, or the lady who had the sound board with all the different silences.
Level 59
Nov 20, 2016
Also an animated movie by Chuck Jones.
Level 66
Oct 22, 2021
And also not to waste or kill time
Level 15
Feb 1, 2014
55%, fun!
Level 48
Mar 27, 2015
Magneto was a master of magnatism...not metal
Level 56
Jul 29, 2016
I mean, some metals are technically it's not wrong!
Level 76
Jul 7, 2015
Someday I'm going to have to watch an episode of the Simpsons, if only so I can score better on these quizzes.
Level 64
Jun 17, 2016
Got the answer to the "Phantom Tollbooth" hint even though I have no idea who that is. I mistyped another answer and by forgetting a letter there I got it.
Level 71
Jul 29, 2016
Gotta ask. Who is Tyler Perry and why should we know his favourite character? I know I'm an old fuddy duddy and the older I get the less I know about pop culture.
Level 61
Jul 29, 2016
Tyler Perry's Madea is a bit of a cultural phenomenon. 10 plays and 10 movies. Not sure how any of them have done, but they keep making them.
Level 71
Jul 29, 2016
Not a notion on the Tyler Perry/Madea Simmons and Phantom Tollbooth/Milo questions. Are they an American thing that hasn't made it over the pond? Never heard of either of them.
Level 45
Jul 29, 2016
The Phantom Tollbooth is a children's book (à la Dahl)

by Norton Juster. It was my favorite book growing up, and I secretly still read it now as an adult.

Tyler Perry is an African American actor/director/writer that makes movies primarily directed towards the black community in the States. His most popular character is Madea--essentially Perry in drag.

Level 64
Nov 19, 2022
Tyler Perry isn't African is he?
Level 57
Aug 11, 2016
You've GOT to get your hands on The Phantom Tollbooth! Great book for the kids, with a lot of important lessons taught in a humorous, memorable way. Great story too!
Level 83
Jul 4, 2017
Holy crap I tried a lot of spellings for "Maleficent". Closest guess was "Malificent". Might need a bit more leeway on that one. Far more people know the answer than know how to spell it.
Level 78
Jan 13, 2019
Typed 'Marvin' because I thought the depressed robot just had to be on here... oh well. So long and thanks for the fish.
Level 66
Aug 25, 2019
Here's a towel
Level 51
Apr 14, 2019
I typed Mathilda instead of Matilda. So close!
Level 59
Jul 10, 2019
Should accept MJ for Mary Jane, thats what she is referred to in the MCU films.
Level 45
Apr 19, 2020
... What about Moon Moon ?
Level 76
Oct 3, 2020
Still wondering where "My Girlfriend" is...