Game of Thrones - Were You Even Paying Attention?

Can you answer these questions about the HBO series "Game of Thrones"?
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Last updated: May 18, 2019
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What are the words of house Stark?
Winter is coming
What is the capital of the seven kingdoms?
King's Landing
What group of people are nomadic horse warriors?
The Dothraki
Name one of Daenerys's dragons.
Drogon, Rhaegal,
or Viserion
What city is home to the Iron Bank and the Faceless Men?
Name one of the Stark direwolves.
Grey Wind, Ghost,
Lady, Nymeria, Summer,
or Shaggydog
What is the best type of steel?
Valyrian Steel
What northern house is known for flaying their enemies?
What group of islands do the Greyjoys come from?
Iron Islands
What is the seat of House Lannister?
Casterly Rock
Who is the leader of the army of the dead?
Night King
... and who killed him?
Arya Stark
What type of animal is used to send messages between castles?
What is Jaime Lannister's prosthetic hand made of?
What does a Lannister always do?
Pay his debts
Fill in the blank: The night is dark and full of _______
What does Jon Snow know?
What was Sandor Clegane's nickname?
The Hound
Who was the brother of Stannis and Robert Baratheon?
Who inhabited Westeros before the first men came?
Children of the Forest
Who was the first person to kill a White Walker, earning him the nickname
"the slayer"?
Samwell Tarly
What weapon does Tyrion use to kill his father?
What is the term for a person like Bronn who fights for the highest bidder?
Name one of the faces of the seven-faced god.
Father, mother,
maiden, crone, warrior,
smith, stranger
What house rules the fertile kingdom known as the Reach?
Who is the king of the wildlings?
Mance Rayder
Who is the most powerful female warrior in the seven kingdoms?
Brienne of Tarth
What group of eunuch soldiers did Daenerys buy in Slaver's Bay?
The Unsullied
Level 57
May 18, 2019
I kept trying "mercenary" for the Bronn question, because I was not paying attention to the series :(
Level 50
May 18, 2019
same lol
Level 68
May 18, 2019
it isn't "the seven faced god", they are all separate gods (think greek mythology) . i believe you mixed the name with the many faced god?
Level ∞
May 18, 2019
Level 69
May 18, 2019
Nice quiz @Quizmaster - hope there will be more/a series
Level 32
May 19, 2019
For the faces of the seven, you should accept all with 'the' at the beginning. It wouldn't accept 'the father'.
Level 66
Feb 15, 2023
Or 'the stranger'. Confused me for a minute, was trying other gods for a while
Level 70
May 19, 2019
I think for the question about what a Lannister always does it should accept repay his debts and not just pay debts.
Level 43
May 21, 2019
the phrase they always say is " a lannister always pays his/her debts"
Level 71
May 21, 2019
If you're gonna put the Hound and Renly clues in the past tense, you should do the same with the Night King, Mance Rayder and House Tyrell...
Level 33
May 22, 2019
Great quiz! Enjoyed it.

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Level 73
May 29, 2019
Were You Even Paying Attention? I'm proud to say I wasn't even watching.
Level 55
May 31, 2019
hate to be that guy, but jaimes hand is actually gilded iron, not gold
Level 63
Jan 21, 2020
Are you sure? In A Feast For Crows it says "The hand was wrought of gold...". In the episode of the series where Jaime gets the hand (S04E01) nothing is said other than Cersei talking about how she worked with the goldsmith.
Level 33
May 7, 2021
In the show it's specifically gilded steel, but it may be different in the books
Level 65
Aug 21, 2020
isn't it bronn who is now lord of the reach since the tyrells all died
Level 68
Mar 21, 2021
Pretty sure I tried Sam, maybe I typed in Tarly and it didn't accept
Level 89
Nov 10, 2021
Level 49
Feb 21, 2022
Accept gilded steel for Jaime's hand
Level 49
Feb 21, 2022
since its not solid gold